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Sabine har Rodrae

A Player Character on the Online Wraeththu RPG

Player Name: Raven
AIM screen name: Flashtalon
Yahoo screen name: Flashtalon
Time Zone: Eastern Standard

Character Profile

Age when incepted: 17
Appearance: Lean, gaunt, pale skinned, with sleek pale claws, long, tangled black hair and deep brown eyes, Sabine isn’t that impressive to behold. He is not tall. He is not strong-looking. He is beautiful but not breathtakingly so; instead the beauty of his form is the beauty of a wild creature, dulled by a rough lifestyle and lack of care. He wears a white shirt, black slacks and a black jacket.
Personality: Sabine is high-strung, moody and aggressive, and manipulative. He lives for himself, and himself alone, only staying with his fellow wraeththu because they are useful and provide him something he needs and craves - aruna. And a chance to satisfy his cannibalistic needs...
Special Abilities/Mutations: As well as the general Rodrae traits, Sabine has gained the ability to ‘talk’ to animals, or at least communicate with them. As for the animals he talks to? Rats, Vultures and Crows that feed on corpses. Though the animals may share very simple information with him, he tends to blow it up quite a bit into delusional and complex conversations.
Sabine was born Arthur Franklin Voorshen, to a very, very religious family. When the Wraeththu came, he thought the world had gone to hell, more or less literally. Upon inception and aruna, he became convinced he was a demon, and has since acted accordingly, to try and corrupt others.
He also believes his spirit will become darker and darker the more he eats the flesh of humans or wraeththu,, and as such makes him closer to wraeththu or demonness.
After his inception, he returned to his family’s home and killed his parents for some muffins, bringing their corpses , and some canned goods to the tribe (and Sasha in particular) to show how grateful he was for their ‘gift’.
In short, he’s a nuts hyper-religious freak that likes to try and recruit people to the ways of the wraeththu…. That talks to animals.
Other notes: His combat skills are limited, as he’s still learning. His main focus is cannibalism and spreading The Word
Writing Sample:
Brown eyes glittering like those of a mad beast, Sabine straightened his shoulders and stood tall, peering at the human before him. “Listen, feeble human! We are as dark angels before you, able to grant your darkest, most base desires. Everything you want shall be yours…”
The human drank it up. Lies. Sabine smiled. Perhaps it was too cruel a smile, too revealing; for the human asked, “What is the price of this gift?”
Sabine pulled him into an embrace, and kissed the human roughly before answering: “Your soul.”

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