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Russian Classroom

Teacher: [Miroslav]

I'm your Russian teacher, [Miroslav]. My real name (Miroslav) means "praising the peace" ("mir"=peace, world; "slava"=glory, fame)

I start with a note: if you have problems with some fonts on this page, try switching the encoding of your browser to cyrillic. Besides, it would be helpful for advancing students to have a russian keyboard-layout.

Suggestions and corrections are always welcome!



Russian Lesson 1 Alphabet
Russian Lesson 2 Numbers
Russian Lesson 3 Pronunciation
Russian Lesson 4 Nouns


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2004-08-26 [Iratus dea]: can i be a student?

2004-09-06 [Iratus dea]: words? wound be a suggestion?

2004-10-11 [Miroslav]: You can

2005-02-09 [Princess Carwash]: I wanna be a student also... there is a kid at my summercamp who we are trying to learn to communicate with. he was born in russia.

2005-03-30 [code red269]: is there a verble lesson

2005-05-19 [pandora33]: privet miroslav, mne nravitsa tvoi klass, otchen horoshi, pozdravlyau. :) Ya zhivu v amerike, no ya iz stavropolya. Mne priyatno naiti russkih v elfwood.

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