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By [Chel.]

It's written that humans and wolves once thrived in the world. There was equality and respect between each of them. Life was perfect, but it was too good to last forever. You see, wolves are blessed with the ability to appear human. As humanS, wolves have superior strength, speed and stamina. When this was discovered, the humans became wary of their wolf comrades. Distrust and hatred grew like weeds inside of them. Many wolves were slain. Their bodies were ripped open and burned. The stench of wolf blood filled the city like a fog. The canine heads were staked all around the city square as a warning to those wolves hiding in human skin.
In turn, the wolves became enraged. Lives were lost and bloodshed went on for years. Though wolves harness the power of superior body strength, the humans obtained gunpowder and wiped out the wolf species entirely.
Wolves are extinct.
Some people believe that wolves still walk among us today. They are biding their time in human skins, only pretending to live out human lives. They are in our homes, posing as pets. You can also see them in the dark alleys of our city, acting like stray dogs as they scavenge for food. Don't believe it! They are only waiting for an opportunity. An opportunity to tear our throats open and have their revenge...
Is it myth?


ROA Chapter: One
ROA Chapter: Two
ROA Chapter: Three
ROA Chapter: FourA
ROA Chapter: FourB
ROA Chapter: Five
ROA Chapter: Six
ROA Chapter: Seven
A year later....
ROA Chapter: Eight
ROA Chapter: Nine
ROA Chapter: Ten
ROA Chapter: Eleven

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2009-12-20 [Evolution X]: yes RC, we all get it... >_> I'd be up for it if you'll have me

2009-12-20 [Chel.]: I'm not sure. We could either redo with a different story OR have a new story that occurs later.

2009-12-20 [Flisky]: I'm game.

2009-12-24 [Chel.]: As the holidays end, I'm going to try and brainstorm a new storyline for our lovely pack...
If you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know!

2009-12-24 [Ravenclaw]: *salutes*

2010-01-23 [Chel.]: Alright guys- I think I have a new storyline. When I get some time, I'll write it up.

I think I'm going to time jump to about a year later from our last adventure. I'm going to add what happened since last time in the jump. If there is something you want me to add about your character, let me know.

2010-01-25 [Chel.]: IT HAS BEGUN!!! --> ROA Chapter: Eight

2010-01-26 [NOOOPE]: WHERE IS EVERYONE?!!! *So le frustrated*

2010-01-26 [Chel.]: PMing now...

2010-01-26 [NOOOPE]: Yey!

2010-02-20 [NOOOPE]: Gonna be in NYC all day, fyi

2010-02-26 [NOOOPE]: Gonna be in a car all today, driving from NY to Maine.

2010-07-03 [ZeoOfFire]: Run as one.... ROA? Run one as? That's Evo hijacking the laptop by the way.

2010-07-03 [Chel.]: Yea, it's a mistake that no one bothered to tell me til it was too late. *shrug* Oh well!

2010-07-03 [Ravenclaw]: LMAO!!!!

2012-06-28 [Celtore]: Holy hell...I remember this rp lol

2012-06-28 [Ravenclaw]: don't, let it die.

2012-06-28 [Celtore]: Is it still operating?

2012-06-28 [Chel.]: nope!

2012-06-28 [Celtore]: Lmao

2012-06-28 [NOOOPE]: augy and molly are still kickin' in a side rp, but it's private.

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