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Rules of Semedia

Semedia: Dragon Knights

1. Be open to other players' feelings and ideas.

2. No inappropriate comments or content allowed.

3. Try to inform me of what page you are going to before
  you go, as it will allow the game to flow and I won't
  have to track you down.

4. The Northern Caves are off limits to any but the
 evil or rogue classes, unless brought there by me or
 another player.

5. No completely changing your character after entering
  it into the character page.
 **Note: You can enter new things or add to your character
 if you want, so long as it remains basically the same.**

6. I am the DM, so expect me to play more than one or two

7.Everyone is now allowed up to 5 characters.
  **Note: We need all alignments now.**


9. You do not have to play all the time. I am working
 on setting up more quests.

10. You may only put pics of your character up on your
 character page, if you feel like putting up pics.

 **Number 8 is the most important and failure to follow it
  will result in your banishment from the wiki pages.**

11. Please do not use the expression buttons.

12. Players may use Vampires, werewolves, werecats, humans,
 elfs, half elves, gnomes, halflings, dwarves, and half-
 **NOTE:you can have a mixture of two races and drows are

13. DO NOT mess with other players' characters or any rpg
rooms without permission from that player or, in case of
rooms, me.

Failure to follow these rules will result in you being banished from this wiki.
You are given two warnings and then you are out, unless you violate rules *1, 7, or 8*.
~ Have Fun!!!!
Thank You and Enjoy!~

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