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Rules of Lemire



1. No powerplaying, you play only your character.
2. The gameplay of this is very similar to Dungeons & Dragons. You have to trust your Game Master.
3. Don't post aything until you character has been accepted and introduced to the game by the Game Master.
4. Always stay in character, no OOC, you can use the comment board in the bottom of the page for that.
5. Be as graphic and descriptive as you can.
6. Half-breeding amongst the races is possible, if you wish to play a half-breed message me first telling me what kind of half breed you want to play and i'll tell you what kind of racial skills it will get.
7. Try to keep swearing to a minimum.
8. The races and characters in the game are supposed to have a deep cultural and historical background, I expect the roleplaying to reflect that.
9. Any question you have just message me, from what a particular skill does to the most common dishes in Caessen. As long as that knowledge is available to your character.
10.Characters are not omniscient, if your character doesn't have the means for knowing something, it will not.


In-Depth Rules

Normally, I ([Duredhel]) as game master will make all the calculations needed for the game, however if someone wants to know exactly how the game works you can check the following.

Warning - Players don't need to know any of the following. In fact, if you don't have some Dungeons & Dragons experience (the system is a lot simpler and different but it's based on D&D), it's better that you don't know the rules since it will only confuse you. If you still want to know the in-depth rules keep this in mind : the higher the number, the better.

Game Rules

Lemirian Magic

Lemirian Skills

Items Index


Skill teaching guide

RoL Leveling Guide


Realms of Lemire
Races of Lemire
The world thus far...
Maps of the Realms
Lemirian Art
Characters of the Realms
Forth to Lemire

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