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Are you a Saint? Are you a Sinner?

Master the art of deviation or angelic behavior with this picture-invoking wiki contest, created by [Cillamoon].


First and formost, please take notice of our disclaimer. It can be found at: Saints & Sinners Disclaimer.

Now, on to other matters…

Note: Please read any pages linked before submitting! We don’t do it to be annoying, but to enforce a standard of ethics that every human should posses.

a . ] Absolutely no stealing anyone’s work; please abide by the uploading rules of Elftown.
b . ] Please upload your images to Elftown; believe it or not, this isn't to be annoying, it's just to ensure that everyone can see your image.
c . ] No harassment; we will kick you out. This applies to the rules of Immaturity..
d . ] No vulgar comments about anyone’s house/photos/writing/personal identity/manipulations/ect.; it is wrongrude. Also, if they wanted your opinion, they’d ask. (Again, this applies to the rules of Immaturity..)
e . ] No editing wikis except the entry pages; everything else is soon to be password-protected. Also, please allow the moderator [Cillamoon] to handle adding pages, décor images, ect. The truth is, if we need help, we will ask you for it.
f . ] As For Manipulation:
A little is allowed as far as tweaking color, changing to black and white, sepia, ect. More than that, NO.
g . ] Please keep your images no larger than <img500:; we have to have space for all entries.
h . ] All participants are allowed to submit TWO ENTRIES PER SECTION. If you would like to provide a link to a wiki with all the photo's you took for the theme, you may do so.
i . ] As long as your photo follows the theme, it is NOT required that you HAVE TO HAVE A MODEL in the shot. Person/place/thing here does apply, not just person. Remember, the key here is to portray the themes clearly, imaginatively, artistically.
j . ] For Photographers:
We have a submission style we would like you to follow. [ EXAMPLE below: ]
1. [ name ]
Title: date taken

If you have any questions or comments on the rules, or a specific entry, or even an inquiry as to whether an entry is acceptable, either send a message to one of the two moderators, or create a password protected wiki-page. If you choose to go with the latter, please submit your wiki page in Something’s Sinful. Password protect this page and send the password, through message, to [Cillamoon].


This page has been a bi-product of Of Saints & Sinners.

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