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Name: Rowan Camille

Age: 17

Appearance: Americanized no doubt, but Rowan is most definitely eastern Asian in decent. He stands roughly Five feet four inches, lithe, borderline emaciated in physique. So obviously, he isn't very strong. His skin has a strong olive tone to it, offset by jet black hair, and light brown, amber like eyes. He has a rounded jaw, to a faintly squared chin, and a small nose, with the slightest upturn. His clothing style reflects the world he lives in for sure. More than not, his clothes are dirty, and tattered, occasionally, he'll come across something more suitable for civilized living, but then again, nothing's civilized.

Personality: He is most definitely not above putting himself above anything and everything else. He's flighty, manipulative, and most importantly, a survivor. there's no doubt that he always sits with the winning players at the table though.

History: Rowan's been on the streets for as long as he can remember, so that's all he knows. Run or be killed, steal or starve, it was literally, dog eat dog, especially after the development of Elements. They'd swept across the globe, starting a regime of their very own, and Rowan saw his way out. Since he was a small child, he'd always been able to do things, he just wasn't very good at it. But this was his chance, and he wasn't going to pass it up. His unique ability caught interest among the other elements, and thus he was taken to, guided along by their elite like a younger sibling, or protege`.

Ability: He holds control over kinetic energy. He can diffuse things, like explosions, or slow bullets by leeching away it's power, though he'd never be brave enough to try this. He can, and most certainly will however, use the energy he draws from around him to form kinetic barriers. It works basically as him unleashing a wave of energy, or condensing a controlled burst in a specific spot to deflect, or absorb blows. Also, he can use these bursts with deadly effects, condensing it further, and shooting it like an invisible blade, it vibrates with enough energy to slice cleanly through substances like concrete or steel. His gift is an unusual one, and he's nowhere near mastering it, controlling the forces necessarily to do any one of these things is extremely taxing, and he'd much rather run like hell, or better yet, have some one else fight for him. But if forced into a confrontation, he relies on defense, given it takes far less than the ladder.

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