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Role-Playing for Dummies


Yea, this is your common faq page!! This is where I'll be posting people's SMART questions and answering them. ^__^ If you ever have any objections or comments on the answers I give please let me know.

Q: What's up with the "skills"? Is there like a premade set list of them or what? Can I make up my own? Does anything determine if I can use them or not?

A: Depending ont he game you'll join you can either choose from a list if they ahve one and if the don;t you simply make them but basically skills are composed of your characters knowledge that can be applied in battle or simply whenever traveling and what not. You can go from hand to hand combat, martial art and magic spells to poison and antidote preperations and medial assistance skills. Usualy when you ahve pells and such it's good to list them with what they do and how long they last.

Q: Can the player have a familiar or guardian creature?

A: Well, this depends on the game. Some GMs might accept it depenidng onw hat the creature is and some might now. If you hang around with a giant dragon u.u; people are likely to say no.

Q: Is there a premade list of equipment and stuff too? I understand physics, and how much equipment the player can handle, and how it will affect their performance, but is there some sort of chart I'm supposed to follow?

A: Ah not really, you go with judging on what your character is and what he would roughtly need to survive. If you're a knight, go ahead and have a shiny armor with a giant sword, if you're a necromancer make sure you have lots of ingredients on you for spells and incantations. There's a limit to how much you can carry but it's judge by your common sense. Try not to have everything and I mean EVEYRTHING! You know, everything like those people that can pull out a giant hammer form their pocket O.o; The limit is judge by you roughtly, if youa hve everything the game wont be fun cuz you'll never get stuck with a problem you can bearly get yourself away from. So anyway, some may have charts but I prety much think most don't.

Q: Race... We all know that there are thousands of different races in fantasy worlds. Am I limited to a set list of them, or can I be anything I want?

A: Roughly, you can be anything you want UNLESS the game you join has restrictions. Example: I used to run a role playing game and people ahve to go through "Auditions" to get in the role playing game so we can control the races we want in the game, basically people are limited to vampire and human only. We don't allow anything else and we even have trouble accepting people that can summon beasts and such ebcause we want to stay in our focus line which is a vampire RP on a war between vampires and humans.

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