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To join a job just anounce your in that job, when the job is done you get paided but don't make it too easy for yourself.
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Jop:Treasure transport (feel free to join)
Reward: 100 gp
Description: 1 transport full with gold rides to Remgruth's palace. It is guarded by 50 people. (a diversion will be handy)
Progress: TheGreenPlague stands covered behind a tree. Their with too many need some help over here.
Wookies jumps out if the tree narrowly missing TheGreenPlague and stelthely runs around the guards throwing a net over 10 of them and killing 5 of them with his blowpipe before dissapearing into the shadows. The rest of the guards run around looking for him.Blood Raven comes running up behind the guards and tramples over 5 and stabbing 3 with his dagger.Then steps around the transport and trows 2 sleeping potions at the rest of the guards, knocking out 15 people.Then knocks out the others with 3 more slpeeping potions. Rakasi watches with intrest then, summoning the magic in his dagger, is consumed by shadows and dissapears only to be seen again behind one of the guards. calmy he slits the guards neck and fades away again. only to apear behind another guard, I then slit that guards neck. then I run over to the next guard and slay him after a small battle. then using my other dagger I summon a demon to aid me and he eats 3 guards.. I must rest now the dagger of bloodlust has saped my strength, rakasi then fades away into shadow and hides in a nearby tree to rest.

Job: Ransome
Reward: 500GP
Description: A diplomat is staying in the Soggy Biscuit Tavern. In his room is a safe containing a packet of information vital to the security of his country. Your job is to get those papers and trade them back to the diplomat for the ransome. The safe is protected by some potent spells and cannot be: forced open, lock picked, moved, or seen into with magic. In fact the only way to open it is to get the note the diplomat uses to remind himself of the code, without him seeing you or he'll change the code, and writing the code on the magic slate by the safe. (After you get the note ask [Gespenst] for the message inside it). But take care... if you write the wrong answer on the slate you will be teleported 50 miles away into a swamp. [update: I'll be out for a bit so the riddle is "this spirit speaks all tongues"]
Progress: Blood raven;Walks into the tavern and calmly watches the diplomat talk to his freinds.After a while i follow him up the stairs to see what room he was in and wlak out of building.the next day i return to the tavern and walked up the stairs and slid into the room franticly searched the desk and find the note in the bottom of the top draw.I walked to the safe enter the code. Unfortunatly, Blood Raven neglected to read the riddle on the note before entering a code, and will be scrubbing swamp mud out of leather for the next week. The diplomat reset the safe with a new code.
Answers tried:21-34-22

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