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Lt. Connor D'Andrei's Confrontation with the Rodrae and his Mission Failure

A character history of a human in the Wraeththu RPG

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Will (1/13/2006 7:28:11 AM): Connor: What the hell is all that damned racket....fucking pansy thugs.
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 7:28:51 AM): Sasha: Pansy? I'm not a bloody pansy! I'm a CRIPPLE! THEY CRIPPLED ME GOD DAMN MUTANTS!
Will (1/13/2006 7:29:56 AM): *turns corner, checks gun* oh great, one that is pissed at the rest, anothe fuckin freak
Will (1/13/2006 7:30:06 AM): *approaches door*
Will (1/13/2006 7:30:21 AM): *still outside*
Will (1/13/2006 7:31:30 AM): *listens*
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 7:31:34 AM): Sasha: *Kicks door*
Will (1/13/2006 7:31:52 AM): *steps back, draws gun at head*
Will (1/13/2006 7:31:57 AM): who the fuck are you?
Will (1/13/2006 7:32:06 AM): Answer, now!
Will (1/13/2006 7:32:14 AM): who else is in the building?!
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 7:32:57 AM): Sasha: *Turns milky eyes on the human* eh? Where are you? Come out and tell me where you are, I can't see anything. How the fuck can I tell if there's anyone here? I'm BLIND!
Will (1/13/2006 7:33:05 AM): *kicks his leg*
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 7:33:26 AM): Sasha: *Reflexively kicks back*
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 7:33:32 AM): Sasha: DON'T KICK ME!
Will (1/13/2006 7:33:37 AM): *hops up and back*
Will (1/13/2006 7:33:42 AM): poitns gun*
Will (1/13/2006 7:33:46 AM): *points
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 7:34:01 AM): Sasha: AND STOP POINTING YOUR FUCKING GUN AT ME!
Will (1/13/2006 7:34:15 AM): bullshit.
Will (1/13/2006 7:34:24 AM): *points at foot*
Will (1/13/2006 7:34:27 AM): *shoots*
Will (1/13/2006 7:34:36 AM): *takes thre quick steps back*
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 7:34:55 AM): Sasha: *Jumps back at the same time Connor pulls the trigger* AND STOP SHOOTING AT ME!
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 7:35:07 AM): Sasha: CRIPPLE! REMEMBER?!
Will (1/13/2006 7:35:37 AM): *backs against the wall and paces to the end corner*
Will (1/13/2006 7:35:57 AM): damned uick for blind woman
Will (1/13/2006 7:36:01 AM): *quick
Will (1/13/2006 7:36:34 AM): and he watches me the whole time... what is wrong with these things?
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 7:38:02 AM): Sasha: *Follows after the sound of Connor's movements* Where'd you go? *Walks forward*
Will (1/13/2006 7:38:42 AM): *steps back around corner toward an open alleyway and begins stepping up pace*
Will (1/13/2006 7:39:10 AM): Watch his movements, count shis steps, one, two three, four... five
Will (1/13/2006 7:39:34 AM): *continues backing up, gun drawn*
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 7:40:15 AM): Sasha: Bugger it! Stop moving! I can't see you y'know that!?
Will (1/13/2006 7:40:31 AM): *stops, lowers*
Will (1/13/2006 7:40:42 AM): *sweeps left and right*
Will (1/13/2006 7:41:21 AM): Come find me!
Will (1/13/2006 7:41:30 AM): You fuckin pussy ass bitch!
Will (1/13/2006 7:41:40 AM): *spits for effect*
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 7:42:32 AM): Sasha: *Growls and follows the human's trail until he comes up upon him* I found you, now are you gonna help a poor cripple or continue acting like some lunatic from an asylum?
Will (1/13/2006 7:43:08 AM): *continues leading, keeping fifteen paces*
Will (1/13/2006 7:43:13 AM): Help a poor cripple?
Will (1/13/2006 7:43:20 AM): why would I do that?
Will (1/13/2006 7:43:53 AM): *hops up onto apartment stairwell
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 7:44:08 AM): Sasha: Because 'm a CRIPPLE? I need HELP? What happened to goo samaritans? Eh?! I'm not climbing any fucking stairs!
Will (1/13/2006 7:44:20 AM): Whatever happened to humanity?
Will (1/13/2006 7:44:23 AM): *shoots*
Will (1/13/2006 7:44:46 AM): *runs quickly into the building through an open hole in the wall*
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 7:44:50 AM): Sasha: *Dodges into a doorway* STOP SHOOTING AT ME!
Will (1/13/2006 7:46:48 AM): stop being a wretched he-she bitch that wants to take over the world, and I wouldn't have to kill you... You'd better come in here, it looks a hell of a lot more safe!!! *grins at the dilapidated, half-crumbling, exploded building's insides and continues keeping pace*
Will (1/13/2006 7:47:18 AM): *hiding behind a far wall, he watches the entrance*
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 7:47:48 AM): Sasha: You've GOT to be KIDDING ME! I'm not going in there! Tera fell in there!
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 7:48:04 AM): (...course... Sasha kinda... pushed Tera in there...)
Will (1/13/2006 7:48:20 AM): Oh, no, it looks fine!! *looks down at huge hole she must have fell into, nearly ten feet wide*
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 7:49:09 AM): Sasha: There's a big fucking HOLE in there! I'm not going in there!
Will (1/13/2006 7:49:19 AM): You should come in and rest, it's great! While you're at it, why don't you suck my fucking human cock while you're at it!!
Will (1/13/2006 7:49:48 AM): *steps back from wall, continuing to higher ground*
Will (1/13/2006 7:49:54 AM): *stops*
Will (1/13/2006 7:50:11 AM): unknown: why don't you apologize for that little comment, eh?
Will (1/13/2006 7:50:26 AM): *gun pointed in face*
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 7:50:36 AM): Sasha: FUCK YOU! You'll push me in the hole!
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 7:51:08 AM): Sasha: *Peeks about doorway*
Will (1/13/2006 7:51:27 AM): sasha hears scuffling behind a far wall
Will (1/13/2006 7:52:24 AM): *draws gun against unknown har in the stairwell leading upstairs* Connor: You're right, I probably would...!
Will (1/13/2006 7:52:49 AM): Har: Sasha, get back!
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 7:53:14 AM): Sasha: *Edges into the building* Why should I? He keeps trying to SHOOT me! I'm gonna kick his arse! Just as soon as he gets out of the building!
Will (1/13/2006 7:53:14 AM): This human wants to get shot before he is incepted...
Will (1/13/2006 7:53:28 AM): *grins*
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 7:54:24 AM): Darling, Connor, you DON'T want Sasha giving you head, he BITES
Will (1/13/2006 7:56:10 AM): *Connor backs up two steps, then dashes for the hole, tuck&rolling as the har fires two shots, one of them hitting Connor in the side of his hip as he tumbles down in* Fuck! *he drops and slides out of view as quick as he can*
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 7:56:44 AM): Sasha: Let him go. He'll pop up again some time.
Will (1/13/2006 7:57:02 AM): *fires another shot for effect*
Will (1/13/2006 7:57:18 AM): Armolis: did he hurt you?
Will (1/13/2006 7:57:30 AM): (Rodrae)
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 7:57:54 AM): Sasha: *Indignantly* He tried to shoot me in the FOOT. But he didn't get it. I may be blind, but I can still SEE.
Will (1/13/2006 7:58:06 AM): did you deserve it?
Will (1/13/2006 7:58:10 AM): *grins*
Will (1/13/2006 7:58:20 AM): *nudges Sasha towrd the hole*
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 7:59:12 AM): Sasha: I never deserve it. *Latches onto Armolis arm so if he falls Armolis comes with him*
Will (1/13/2006 7:59:53 AM): *pulls back, and tries to wrench free* *laughs* goddamit, let gof me, ya bluddy oaf!
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 8:00:51 AM): Sasha: I don't want too. *Pouts* I'm a cripple, remember? I need help seeing.
Will (1/13/2006 8:02:07 AM): You're a damned leech and you know it! *points gun* You're gonna get it, if you don't behave... *grabs Sasha's jaw with molested hand and pulls him in to share breath*
Will (1/13/2006 8:03:50 AM): Connor, meanwhile, has descended further, holding his side, inspecitng the holes that were made, leading to the city sewer systems... What in God's name? It looks like this is someone's hideout... damn filthy pansies..
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 8:04:21 AM): Sasha: You gonna come help me get the idiot down there? *Motions to the hole*
Will (1/13/2006 8:04:40 AM): Fuck him, pulls his face back in
Will (1/13/2006 8:04:46 AM): *pulls*
Will (1/13/2006 8:04:49 AM): oops
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 8:04:57 AM): Oops?
Will (1/13/2006 8:05:23 AM): yeah, ya know, oops... OOC (Out of Char)
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 8:05:46 AM): Well, yes, but... *is now lost*
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 8:06:00 AM): Well, it was fun. I can't wait to see how those two will interact in game
Will (1/13/2006 8:06:20 AM): lol...
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 8:06:48 AM): I'm sorry, I'm easily confused
Will (1/13/2006 8:07:03 AM): my post should have been....
Will (1/13/2006 8:07:30 AM): Amolis: Fuck him. *pulls his face back in to share breath again*
Will (1/13/2006 8:07:39 AM): and then I OOC said oops
Will (1/13/2006 8:07:45 AM): usually, I say
Will (1/13/2006 8:07:47 AM): OOC: oops
Will (1/13/2006 8:07:55 AM): Out of Character
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 8:08:00 AM): Aaah
Will (1/13/2006 8:08:15 AM): I moosed
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 8:08:22 AM): That's okay
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 8:08:33 AM): Sasha: But I caaaan't. He'd rot away on the insiiiide!
Will (1/13/2006 8:09:03 AM): Amolis: the Frags do it all the time...
Will (1/13/2006 8:09:13 AM): then they just incept them while they're still alive...
Will (1/13/2006 8:09:28 AM): I watched one, it's funny...
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 8:09:36 AM): Sasha: What's the point? He won't enjoy it if I do it that way!
Will (1/13/2006 8:09:56 AM): Amolis: true. *looks down into hole*
Will (1/13/2006 8:10:18 AM): Where do you think he went? He hasn't come back or made any noise...
Will (1/13/2006 8:10:21 AM): Looks like a soldier
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 8:10:29 AM): Sasha: Help me down the hole and I can find him.
Will (1/13/2006 8:11:05 AM): I'll go down first.. *drops and helps Sasha and picks his gun up off the floor where he set it*
Will (1/13/2006 8:11:15 AM): I don't see him
Will (1/13/2006 8:12:29 AM): Amolis *looks around the messy basement level, where there used to be washing machines, which were now large, water-filled bongs for some of the more lowly Frag hara that hung out down here on Partydays
Will (1/13/2006 8:12:59 AM): Amolis: I don;t even see blood... you think he's har, maybe?
Will (1/13/2006 8:13:06 AM): he looks human
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 8:13:27 AM): Sasha: *Snorts* He's not har, he doesn't feel like it. *Turns about in a slow circle then points* He went that way.
Will (1/13/2006 8:13:49 AM): *follows pointing*
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 8:14:11 AM): Sasha: OI! Don't leave me all alone! Give me your arm, I'm BLIND, REMEMBER!?
Will (1/13/2006 8:15:02 AM): Amolis: No, quit it! Hold onto mah shirt if you have to, but don't mess with my arms, I need to make sure I can fire my damned gun!
Will (1/13/2006 8:15:17 AM): *shuffles his hand to his shirt*
Will (1/13/2006 8:15:39 AM): damn fool, messin with ma arms
Will (1/13/2006 8:15:45 AM): *leads*
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 8:15:49 AM): Sasha: You can shoot with one hand! Stop WALKING! He went down THAT tunnel!
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 8:15:55 AM): *Points at another tunnel*
Will (1/13/2006 8:16:28 AM): Amolis: He went into the sewers.... What a fool.
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 8:16:59 AM): Sashaa: Oh! *Happy and tugs on Amolis' shirt* Maybe the bullet wound will get infected!? We can PLAY with it!
Will (1/13/2006 8:18:23 AM): Amolis: Quit tugging, who cares?
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 8:19:21 AM): Sasha: I do! Come on! *Lets go of Amolis and proceeds down the tunnel as though he can see like any normal har*
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 8:19:26 AM):
Will (1/13/2006 8:19:29 AM): Amolis *focused on finding the human* Something doesn't feel right.... This humans is hard to track... there's no blood..
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 8:19:56 AM): Sasha: If he's been here for awhile, could be the radiation has changed him.
Will (1/13/2006 8:20:48 AM): Amolis: Yeah, he didn't look sick either... Most humans wouldn't last even this long running around and all that...
Will (1/13/2006 8:21:00 AM): OOC nice pic
Will (1/13/2006 8:21:25 AM): OOC You have that posted on your char page? I still haven't read it
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 8:21:26 AM): OOC: Is Sasha! Looking... weird
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 8:21:35 AM): OOC: I don't know how to post it!
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 8:22:02 AM): Sasha: They would if the radiation had gotten to 'em. Not all of 'em get SICK, 'member?
Will (1/13/2006 8:22:03 AM):

Will (1/13/2006 8:22:32 AM): Amolis: Oh. (kinda dumb)
Will (1/13/2006 8:23:21 AM): OOC no, the pic is great
Will (1/13/2006 8:24:00 AM): it works really well.... very feminine legs, but then, where is the line? I don't find one in hara... no male, no female, but BOTH
Will (1/13/2006 8:24:07 AM): maybe a little of either one more
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 8:24:16 AM): Sasha: *Rolls eyes* Idiot. Come on. *Waves hand* I can see his trail.
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 8:24:43 AM): OOC I like his legs... got another, earlier picture of him if you wanna see it?
Will (1/13/2006 8:24:49 AM): sure
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 8:27:35 AM): Sasha: Oi, Amolis! Come on!
Will (1/13/2006 8:30:53 AM): Amolis: Something doesn't feel... Quit tugging on me, dammit!
Will (1/13/2006 8:31:01 AM): *points gun at Sasha*
Will (1/13/2006 8:31:16 AM): Amolis: Look, if I have to tell you one more time...
Will (1/13/2006 8:31:31 AM): Connor *fires shots*
Will (1/13/2006 8:31:36 AM): *many shots*
Will (1/13/2006 8:32:53 AM): (*a dark, shadowy substance flits about the scorched and crumbling sewers, a vision both hara can perceive well enough to see*)
Will (1/13/2006 8:33:20 AM): Connor: What the hell? More of it...?
Will (1/13/2006 8:34:05 AM): Connor *fires once at the shadow, which does not affect it, just the like the last times*
Will (1/13/2006 8:34:26 AM): *changes clips and falls back further*
Will (1/13/2006 8:34:52 AM): OOC - I'm gonna end it there for him.....
Will (1/13/2006 8:35:05 AM): He's cool, but he's nothing until he's gone through althaia....
Will (1/13/2006 8:35:53 AM): That, and he's no fun in close quarters unless bound.... like he will be the next time you meet him......
Will (1/13/2006 8:36:12 AM): I added your one pic for you...
Will (1/13/2006 8:36:23 AM): to Sasha's page
Will (1/13/2006 8:37:34 AM): Amolis *dashes back, arms covering his head, and grabs Sasha's arm* Git back! (he takes a shot to the arm, which merely makes him take in a deep breath)
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 8:45:48 AM): Sasha: YOU'RE SHOOTING AT ME NOW!? I DIDN'T SHOOT YOU! *Struggles against Amolis, trying to get at Connor*
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 8:45:57 AM): OOC sorry got disconnected
Will (1/13/2006 8:46:05 AM): it's okay
Will (1/13/2006 8:47:41 AM): Amolis: Alright, c'mon! Screw this one, someone else can get him! Someone who can get rid of the damn gun! *grits his teeth*
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 8:48:20 AM): Sasha: But I WANT him! *Wriggles out of Amolis' arms and sneaks through the dark*
Will (1/13/2006 8:48:39 AM): Amolis: Fine! You're going alone.... CRIPPLE!
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 8:49:00 AM): Sasha: *Flips Amolis the bird*
Will (1/13/2006 8:49:08 AM): *snorts and walks back out of the entrance, holding his gun up*
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 8:49:20 AM): ((OOC: He's SO gonna pay for that later on))
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 8:49:41 AM): Sasha: *Sneaks up behind Connon and kicks him in the back of the knees*
Will (1/13/2006 8:50:55 AM): (*a shadow that makes strange hissing noises flits about the corridor, touching Sasha with its cool vapors, a sensation that feels like death*) and OOC: There is no sneeking up behind Connor....
Will (1/13/2006 8:51:14 AM): Special Forces would never put themselves in a position to be over taken
Will (1/13/2006 8:51:42 AM): OOC, or have their backs turned
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 8:51:48 AM): Sasha: Eh? *Bats at the shadow* What're you?
Will (1/13/2006 8:52:36 AM): (*it continues sweeping the corridor, now making light noises that sound like breathy children's voices*)
Will (1/13/2006 8:53:08 AM): Connor: God, what the hell is this stuff? This is getting out of control...
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 8:53:24 AM): Sasha: Hmm... *Follows it*
Will (1/13/2006 8:53:24 AM): *runs away down into the sewer deeper corridors*
Will (1/13/2006 8:54:23 AM): Fog: SssssssssiiiissssssiiieeeehhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHH hhhhhhhHHHHaaaaaAAAAAAAAAhhhhhHHhhhhh hhhhhsssssssshhhhiiiiiiihhhhhhhhhhhahaaahaaaaaahhhhhhh.......
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 8:55:03 AM): Sasha: Can't understand what you're saying, speak PROPERLY.
Will (1/13/2006 8:55:06 AM): (and it travels further along, trailing corners, lightly caressing the dripping pipes that have burst open along the wallls of the sewers)
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 8:55:20 AM): ((OOC: What is it?))
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 8:55:46 AM): Sasha: Oi! Where're you going? You're making everything hard to see! *Hurries after the fog*
Will (1/13/2006 8:56:10 AM): (OOC - either harrish magick, an entity watching the progress of 'the experiment', or another entity yet unknown to the hara... you tell me)
Will (1/13/2006 8:56:17 AM): I like creativity
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 8:57:04 AM): ((...Sasha wants it as a pet...))
Will (1/13/2006 8:57:06 AM): Fog: hhhhhhiiiiIIIIIEEeEEEEEE aaahahhahhhhhHAHAHAHHAHAaaaaaaAAAAA
Will (1/13/2006 8:57:21 AM): sssssSSssssaAaaaaAAAAAhhhhhssshhhaaAAAAAAAA
Will (1/13/2006 8:57:25 AM): aaahhhh
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 8:57:36 AM): ((eep, toilet again))
Will (1/13/2006 8:57:43 AM): *touches her skin coolly*
Will (1/13/2006 8:57:46 AM): OOC hurry go
poisoned_innocences (1/13/2006 8:58:02 AM): Sasha: Hey! *Bright idea* Take me to the human who keeps trying to shoot me? He shot Amolis!
Will (1/13/2006 9:01:18 AM): *the fog creeps along the walls, pushing first one way then another, seeming disoriented or lost as it scowers the walls, seeping slowly everywhere in Sasha's 'vision' making it very difficult to see anywhere at all. A dark shadow becomes a wraith of consuming breath as it wraps slowly to Sasha's backside, where in the darkness of the sewer's shadows, a black-skinned har lies in wait, nearly 6'3" and smiling*
Will (1/13/2006 9:02:56 AM): (red paint smears streak across his cheeks, like native war paint licking the underside of his eyes. Tribal beads and adornments lay around his arms, body, and hair. He looks wild and aware, his eyes like fire.)

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