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2011-06-03 13:56:34
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Robotek review

Robotek is yet another fun game by the folks at Hexage. So far I think it's only available for Android, but should be coming to various other platforms soon. It's a free game, with optional power-ups that you can purchase. That's not necessary, since you can win the game without them because you'll eventually get the power-ups for free anyway. Buying them just helps you get more powerful earlier.

So, the game is set in the future and computers and 'bots have taken over. You have to win back the world for humanity. Or you can just pretend you're the underdog 'bot army trying to take over from the current 'bot army. Whichever you prefer. I prefer to be the underdog 'bot army.

Anyway, the game is a series of battles between your mainframe and various enemy mainframes. It is a bit of a mix between strategy and luck. It's a turn-based game that allows you one of three actions each turn - getting 'bots, hacking, or attacking. Each action uses a slot-machine style control that determines exactly what you get. The more symbols you match on the slot machine, the better the stuff you get! For example, when getting 'bots if you spin and get three Droid symbols, you get an Elite Droid (plus an extra spin).

Robotek is a simple but fun game. The graphics are cool and cartoonish. The sound effects and music work well with the game. The goofy humor of the folks at Hexage comes through in the descriptions of the enemy mainframes and when you level up or complete a milestone in the game. It's pretty addictive, though could get somewhat tiresome at upper levels as power-ups are kind of limited.

See the website for more info:

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