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Robine's Poetry

This page acts as the central gathering of Robine's poetry. Please, feel free to explore Robine's work, to comment or critique in a constructive manner.

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At times a fierce lion
stalking his prey,
weaving, dodging, waiting in lay.
At others, a mouse so meek
He hides from his shadow,
Skittish, and wary,
straying from battle.

Sometimes he’s a teddy bear,
Soft, fuzzy and worn,
Ready to cuddle
Tucked up in your arms
Sometimes he’s the sunshine
On a grey winter’s day,
Elusive as the warmth
Found in those bright rays.

I look to the horizon and all that it holds,
And wonder the truth of all I’ve been told.

I think of the future, of what may come to be,
And wonder what it holds for me.

I close my eyes to dream of tomorrow,
And wonder if the new day brings sorrow.

I open my heart to all I hold dear,
And wonder what I have to fear.

I free my mind of its chains,
And wonder at all that it gains.

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2008-08-31 [Love and Chaos]: These are great! I'd love to read more if you have it.

2008-09-01 [Byne]: I do have more...Its just a matter of me putting them up. (:

2008-09-01 [Love and Chaos]: Well hop to! LOL! I'd love to see it.

2008-09-01 [Byne]: So lazy... Mebe. (:

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