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The Realms of Lemire Arena Archive is where past battles are recorded.

Caerhamian Arena

Urien vs Shyn
Tournament Battle - Enigma vs Whitelocks
Urien vs Lhayav
Zarrel vs Mika
Lhayav vs. Maura
Zarrel vs. Hiro-Matsu
Zahra vs Uthgar
Oda, Meridian and Ke'rehl vs. Pitch Demon
Ke'rehl vs Uthgar
Usserhadd and Dayo vs. Seeker Sharpshooter
Dayo and Mika vs. Thazerian Venomancer
Dankei vs. Warg
Dankei vs. Seeker-Hunter
Dankei vs. Lhayav's ghost
Tiae vs. Gecko Chemist
Virul and Eve vs. Mauler and Scalebreaker

Xiadomian Arena

Virul, Üsserhadd, Dayo, Tiae, Mika vs. elementals

Rysallean Arena

Kellindrel vs Irvine
Kellindrel, N'arg, Tiae and Irvine.
Virul vs Ruin
Tournament Battle: NFG vs TSS
Tournament Final
Kei'ria vs Maura
Hiro-Matsu vs Iju'dalin
Circus Maximus: Aiden vs. Wolf
Circus Maximus: Aiden and Miniel vs The Imps

Skarradian Arena

Oda vs Irvine
Orpheus vs Canon
Urien vs Orpheus
Maura vs Telemee
RoLA Tourney - TT vs TB
RoLA Tourney - SS vs BR
Ryoko vs Razorfang
Urien vs Sirius
Iju vs Sirtius
Lhayav, Al'tul and Kei'ria vs. Werewolf Darkrider
Aj'ale vs. Reinhard
Tairoth vs. Dead Snake

Ravillan Arena

Tylien vs Virul
Avayla vs. Phylis
Tourn. Battle - Swiftlash vs Tricksters
Hiro-Matsu vs Ryoko
Circus Maximus - Al'tul and Lhayav
Circus Maximus - Tyza, Dankei and Kirh'il
Circus Maximus - Al'tul
Circus Maximus - Arryk, Ramun and Maabo
CM - Maabo, Anya Vs. Rats
CM - Adalwolf's Triple Fight

Decimean Arena

Garu vs Sin
Ashatha vs Ashfeldre
Tournament Battle - Swiftlash vs Whitelocks
Byron vs Ometla
Jabke vs Aj'ale
Roberto and the wolves
Tairoth vs the Bloodweed

Map Battle Arena

None yet.

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2008-05-16 [Silverbullet]: Stuff shall be cleaned up and other arenas added.... either by me or others ;P

But I started this before I realized I didn't have time to finish now. Getting up at 4am tomorrow <img:stuff/mood3-gif.gif>

Also, why isn't the Back to Arena link not working? Oo

2008-05-16 [Grengo]: You forgot to close the bracket for Tiae vs the Gecko Chemist :P

2008-05-16 [Silverbullet]: Bah I say!

2008-05-19 [Grengo]: Very nice. :O We gotta' do something about the map battle arena, though. Nobody ever goes in those, 'specially due to the drop in player vs player matches.

2008-05-19 [Silverbullet]: Yeah. We gotta try and do something about that...

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