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2011-06-24 19:30:26
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Riverview; Sims 3 review

Personally, this is my favorite neighborhood, which is why I'm so sad that it doesn't work for me. :( I downloaded it while I still had only the base game and none of the expansion packs. After the expansion packs, however, it would no longer show up in-game (but my saves from the town were still there). After some digging around on the interwebs, I discovered that after a certain patch it didn't work anymore.

The town itself however is very nice and quaint, and in my opinion is more aesthetically pleasing than Pleasantview (the standard neighborhood the game comes with). Overall, I would say download this at your own risk. Apparently it worked after version 12.0 or something for some people, so see if you want to take your chances I suppose? 

/ [Akayume]

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