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Character Name:

Riven (Kurazarrh "Raza" Ara som Keirr)


Fiction Genre:Medieval/Traditional Fantasy

Race:Ingelohaeran (avariel)



Rank/Class/Title:ex-Blademaster of Serenilith
 Prestige Class, Guild, or Kabal:none

Appearance:Riven is a tall and imposing elf with shoulder-length, sky-blue hair and violet eyes. His skin and hunting leathers are criscrossed with scars and cuts, and his expression generally ranges from mildly disinterested to bloody rage.
 Build/Stature:Slim but honed
 Eye Color:Violet
 Hair Color:Sky blue
 Flesh Tone:Pale
 Clothing and Apparel:Riven is most often seen wearing his fighting leathers, a rather simple set of hardend leather plates that looks like it has almost worn out its usefulness. The armor is covered in nicks and gashes, and Riven rarely stops to clean off any blood that splashes on it. However, Riven moves with a flowing grace that suggests that he may be more used to wearing grand battle robes. Note that the image below is what Riven would look like in his traditional clothing, the robes of a Blademaster.
 Outstanding Marks or Features:Aside from the many scars covering his entire body, Riven has two scars on his back which he never shows to anyone on purpose. The scars run nearly the length of his middle back, starting between his shoulder blades and going down to the small of his back.


 Feats and Abilities:Riven has specialized in the use of his two short swords, Deviation and Reclamation, and in the art of survival. He is essentially a ranger in this sense. Aside from that, he has an uncanny ability to hold himself well in courtly affairs, though he no longer enjoys such events and company.
 Combat, Weapon and Armor Proficiencies:Riven is versed in the use of most common forms of armor and weaponry, though he seems most comfortable wearing light armor and wielding his short swords.
  -Weapons on hand:Riven has two short swords in sheaths at his sides. Crudely etched onto the flat of one reads in Elven, "Deviation"; the other "Reclamation". While they have never been officially enchanted, it seems that the two weapons have absorbed some of Riven's personality and hatred of his foes, and this energy has turned them into something more than normal weapons. Riven also carries a composite longbow on his back when he is forced into long-range combat.
 Spell or Talent Use:Riven, when he was still known as "Kurazarrh," was versed in the art of drawing energy from his spirit and channeling limited magic through his mortal body. He no longer uses such power, and his ability may have atrophied since then.
  -Divine or Arcane Spell Use:The spells Riven once cast were divine in nature. He knew some limited healing spells, several support magics, and one powerful blast of fire.
  -Racial, Supernatural, Spell-like or Extraordinary Abilities:Riven, knowing the sublime ways of the Blademaster, can tap into the overflowing spiritual energy typical of his race and call forth a sword with a golden hilt and glass-clear blade. Known as a soulblade, it is comprised of his very soul and thus cannot be separated from him. Since he became known as Riven, he has never called forth his soulblade.
  -Psionic Abilities or Talents:none
 Strengths and Weaknesses:While a spectacular combatant, Riven is not known for his grace in pleasant conversation. He is driven by a lust for revenge, one which no other can rival. This one-mindedness is both his greatest strength and his most crippling weakness: it gives him a focus for everything he does, but by never diverging from his path, Riven can find no enjoyment in life, and he sometimes sacrifices things which he, had circumstances been different, might have come to love.

Personality:Riven is not a friendly person in any sense of the word. He is driven by a desire for revenge, and wishes to see all Shou-anaih dead ere he passes to the afterlife. Curiously, he seems comfortable, though, with court life and manners. Aside from that, he tends to ignore most people unless they make an effort to speak with him.
 Quirks, Outstanding and Memorable Actions or Phrases:Riven, despite his gruff nature, can sometimes be seen writing oddly peaceful poetry in his native language, that of the Ingelohaerans. While the script is similar to that of the elves' language, the vocabulary and grammar are vastly different. He lets others read it if he has it out, but he never translates for those who cannot read his language.
There are also only two others in the world who know of Riven's past, though the elf no longer travels with them. The one, a deceptively young-looking girl, fell from a cliff one day during a battle. Riven, momentarily forgetting he no longer had wings, leaped over the cliff to save her. The girl, a half-elf, half-phoenix named Aevannia Latharsa, laughed, manifested her own, fiery wings, and carried both of them to safety. After an awkward conversation, Riven detailed his history to Aevannia and her husband, a half-Ingelohaeran, half-Shou-anaih, Sai'ken Anhayenasorien.

History:This is a behind-the-scenes look at his history, for Riven would never willingly tell this to those whom he doesn't know intimately: Riven began his life in the quiet mountain village of Ingelohaerans called Serenilith. In those days, his name was Kurazarh Ara som Keirr, though his parents often called him "Raza." He grew up aspiring to become a Blademaster, and he did so, earning the title at a relatively young age before being put into service as the personal bodyguard of the benevolent Coronal, Evendar Stellarovim.
He later married a female named Qiiate, and together they had a son, naming him Elliaryn. Just as his son was achieving majority, Kurazarrh was attacked and captured by an evil race of elvenoid beings called the Shou-anaih. Unbeknownst to him, his son learned the art of manifesting a soulblade before coming after him in a valiant rescue attempt. But Kurazarrh escaped his captors before his son arrived.
The Shou-anaih, though, had learned terrible things from him, and had subjected him to awful tortures. At one point, they even sawed his wings off and cauterized the wounds with red-hot iron. The Shou-anaih poisoned his mind and body so terribly that Kurazarrh was permanently scarred and ruined.
The Blademaster survived and escaped, but he was unaware that his own son had just come to the rescue, and the two never saw each other. His memories corrupted with evil clouds, Kurazarrh could not bear to ever face his family again. Neither could he come to terms with himself, and therefore he turned himself into something new: Riven. For a rather lengthy period of time, Riven, who really had given himself no name (he described himself only as having been "riven," and the townsfolk of a small village started calling him that.) took to staying in a small forest town and hunt Shou-anaih and their ilk in their nearby territory.
It was some years later that several strangers--a dark-skinned Ingelohaeran, a young elven girl, and a dwarf--approached him with the offer of adventure. Though he wasn't really all that interested, the promise of more Shou-anaih to kill drew him to their adventure. He journeyed with them across the sea, survived the magical torrents of the Storm of Agothos, and arrived on the shores of Ragjos with his companions, minus the dwarf, who was never seen again.
The companions continued onward to their destination: the throne of the malevolent Dragon King. After many difficult battles and even more difficult social situations, the trio came to know each other (i.e. here is where Aevannia and Sai'ken shared secrets with Riven) and arrived at their destination. It was here that Riven discovered that he had been betrayed. The Dragon King wanted little other than to use Riven against his own people, and Riven wanted little enough to do with that. He convinced Sai'ken and Aevannia that they did indeed have the power to thwart the evil King, and together they slew him ere Riven parted ways with them.
It was at this time that his son, Elliaryn, after many tribulations, finally caught up with his father, now Riven. Riven explained to Elliaryn the nature of his self-imposed exile, and while he could not be convinced to return home, he send Elliaryn away with only the promise that they would meet again, and wholly, in Eterne, the everlasting immortal forest afterlife of their People.
Now, Riven has taken to adventuring, sometimes with others, but usually alone. Of the friends he has made he speaks but little, though he does not speak of them as though they are dead.

Equipment and Belongings:Riven carries little other than that which has already been mentioned. His small backpack is lightly loaded with supplies enough to survive a few days without hunting. He also has a change of clothes for when he needs to stay in a city; these are rather plain garments fashioned simply to be a change from his hunting leathers.

Other:Riven is also a contestant in the Fantasy Wiki Roleplay Contest. Note that the Riven posted here has been somewhat altered from the page I used for the contest. Contest wiki: Riven

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2006-12-28 [Kim_Lundin]: A good character. The only thing I'm wondering about is the history part, it seems like it is cut short after his escape from the Shou-anaih. What happened directly after his escape? Why didn't he return home? Things like that would be nice to know. Other than that little point everything seems fine to me, I just want to see what you think about adding some small details to the history before I accept him.

2006-12-29 [NightHawk]: Hmmm... you're right. I pretty much copied/pasted that part from the other bio. Heh, I guess I'll do that now ^^

2006-12-30 [Kim_Lundin]: That looks great, character accepted.

2006-12-30 [Linn Scarlett]: *nod nod* yeah it looks great! hope to encounter him sometimes in the wfr's XD

2006-12-30 [NightHawk]: Hehe ^^ Thank ye, all!

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