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Name: Rion

Age: 19

Sexual Preference: Err...he avoids contact with most anyone like the plague, but women...he's utterly petrified of so err...that would mean er...oh hell you decide!

Description: Rion is fairly tall just short of 6'. He has a slender but muscular build weighing in at only 145lbs. His icy blue eyes look as if they stare strait through you with his gaze, and his ebony black hair falls just past his shoulders. He has pale skin and sunken facial features. For an unknown reason, he still wears the metal plated, leather collar that was fitted on him at the asylum to contain, him. It still contains it's powerful sedative, but isn't used against him any longer, but to aid him when he's cornered...

Personality: Staying in the backgrounds, the few that actually know him know him to be somewhat shy. Yet it isn't because of fear, the roots of this are unknown, though some think it's because of his tattered past. Though he's clinically insane, he is a savant, or prodigy of sorts. Truly a mastermind, or mad man depending on what veiw of him you have, none the less, his plans are usually pulled off without a hitch, and to this day, none have even seen his face, and lived to tell about it because of his tactics.

Special ability: Has an uncanny ability to create illusions, of anyone or anything he has seen, or could think up. Most of the time, his illusions are harmless, unless they manifest themselves during his sleep...then he has absolutely no control over them, giving them a physical form until he awakens once more. Taking advantage of this trait, he uses the sedative within his collar to knock him out quickly, allotting for his powers to reach there full potential

History: Since Rion was born, his sanity was questioned. Early on, he kept distant from everyone, preferring to be alone. After years of his shuffling from foster home to foster home, more disorders made themselves eerily known, mostly through his illusions. Being institutionalized when he was diagnosed with schizophrenia, his mild fits became much more rabid and dangerous, some of which ending in fatalities, including his escape... His current location is unknown.

Weapons: Though not usually one to do dirty work himself, Rion does carry a sword with him, finding no need for any other weapon, simply because if he's going to kill you himself, you won't see him coming, period.

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