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2005-07-11 14:03:27
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A bit of refining, a bit of extra painting. I'm sure there's a quicker way to do this, but I enjoy experimenting with my paintings until I am happy with them :) I suggest that you do the same - you can ALWAYS change a digital work, which is the beauty of it. It doesn't have to be finished at any point. Nor do you have to work on everything at once, as with traditional media.

Now I fear that this has become far too long, so maybe I will go into a few other aspects of this picture another time. I hope that was helpful, though. Here is the finished version, after about two hours of refinement. Next step is the colouring!


NOW I was wondering if any of you would like to make an exercise of refining your own drawing/black and white image so that we can colour it later? I will make an exercise page here, and I hope that some of you post your creations :) If you have any questions, you could post them there below your creations. Go ahead :)

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2006-05-14 [yusuf]: I suppose you do not use masks for rendering much, do you?

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