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2005-07-11 13:40:30
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I expanded the background with the same cloudy sorta technique I had used around the head. I was very influenced by Christophe Vacher in selecting the wing type for him. I wanted the wings to have little the sense of how thick and weighty they were, so they needed to be transparent.

If you want to make transparent or translucent figures, I suggest painting on a space lighter than your background colour - like the grey that I have chosen here. Almost every layer from this point on was blended in over the grey at about 70% opacity, that way the grey still shows up through the other layers.

Another way of doing this is to do it -after- you paint the figure, however this way you can allow for lighting etc, and THAT way you may find yourself going back over things to correct a few technical glitches such as, yeah lighting, or depth.

There are a few other ways I have found to do this, but I'm in danger of rambling, so I'll continue here.


I can't remember the technical term right now, but on spaces with heavy shadow, I find it is useful to paint negatively, or subtractively. Paint by shadows, not by light - and this is what I am beginning to do here. AHA! See, I am also thinking about rocks. It's not a good idea to paint a scene figure first like this, but in this case the image sort of grew. Usually it is best to paint background-first. Maybe we will talk about that later? You know, ultimately I dont really think there is a right and wrong, if you can PULL IT OFF.


Here I have gone over everything with a small smudge brush, to smooth lines and shadows.


I find it useful to give myself guidelines on a layer -underneath- the one I am working on, so that I can lower or raise the transparency of it in order to see where I want to paint next. I really should have saved a more impressive-looking stage :) but anyway......

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