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2005-07-11 13:08:18
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Let's add a background of some sort! This is a very easy technique here that I use sometimes as a base to do clouds with. I have started here by plotting a few random "colours" in a halo-like formation around his head.


Using a smudge brush at about size 10, I use my favourite circular motions to blend the dots into one another in an almost flame-like pattern.


The same technique again, over the other image, with a finer smudge brush. If you work on one layer, make sure you always have a copy of the original layer saved, so you can revert to it if you don't like your changes.


I liked the idea of the weird halo from the original, but I didn't like the basic pattern. So I doodled a new one using a small paintbrush and about three layers, one for the circle, one for the serpents, and a copy of a merged version of the two for refinement.

I decided this image was far too simple, and although it looked nice in this small, imposing space, it just NEEDED more. The next technique is a bit of an aside, on painting wings.

Retouching Drawings Part 5

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