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Art, banners, and decals for Renshunan and its people

Tags and Banners


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For Lands














Class/Clan Decals

Samurai of any clan will receive the following decal:







RP Settings:

  - Lung Garden of Zenwat
Zenwat in Fall

  - Yogo Chishaku Mound
Chishaku Coastal Mound in Yogo, Kuni Lands

Chishaku Bridge

Chishaku-Yogo Bridge to Shiro

  - Daikaku Shoreline, near Anihasa, Lung Isle Region
Daikaku dock and shoreline

  - Daisen Temple in Kakita, Shiru Lands
Entrance to Daisen Temple, Kakita

  - Kuni location@wiki
Kuni Fountain Crane

  - Lung location@wiki
Iron Dragon Statue on stones and water

  - Ginkaku Medicine House in Iuchi, Ataku Lands
Ginkaku Medicine House and Kaku River

Ginkaku Holy Spring along Kaku Riverbed

  - Kuni Land temple
Kuni Temple entrance gate

  - Joruri Ataku Lord Family Shrine House
Joruri House hidden behind trees in Ataku forest, Ikoma River

  - Kaijuji Marshes, Ryoko, Ataku/Shirokuni border
Kaijuji Marsh

Kaijuji Waterfall in forest

  - Kage Wetlands, Ataku Island region
Kage Island Wetlands, Kage Lake, garden mound

  - Katsura river fork and pass, Lung Lands, Lung River, south of Kibokito
Katsura Pass from above hilltops

  - Ikoma's Golden Kinkaku Temple Shrine
<img:stuff/KinkakuTemple1.jpg> and <img:stuff/KinkakuTemple2.jpg>
Kinkaku Temple Shrine

  - Murin Royal Garden in Rugosi, Lung Lands
Murin Garden paths

Murin path to Rugosi

  - Murimuni Grounds on Kuni Riverside, near Shiro, Kuni Lands
Murimuni Lush River Grounds

  - Kuni woodland pass from Asako to Shiro
Kuni Woods on the Asako-Shiro Pass

Stone path steps on the pass from Asako to Shiro

Asako-shu covered bridge

  - Nanzen Temple Shrine and Courtyard
Nanzen Temple Courtyard

  - Nijo Stone Bridges in Kakita, Shiru Lands
One of the stone bridges

Nijo Bridges outside Kakita's gates

  - Ryoan Dueling Court in Renshunan City, Shiru Lands
Ryoan Court, a common place for samurai duels and practice

  - Saiho Pass from Iuchi to Ikoma, Ataku Forest
Saiho Pass, a woodland trail between Ikoma and Iuchi

  - Iuchi Hunting Territory, Ataku forest
<img:stuff/IuchiHuntingGroundMarsh4.jpg> and <img:stuff/IuchiHuntingGroundMarsh5.jpg>
Ataku Forest, Iuchi Hunting Grounds, Ataku Marshes

<img:stuff/IuchiHuntingGroundMarsh3.jpg> and <img:stuff/IuchiHuntingGroundMarsh1.jpg> and <img:stuff/IuchiHuntingGroundMarsh2.jpg>
Iuchi region Ataku Marsh

  - Sanzen Royal House and Gardens in Owari, Ataku Lands
Sanzen Royal Garden and side patio

Sanzen Royal House and Gardens

  - Sento Riverside Gardens and Forest, east of Renga, Kuni Lands
Kuni River and Sento Gardens

  - Shugaku Royal Gardens in Kibokito, Lung Lands
Shugaku Royal Grounds

  - Shusui Shrine in Yogo, Kuni Lands
Yogo-kito-oko Bay Shrine

Taizo Falls at Shusui Shrine

  - Tenju Temple in Shirokuni, Shiru Lands
Tenju Temple Courtyard and Guild House

Tenju Sparring Flat, a matted wooden platform for training/sparring

  - Tenryu Woodland Shrine near Mori, Ataku Lands
Tenryu River Island Shrine on Ataku Spring River

  - Jenruki Waterfall on the Rugosi River Fork, Lung Lands
Where the waterfall meets the river, on the Jenruki Gardens in Rugosi

  - Ashanu Forest Pass in Kakita, Shiru Coastal Land
Ashanu Pass, Forest and Mountains, outside Kakita

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