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2009-06-05 03:25:03
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Repo! The Genetic Opera review

This movie fooled me. Wanna hear why?

The premise: In the future, there's a plague that's causing organs to fail all around the world, so this company called geneco that makes artificial organs rises into power and starts giving people surgeries. People who can't afford the procedure are put on a payment plan and sent on their merry way. However, in the following years, people are stiffing geneco on their payments so the company sends this guy called the repo man to repossess the organs given to people. In other words, he tracks 'em down, slices 'em up and takes their organs back to the company.

Oh, and it's a rock opera.

Doesn't that sound.... actually quite amazingly cool? Me and my brother thought so, thus, we rented the movie.

For starters.... the girl from spy kids and Paris Hilton are in this movie.

... Would've been nice to know that before we wasted our time.

I can't find the words to describe this movie, I am still so incredibly agitated.

Just how... artificial, uninspired, and retarded this film was. How it was so transparently targeted to every half a brain sub culture sucking teenaged moron out there... for fucks sake! The costuming was done by hot topic! This was hot topic the musical! It had everything I hate about the whole hot topic culture... how this film and it's target audience think they are being so original, so out there and different when... fucking Paris Hilton's in it! If there was anything to show how this whole goth-ish movement nowadays is a media controlled, formulaic, unoriginal scam by cooperations to trick kids that they have to buy their shit to be cool... I don't know. It was trying so hard to be gross and weird. To be different! But there was nothing unique or intriguing about this film at all, Hell! The music even sucked! Every character was so predictably written. Watching it, I could see perfectly how the teenage goons would respond to each character. I could hear their chit chat over how they loved the grave robber and idolized blind mag with the stupid contacts. The hole... comic book style bits that revealed character's histories... the clothes, the setting, it was such a tool of a movie. It's only purpose was to sell cds and clothes. It latched on to all the predictable interests of teenage emo-gothies and exploited them, and if you are one of the pathetic creatures who liked this film, who actually bit the bait and thought it was cool... go kill yourself. I mean honestly. I hate lots of movies and their fans included, but I wouldn't tell, say, Notebook fans to die. I'd tell them they're a bunch of predictable hormonal bitches and I want to punch them in the ovaries, but this movie... it was so fishing for morons. It just sickens me.

Just... ugh. UGH. I can't even believe it. My brother and were just sitting there, with looks of disbelief and disgust on our faces (no, not because of the gore, I admit the gory stuff was kinda cool) and we eventually just turned it off. My brother doesn't even want to talk about it. We were ashamed for even knowing it existed.



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2010-01-21 [Nioniel]: *dies laughing reading this*

2010-01-21 [NOOOPE]: Worst movie EVER

2010-01-21 [Nioniel]: lol, I actually have it and did enjoy it, but more for the campyness of it all than it actually being a great film.

2010-01-21 [NOOOPE]: I had to turn it off. It insulted my intelligence to a degree I hadn't encountered before. It pains me to even think about it.

2010-01-21 [Nioniel]: Wow.

2010-01-22 [NOOOPE]: Yeah... yeah.

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