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2009-01-08 18:20:09
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Spread the word for Religious Tolerance!

But only if you believe in the things I do...

Hello darlings, its been a while hasn't it? I'll start of with the usual disclaimer. The above statement is not the personal view of myself. Anyone proposing the idea that I am promoting religious intolerance will have their head removed and their bodies offered up as a sacrifice find themselves most mistaken. What I promote is Stupidity Intolerance. We cannot allow such stupidity to continue. It is our moral obligation to humanity to work to rid ourselves and society of stupidity. It is also your duty to me as loyal readers to help me combat it wherever you find it because really, I'm one blood pressure rise away from an aneurysm.

This revival of Playgans was brought to you by [iippo] (go give her a hug) and her diary about how anti-god wikis keep spinning up. And at the head of them are people who call themselves pagans. Now I've been out of the smiting game for a while. I've been taking a break from rage, I have enough going on in my own life that makes my blood pressure rise so I've taken a break from Internet drama and stopped willfully seeking out playgans to smite. I hope you understand and can find it in your hearts to forgive me. But there's only so many people you can smite when you're on the verge of another mental collapse. And in my lapse, the b@stards multiplied like bacteria on a dead dog.

But hey, guess what? :D
I'm baaaaaack. And you're dead -.-

So now, what I hear you cry, dearest reader, dear intelligent reader, is this rant about? (Oh how I've missed you dear reader <3) This rant my lovelies is about the concept of religious tolerance. Or rather, the severe lack of religious tolerance. If any of you, and I mean any of you now dare to think "Oh I KNOW Christianity is so intolerant of us!" I will kill you. "but but" NO *smacks* bad reader, that's a bad bad reader. *eyes the other readers* How could you let this person in? You knew I was coming back from sabbatical, what did you think I wouldn't notice?! *hiss*


Christians, Muslims, Hindus...and all other once considered mainstream religions (yea once you're numbers are fading, sorry :( no really I am, its not nice to know your religion is declining) are not the only ones capable of religious intolerance. In fact I will think you find, that the majority of intolerant @ssholes are coming from our part of the ball court. It's cool though, the rest of us have really big tennis rackets and even though the springy bit in the middle bounces when you hit someone over the head they can do some serious damage. It'll make for an amusing bludgeoning if nothing else.

But I promised the [iippo] one. So here goes.

I'm sorry.
I am sorry on behalf of the pagan world, that we are bringing so many religious intolerant jerks with us. No really I am, if I could bend down I'd be on my knees begging for forgiveness but y'know...bad back and all.

I find it incredibly ironic, that the people who talk about religious tolerance the most i.e. pagans, Wiccans etc etc are actually the most intolerant people at the moment. I refrain from saying "intolerant religion" because its not the religion that is intolerant, its the people that claim to be following them. I mean, you all talk about how persecuted you are, how misunderstood you are. And yet...and yet.
Its all very well to be sitting there in your tacky masses of occult jewellery wearing "witchy" robes and bitching about how Christians only turn up to church on Sunday wearing their best clothes and are nice and kind for that one day then go back to being bastards, the assholes, I mean really, what makes them think wearing a cross makes them a Christian? And whats with the CLOTHES thing, I mean surely God loves you no matter what you wear...and OMG Silverhawk hasn't got her full ceremonial robe on! They are SO not as serious about this religion as I am. The c* an light to our sister...

Has my point being made yet? Or do I need to get the tone of bricks out again and let them drop from a great height?

True, you get some Christians that are intolerant of your beliefs. But their religion tells them that there is no other God than theirs. So by following their belief system properly they are bound to have a problem with you believing in the polytheistic masses. But y'know what, the tolerant thing to do would be to let them follow their own religion and not harass them because their beliefs clash with yours. Y'know...not become the thing you hate. If it bothers you don't think about it. Unless you have grown up in a very Bible Beltish area, I very much doubt you have faced the experiences you are talking about. I mean really how many of you have actually been threatened with a cross by a Priest? Uhu...yea you put your hand down, I can tell by the tremble in your hand that you lie. You too, you grew up in a pagan home you twerp, what were they intolerant of the way you wore your massive pentacle?! Psch.
I know, I know that some of you will have had a bad experience with the Christian churches and some of the people that follow the religion. I have, and my family church was Protestant, and they tend to be a bit less...foreboding than the local Catholic Church. Which yea...was run by an insane man at one point...although I'm not sure what happened to him...oh yes that's right! The people in his church said he was intolerant of just about everything and he had to leave :D
Y'see folks, just because someone says they follow a certain faith such as Christianity, it does not mean that they put their soul to one side and allowed the words "Intolerant B*stard" to be tattooed over it. Some of my best friends are Christian, and by tarnishing them with the brush of religious intolerance you not only offend them but you offend me as well. And because they follow their faith properly and have probably turned their cheek by now, I'm afraid I'm going to have to bitch slap you for them :)
"But're pagan...its love and life! You can't resort to violence"


'Nuff said. (I love that owl) I have to run now. I have a train to catch in an hour and I'm still sitting on the couch in my nightgown and a towel on my head. In a moment I'll be running about shouting "shit shit who stole my hair dryer!"
If I think of anymore to write here I'll add it when I get home. In the meantime, welcome back to Playgans we hope you enjoyed the show, refreshments are now available in the foyer.


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2007-03-04 [sequeena_rae]: Oh how I have missed your writing Dela <3333. And that owl is teh SEX!
Welcome back *glomp*

2007-03-04 [The Blood Angel]: As usual, its awsome!

2007-03-04 [Rondel]: *applauds* Ahh, the sweet scent of searing circuits, as your justifiable rage blisters its way through the web, burning off the accumulated crud in the process... :D Nicely done! And yes, a WELCOME commentary on a sad trend. *sigh*

2007-03-04 [Azuri]: Whoo! Good one, I sincerely hate people who are intolerable of other religions, I think people should just follow what they want leave other people the fuck alone and get about business. Just because someone believes differently than you doesn't mean you should shun them. I have friends in many different religions, it happens and I'm glad I have them. Living here in the bible belt right now makes me fear for the Pagan/wiccan religions. I have gone to meetings of pagans only to see nothing but Playgans and it frightens me. I don't even bother to tell people what I am because I'm afraid that stupidity is catching >_< Maybe I can use their giant pentacles to bash some sense into their heads XD

2007-03-04 [Zab]: It's hard to be tolerant tho.:P
I do really try (not even sure I'm pagan, but I suppose it's for all believs) but at the same time I want to tell people what I think, and still not try to force them believe as me (just logically tell them that I'm right..XD) but I think I'm fairly tolerant at least. which doesn't mean that I find some customs in some religions funny enough to laugh about..x) Not going up to people and tell them that tho.
And yeah, if they wanna laugh about my habits, I don't care much..x)

2007-03-04 [Fireblade K'Chona]: Oh my god...I beat Silvie.


2007-03-04 [Fireblade K'Chona]: As for the religious know...there's a reason why my friends call me a hippy in disguise. Don't hate, dude. I reserve the right to think that specific people are assholes, but I believe the only person that I actually, actively hate is Adolf Hitler. And possibly Stalin.

(But my beef with them is not about religion. It's about the, you know, whole mass genocide thing.)

I believe that a person's religion is their own damn business and I do not have the right to interfere, unless they are actively harming someone else because of religion.

I'm not being that articulate right now.

2007-03-04 [Zab]: I also think people should have the right to choose..but if they only know about one thing to believe, what choice is it? >_> And that goes for everything..from horse riding to cooking..I like to tell people what I think about stuff, then it's up to them if they'll agree..>->

2007-03-04 [moonscale]: *clicks**reads**laughs**applauds*
Just as great as always Dela! This is one of my many pet peeves. Its just like people who complain that everyone is racist for no reason while micking every other culture, nationality, race, etc. 

2007-03-04 [Delladreing]: *takes a bow*

2007-03-05 [Linn Scarlett]: Nwah I ran into Yehova's witnesses. Somehow they make me smile ^_^ Oh and I missed you Dela <3333

2007-09-28 [HiddenFire]: Awesome as always. That is odd, now that I think about it. There are a ton of little god hating groups out there that claim to be pagan... well that doesn't make sense. How could anyone hate something that they don't believe exists? Ignorant people would be funny if they didn't cause so much trouble. @.@

2007-09-28 [Delladreing]: Its also funny because most pagans claim to believe that all gods are One God. Which means they are denying part of their own God.

2007-09-28 [HiddenFire]: heh, now THAT'S funny. Yeah, if divinity is a concept... like the consiousness of the universe... then denying any god would be denying a facet of their own super god! For some reason it makes me think of transformers/power rangers/voltron... the Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Vishnu, etc... bots all combine to form... SUPER GOD ZOID!

But I digress. I happen to agree with that statement. I believe that the divine is one huge entity. That the nature of the divine is infinite and because of that we all see divinity differently. We are all just looking at the same thing from a different angle and coming to different conclusions. It's like the blind men observing an elephant, one thinks it's a snake, one thinks it's a rope, and one thinks it's a tree... at least I think that's how that story goes. Same difference.

2007-09-28 [Delladreing]: The One True God is a Disco Ball, every little mirror is the face of the gods.

2007-09-29 [HiddenFire]: Nice analogy, you can never see every mirror, nor is any one mirror pointing at more than one person. I like it. ^_^

2007-09-29 [HiddenFire]:


2007-09-29 [Delladreing]: Haha XD I wonder how many times our Disco ball God hears that :p

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