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2011-05-25 12:48:21
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**Welcome everyone!!!**


Okay here's something ive wanted to do for a while. So bare with me. Its a work in progress...

And now i present to you the new ....



You haunt me in dreams...
Sweet sorrows whisper,
Surround, swarm, intoxicating,
Catching my breath, pulling in, lulling.
Sweet promises laying on lips that have lied,
Hope lingering on kisses that could never be.
Your touch, so out of reach,
Forbidden, yearning to feal your heart racing,
Your body warm with delight, gliding softly.
Holding on to this fragile state, this cadence
Flowing passionately through me.
Open eyes, cold and dark,
Never real...
...Just a dream...


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*This wiki is for all those poets out there who are not always admired for their work.
*If you write poetry (on a daily basis or randomly) and are not always admired for it then this is the place for you!!


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