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Player - [Avalon86]
Name - Reinhard
Race - Human
Sub-race - Lochmorian
Class - Knight
Allegiance - None
Appearance - Standing about 6 foot tall Reinhard is like your normal Lochmorian. The typical fire red hair with deep blue eyes that match that of the ocean they love so much. He has a scar on his right cheek from a fishing accident when he was out on one of his first fishing trips . On his left ear is a piercing with a cross earring his mother gave him for good luck when he first started fishing with his father. When people first see Reinhard they see that of a man who spent many years out on the sea but also see a humble individual who minds his own business.
Age - 27
Personality - Reinhard is a bit of a watcher, he tends to always keep watch of his surroundings just by the off chance something might go wrong. He may come off as intimisating from appearance but enjoys a conversation or two if the subject is one worth talking about and like the typical Lochmorian….he loves his beer. When it comes to work most jobs he finds most jobs acceptable but anything to do with women and children and he will not even glance at them. Not a man of anger for the most part, but if certain things are said, even he has been known to start a fight or two.
History - Reinhard was born and raised in the little port town Osvik. He lived in a humble little home right by the coast, which was a prime area for his father to fish. When he was old enough, he started going out to fish with his father. Whatever they caught, he would clean with his mother. When they were not fishing his father would teach him the ways of the knight, to stand up for the weak and never settle for anything less than what was right. Reinhard admired his father and was saddened the day his father was ordered to duty for there was a alarming amount of beasts attacking a nearby area. Weeks passed and they received no word about the matter then one day a messenger delivered a plain letter and Reinhard knew he would never see his father again. Stricken by sadness, he swore he would become a great knight like his father. On the day of his 18th birthday Reinhard enlisted to become a knight at the military enclave in Atheus where he would prove to everyone that he was exactly like his father. After a few years in the service of the military Reinhard learned many things. He was an outstanding knight and was loved by many. When his time of service ended he set out on a journey, one to prove to himself if he can become any better as a knight and to see if he can make a difference in this world.
Others -
Element - Blue


Level - 2

Experience/To next level - 350/740

Equipment -
Long Sword (5 Atk, 3 Def, 7 Wgt)
Leather Armor (2 Def, -1 Dex, 7 Wgt)
Small Wooden Shield (1 Def, -1 Dex, 4 Wgt)
Black Robe (1 Def, 1 Int, 5 Wgt)
311 GP

Stats -
HP - 15/15
MP - 10/10
Str - 6
Con - 7
Dex - 4
Int - 5
Mag - 5
Cha - 4

CC - 18/36

Skills - High Morale, Handle Swords, Defensive Stance, Heroic strength
SP - 1

Spells -

Special Skills -
Smite - Once a day for every 3 levels, you can attempt to deal d6 + charisma damage to any opposing element characters in the area.

Status - Slave
Battles Fought - 1
Battles Won - 1
Battles Lost - 0

Kills - 0
Deaths - 0

Score - 3

Titles - Slave


Assassination quests: 0
Retrieval or monster killing quests: 0
Aid or rescue quests: 0
Persuade or investigate quests: 0

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2008-01-08 [Avalon86]: for my extra skill point....heroic strength...thnx

2008-01-25 [Veltzeh]: Hey BR, -1 HP? O_o

2008-01-25 [Avalon86]: umm, thats not right.

2008-01-25 [Blood Raven]: oh, sorry about that... wonder where that came from? 0.o;
Oh, wait, I remember. Nevermind. My bad ^^

2008-01-25 [Avalon86]: lol, all is well that ends well <(^.^)>

2008-01-25 [Blood Raven]: You recieve a +1 on one stat of your choosing. Which would you like?

2008-01-26 [Avalon86]: Con please <(^.^)>

2008-01-27 [Blood Raven]: There you go. Also, each time you level, you'll have the opportunity to spend your Skill Points. Right now, you've got 1 SP, so you can pick a Tier 3 skill from Lemirian Skills to teach your character, if it's also on his class list (see lemirian knight. However, you can also save up and use your SP on a better skill later when you reach a higher level and recieve more SP (you get 1 every other level, and 1 extra every 5 levels because Reinhard's a human). Let the moderator who's levelling you know if you want to use your SP.

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