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Reference Photographers are members who donated free photographic references to Elftown. Their goal is to help other artists by providing good references for their art, whether it be for details, inspiration, manipulation or the likes. All references are listed on Reference Pictures!

The Reference Photographers are organized by a bunch of kobolds known as the Photo Reference Bosses. They maintain the Reference Pictures wiki, review the submissions and badge new Reference Photographers.


Reference Photographers

Winners of past sessions may be found at EPRM Champions

By donating some images you become one of the Reference Photographers newbies.

[Rainbow Dragonflies] - 85
[hanhepi] - 70
[justjoe] - 70
[Dezmond] - 65
[Xuan.] - 61
[Alexi Ice] - 59
[pixish] - 57
[Tynuka-Rhytishy] - 51
[Chrysilla] - 51
[CrazySierzant] - 51
[coldkiki] - 42
[LynnAnneBrown] - 42
[MisLuck] - 40
[Falx] - 39
[Mortified Penguin] - 37
[Easterling] - 36
[Kyrinn] - 32
[Synsae] - 32
[AuroraLumos] - 30
[toresimonsen] - 29
[nathie] - 26
[Daisy le Fleur] - 25
[Marlene'Jacques] - 21
[wicked fae mage] - 19
[Thunder Cid] - 18
[Project Elysium] - 17
[Chimes] - 17
[Citrine] - 13
[Phenomenon] - 11
[Nyaah*] - 10
[FamousPanda] - 8
[Ihsahn] - 6
[moira hawthorne] - 5
[Feasting on Needles] - 5
[sylverpenny] - 5
[W.L.] - 4
[toresimonsen] - 4
[Radioactive Flea] - 4
[bloody wrists and empty promises] - 4
[losthero] - 3
[Iske] - 3
[Ranon =3] - 3
[Mystin] - 1
By donating 100 images you become one of the Reference Photographers

[iippo] - 348
[Stephen] - 329
[SilverFire] - 305
[Diiwica] - 250
[kamisch] - 249
[Aeolynn] - 211
[Mortified Penguin] - 200
[Linderel] - 163
[Jitter] - 161
[H3_six] - 157
[Flisky] - 151
[Lord Josmar] - 151
[Cia_mar] - 148
[Trennas] - 142
[Blaithin] - 122
[kians mummy] - 121
[Yuriona] - 114
[sequeena_rae] - 103
By donating 400 images you become one of the Master Reference Photographers

[*Phoenix*] - 1,041
[nehirwen] - 804
[Akayume] - 754
[Hedda] - 556
[Karithina] - 553
[Lothuriel] - 413
[Ravendust] - 404
By donating 1600 images you become one of the Grand Master Reference Photographers

[Cillamoon] - 2,023
By donating 4711+ images you become one of the Great Grand Master Reference Photographers

[Nioniel] - 14,260
[sweet.tx.tea] - 8,696


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2009-03-24 [Lothuriel]: or make us jealous, lol 

Ok, hon I will remember that for the future.

2009-03-24 [Chimes]: Loth, are we going to find and use that new badging system for this? :]

2009-03-24 [Lothuriel]: *feels stupid* what new badging system?

2009-03-24 [Chimes]: Jitter created more phases for the badges... because two seemed a bit too few, seeing as we're hoping for loads of images... somewhere in the forums there is a link to the wiki with the new badges and how you earn them XD

2009-03-24 [Lothuriel]: I will see if I can find it, then.

2009-03-25 [Hedda]: [Jitter] got a little busy, but I think we eventually agreed on something. I guess we should paste the system here so that we can find it.

2009-03-25 [Hedda]: I added a new group with only me in it so far. [Jitter] should be there too, and a bunch of other people who know perfectly well how to add their own stuff (and increase their value here). I'll leave it to the Reference Photographers to train people for it and write them here. 

The idea is to recognize that if you do put up loads of photos, you don't have to ask every time you do it, if you know how to do it right.

2009-03-25 [Chimes]: refo badging faff - There's the wiki I was on about. :]

2009-03-25 [Hedda]: refo badging faff2 was my suggestion. It fixes a lot of problems. I don't remember what [Jitter] thought about it though.

2009-03-25 [Chimes]: I think she liked it. *ponders*

2009-03-25 [Lothuriel]: What is the link to the new group? 

2009-03-26 [Hedda]: The Reference Photographers working group is just mentioned here on this page.

2009-03-26 [Lothuriel]: Ah I see that now. I misunderstood.

Should we mention [Jitter] somewhere? 

And should we check for badges to be updated now?

2009-03-26 [Hedda]: [Jitter] can add herself where she see fit.

Yes, you can check the badges.

2009-03-26 [Lothuriel]: Gotcha! ^__^

2009-03-30 [Hedda]: What about sorting the submitters after amounts of photos submitted instead of after their usernames? That would make it a little more competitive and fun I think. <img:stuff/mood5-gif.gif>

There is no competitive smiley! I have no idea how one would look like though.

2009-03-30 [nehirwen]: That smiley looks rather determined though. ;)
I have nothing against it.

2009-03-30 [Chimes]: At first I thought they were lined up under the appropriate badge... we could do it like that? It'd look good, I reckon. In order of how many photos submitted, highest to lowest, under the appropriate badge.

2009-03-30 [Hedda]: OK, I've listed people now under the next badge that they might eventually get if they donate more. (Otherwise I have nowhere to but the ones who have donated less than 10 images)

2009-03-30 [Chimes]: Once the voting for my contest is done there will be a lot more images :P Seeing as I asked every participant if they minded having their images in the reference pictures archive (fully credited etc)... :P *is sneaky* I'm going to have some badging to do...

Looks good!

2009-03-30 [Chimes]: By the by, you know the first badge says you have to have 10 to get it... well, everyone on that list that I have looked at have got the badge even if they don't have ten images. O.o

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