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2008-11-08 02:02:54
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Red Alert 3 review

You have 4 different versions of the trailer with David Hasselhoff to watch:

It's quite obvious that they are going after young men with a huge unsatisfied control-urge. Lite taken from a book of marketing.

I guess I want one though... I don't know what the game really is about though. It's like dolphins, beers and sexy babes shooting firearms in revealing clothing, I assume. And something about strategy to get a yacht. And I can become an old cool guy that can talk to machines.

All the persons who actually played this game are either killed by dolphins, beers or sexy babes with big guns, so don't expect much more of a review.
/ [Hedda]

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2008-11-07 [5thwitch]: In reality, red alert is a stetegy game, ispired to the cold war you have two sides, the allied (blu) and the communist (red), and you have to conquer nations by building and fight (you know just like caesar and warcraft). I've played RA1 and it was a very serious game, and i believe that it still is. I dunno why they used such a strange marketing, but I have to say that it's hylarious.

2008-11-09 [Aradon Templar]: Red Alert 1 was produced by Westwood, and a fairly difficult game. Since EA got control of the series, Westwood's been out of the picture, and the games have begun to be ridiculous. I wouldn't say any of the more recent games of it I've played were hard, and most were fairly absurd in their humor. It's crept away from the cold war basis since Westwood produced RA1, but still usually the conflict is between the US and other Allied nations (occasionally- usually the US), and Russia or China, or this time it looks like Japan. It sounds like Hedda's got a fairly firm grasp on the game, though. The series has gotten ridiculous, and marketed towards blowing stuff up. RA sells because you get ridiculous amounts of firepower with little limitation or balancing, so it's fun to play and not very stressful.

2008-11-10 [5thwitch]: well, i don't know what to say, westwood's games are amazing because they're serious and spectacular. if ea transformed RA in a ridiculus game, well, what a pity.

2008-11-10 [Aradon Templar]: Quite so. And the music from RA1 will be class for decades :D

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