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Becca Sanders



Name: Becca Sanders

Age: 24

Personality: Spontaneous. Very sweet. Easy to get along with and talk to. Just dont upset her because she forgives very few people. Has been hurt a lot in her life so shes very fragile but she is willing to start over and pick up the pieces of her life.

History: All through high school, Becca had been one of the few that fit in with every group. She got a long with everyone and didn't get involved with the drama.

After graduation she went to culinary school for 2 years and became a Chef at a well known restaurant in Austin, Texas right out of college.

After a few weeks of working there she began dating one of the other Chef's there. After just a few shorts months of dating, they were engaged, thinking themselves madly in love with each other. Just days before the wedding Becca caught him in bed, with her best friend Sarah. Like any other smart girl, she called off the wedding and sold the ring, never wanting to have to see it again.

After that she threw herself into work, not going out, not really even answering the phone except when family called. One day after work she got a call from her father, the doctor, saying he had a patient he wanted her to take on full time. Becca had always wanted to be a stay at home cook so she jumped at the opportunity, not knowing what she was getting herself into in the end.


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