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Realms of Lemire Strategists

By [Duredhel]


This is the testing lab, the chess board, the battleground and the hall of fame, when all characters are put aside, when all resources are put at your disposition, all that is left is your own skill.

How to Join Strategists


RoL FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Battlezones - Stand your Ground.

The Vetlo Docks

Temple of the Flame

Khaldune Sewers

Muriine Shack

Donate a Battlezone today!


Rules - Pick your weapons.

The rules for Realms of Lemire Strategists are the same as those in Realms of Lemire

Races of Lemire - The available races of Lemire
Classes in Lemire - The Available Classes or Jobs
Game Rules - Basic game rules.
Lemirian Magic - List of Spells.
Lemirian Skills - List of Skills
Items Index - List of Items


Strategists - Know your enemy.

Commander Adaman
Commander Blood Raven


to Realms of Lemire
to Realms of Lemire Arena

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2007-08-05 [Blood Raven]: This sounds cool :) I'm joining, as soon as I figure out what kind of team I want.

2007-08-05 [Vampire Princess]: ummmmmm hi.

2007-08-05 [Duredhel]: Its ideal you don't make a squad until your first fight Blood, you don't want to make a team and then find its no good with the allowances set by you and your opponent. You don't need to have a squad to join, just fill out the sheet at How to Join.

2007-08-07 [Blood Raven]: I know, but I had to fill in something at "Style" and "Favored Skill", and all that :P So I needed to do some thinking. I thinks "Blitzkrieg" is a fine style though :P

2007-08-09 [Duredhel]: We need people to join so we can get some fights goin' on :/

2007-08-09 [Silverbullet]: I'd love to join, but I've got my hands full with Gming some of te Arena and keeping P7 alive. Sorry.

But I do have a newfound respect for you and the other GMs, Dur!

2007-08-09 [Blood Raven]: I'll be gone from saturday till saturday (11 to 18 of august), after that, I'll take on [Adaman], or whomever is up to it.

2007-08-10 [Silverbullet]: But weren't you supposed to get the Master Party up and running again....?

2007-08-18 [Duredhel]: I seriously doubt the MP will ever go back up. There's been too many character changes to mantain continuity and even some of the current charas don't have the time. I'll dedicate to this and the single player campaigns.

2007-08-18 [Grengo]: Seems pretty neat.

2007-08-19 [Blood Raven]: Well, I'm back, and it seems Adaman and me are still the only ones here. You in for a round of tactical combat then?

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