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Reading Challenge, 2013


Welcome to the Reading Challenge 2013. The idea is to set yourself a certain number of books to read in 2013 and then... You read that many books! After you read them, you have to write a review of that book. YOU set the amount of books you want to read this year - so don't tell me you don't have time for this. It can be as low as 5, or as high as 200. After you've written your review, don't forget to add a link to it to the wiki where you're listing the books you've read.


How to join up:

Follow the example below. write your name below, and then a link to the wiki-page where you will be keeping a list of the books you've read. Below that, keep a tally of how many books you've read, and also list when you joined the challenge. E.g.:

1. [SilverFire] - Silvie's Reading List 2013
Books read: 0/100
Joined: 24/01/12



Q: Can I re-read books I've already read?
A: You can re-read books you've already read prior to this year (providing you haven't already written a review on it) but you can't count the same book twice, even if you read it twice this year.

Q: How do I write a review?
A: Go to your ET diary. In the top right corner are a load of buttons. One of them says 'write a review'. Click it!

Q: It's February/March/November - can I still join?
A: Sure. But take when you're starting into consideration when deciding your goal.

Q: Can I count comics/graphic novels?
A: That's entirely up to you, and whether you personally count them as books or not. The point of this challenge is to get people to read more, so if you already read 300 comic books a year, then maybe you shouldn't count them. (NB: I know many people in other challenges count 3-5 comics/mangas as equivalent to one book).


Sign up:

1. [SilverFire] - Silvie's Reading List 2013
Books read: 17/100
Joined: 1/01/2013

2. [Viking] - Viking's Reading List 2013
Books read: 7/39
Joined: 01/01/2013

3. [Nioniel] - Nioniel's Reading List 2013
Books read 11/50
Joined: 01/01/2013

4. [Ms. Steel] - Lex's Reading List 2013
Books read: 41/41
Joined 01/01/2013

5. [Flisky] - Flisky's Reading List 2013
Books read: 2/???
Joined 01/01/2013

6. [Thunder Cid] - Cid's Reading List 2013
Books read: 0/40
Joined 01/01/01

7. [nehirwen] - Nehirwen's Reading List 2013
Books read: 15/20
Joined 2/01/2013

8. [Akayume] - Akayume's Reading List 2013
Books read: 21/20
Joined 2/01/2013

9. [hanhepi] - Hanhepi's Reading List 2013
Books Read 3/10
Joined 3 Jan 2013

10. [pegasus1000] - Pegasus' Reading List 2013
Books read: 8/20
Joined 4 Jan 2013

11. [Yncke] - Yncke's reading list
Books read: 21
Joined 5 Jan 2013

12. [Mirime] - Mirime's reading list 2013
Books read: 53/60
Joined 9 Jan 2013

13. [Linderel] - Lami's Reading List 2013
Books read: 5/42
Joined 01/01/13

14. [All_Most PUNK] - PUNK's Reading List 2013
Books read: 4/60 (More like 12 or so, actually, but I don't have all the names here :P ).
Joined 01/01/13


Username (or number or email):


2013-01-03 [hanhepi]: I was wondering if there would be one this year, since I wanna do it again. :D

2013-01-03 [Akayume]: Hey I managed to surpass my goal last year! :P

2013-01-14 [Linderel]: *bonk*

2013-02-02 [hanhepi]: I'd be a lot more likely to meet this goal if I could read more than 9 pages at night before passing out with my book still open. XD

2013-02-18 [All_Most PUNK]: I managed my 100 books goal once. Last year I completely forgot about it :P Now I'm setting a lower one and we'll see how it goes.

2013-02-18 [hanhepi]: At least put the date you really joined on there. Your and Lami both are listed as starting 1 January, but listed after Mirime who joined on the 9th. My OCD can't handle that.

2013-02-18 [All_Most PUNK]: I'm starting on the 1st. I have read several books already.

2013-02-19 [hanhepi]: Ahhhh.

2013-04-10 [Easterling]: The reading challenge! :) I really have to challenge myself to read more because I haven't really done that like I used to for a long time...

2013-04-21 [SilverFire]: I barely read anything at all last year; I really slacked off. At least this year I get paid to read books. Even if, by and large, they tend to be shitty books. <_<

2013-04-22 [pegasus1000]: It's why I chose a low number.

2013-06-04 [Akayume]: Poor Silvie. :P I work at a call center now and the pools have been reeeeeeaally slow, so I just read at work (sometimes I will only have like four or five contacts in a night).

2013-12-18 [Nioniel]: Next year, I definitely need to do better. Yeesh. :/

2013-12-18 [pegasus1000]: I only got half way through my intended goal. Should have chosen 10 that way when I finish the book I am on now I will at least have missed my goal by 2, not 12.

2013-12-18 [Viking]: My year has been pretty pathetic reading-wise. But if I include all of the webcomics I read from start to current, it's maybe not so bad! At least I'm reading a book now.

2013-12-18 [SilverFire]: I've read quite a lot, but it's never a complete book. So many journal articles, chapters, sections etc. And so much time spent reading the same 100 lines of Hesiod over and over X_X

2013-12-22 [hanhepi]: XD Another year where I failed to meet my goal. *sigh* I even set it ridiculously low, thinking that since I read at least 10 last year, that 10 was doable. :( I have read more than my stated "3" (I should update that), but still less than 10. I'd set next year's goal at "1", but then I'd probably fail to meet that somehow. (Go blind and struggle to learn braille, maybe? I dunno, the fates would fix it so that even one book was impossible.) 
I too read a lot of sections, articles and chapters. I learned quite a bit about the Revolutionary War, and the types of records that Pennsylvania and Maryland kept back then.

2013-12-31 [Mirime]: Yay! This is fun. I only fell 5 books short of my revised goal... not bad :)

2013-12-31 [All_Most PUNK]: I'm pretty sure I managed to get my goal, but I didn't make a list :P

2014-01-04 [pegasus1000]: You are the weakest link! Goodbye! :)

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