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Ravyn Kontis

Created by [Celtore]
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Character Name:
Ravyn Kontis
Assigned City:
Denver, Colorado
Ravyn is a very straight forward girl. She wont beat around the bush, if she wants something, she normally get's it or at least goes after it. Otherwise she is very loving and friendly. She's very patient, which is rare for her race. She is one of the very few Arcadians that actually cares about stopping the war between the Arcadians and Katagaria. She would love to not be terrified of them anymore. Very few people actually realize that beneath the rough exterior she's quite soft, and even fewer still live today who know this.
Physical Appearance:
Ravyn is approximately 5'10". She weighs close to 140 lb. She has long, gorgeous, black hair that falls down past her waist, normally braided. Her eyes are a very dark blue, and are very often mistaken for black. Ravyn’s skin is a soft, peach tone that's a bit deeper than most, giving her a tanned look. She is normally found wearing a leather jacket, sometimes there's a shirt underneath it, sometimes there's not. Her pants are never the same, there either pants, jeans, shorts, skirts, jean material or leather. She normally has on boots, the heals range from short to stilettos. Her ears are pierced, once on both side and then she has an industrial piercing on her right ear. 

Ravyn is a Black wolf with grey “booties” on her paws. Her eyes are once again a very dark blue and she has average pointed ears. Her nose also has a white spot on it. Her tail is abnormally long for a wolf and has white specks all along it. Even with as big as she is in wolf form, she is twice as fast as any cheetah in the world.
Surprisingly she has a Siberian Husky as a pet. His name is Traq. He’s probably on his last leg, seeing as how he’s been around for over 10 years now. She dreads the day he'll finally leave this earth.
For most of her life Ray was raised by a family of Bears, the Peltier's, after her parents were slaughtered by a pack of Katagaria. She had been young at the time and witnessed the entire ordeal from a safe distance away. The Peltier's had come to her rescue, tearing the Katagaria apart. From that day she'd both hated and feared the Katagaria, even though Mama and Papa Peltier tried to ease her mind, trying to convince her that not all Katagaria are alike.

For years she's been working at the Peltier's club called Sanctuary. A place for all Were's to go and be safe from harm. But recently she's felt restless, her inner wolf was needing something more. Her 25th birthday way quickly approaching and she worried it was her wolf wanting to Mate. Something she herself wasn't really looking forward too.

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2017-08-13 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Very pretty!

2017-08-13 [Celtore]: Thanks I like realistic more than I did the art lol

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