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2008-02-14 20:02:14
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2008-02-13 [Hikaru Hitachiin]: Feel free to comment...

2008-05-07 [Avoral]: Would if I saw anything showing up.

2008-05-08 [Hikaru Hitachiin]: Hello, there is nothing up yet.

2008-05-09 [Avoral]: I know.
Thought I'd be an arse. <3

2008-05-09 [Avoral]: Though I did skim some of the things from the old versions. Didn't look half bad.
I assume you're wiping the slate and putting up some new ones?

2008-05-18 [Hikaru Hitachiin]: Yes I am, and thank you.

2008-05-18 [Avoral]: Awesome. Keep me posted?

2008-05-20 [Hikaru Hitachiin]: Sure, not a problem.

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