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2006-08-03 07:21:23
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Rats Unite
This wiki is for all the rat lovers out though….you don’t have to have a rat to join….actually you can have any kind of rodent. Anyway come join!

You can make your own badge if you want to…it’s all welcome.

Rat Sayings
“Comparing a domestic rat to a wild rat is like comparing a poodle to a wolf.”
“rats are like potato chips…you can’t have just one.”

If you were on here before sorry but someone had to destroy this wiki so just add yourself again…thanks
[*oi!*]-founder…I have 6 rats and 5 mice at the moment…Lucy, Meitte, Jack, Tucker, Honey and Emo. And I never really named the mice but 2 of them are wild. I caught them in the house.
[Rattie] - woooooooooooo....RATS rule!!...i LOVE them!!<3<3
[over stimulated kittie] - I used to have 16 rats. All white with red eyes. They were pretty...
[bac787] I love my Socrates! 
[Static Lullaby] I use to have 20 rats where I lived before, Then I had 16 here before we gave two away and now I have 14 and we're thinking of breeding them xD
[Calypso22] i love my baby--my rat--Calypso :)
[spongemonkey] sooo many rodents, soooo mannyyy...
[none0000] omg my rat is soo cute and i love her dearly!!
[Arethusa] just caught a mouse in my house!(named it Master P) lol and have had rodents all my life
[Lhung Eruva] I hate how people say they hate rats but I love them
Some great websites to check out about rats -has everything you need to know about rats

pet rat pictures-this is where you can post pics of your rats. We’d love to see them
missed rats-dedicated to all those rats that have past away and are very missed

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2005-06-15 [Calypso22]: ITS FIXED NOW!! yayyyy!!!!!!! my rat and r both much happier now ^-^

2005-06-15 [spongemonkey]: I bet!!! that had to SERIOUSLY suck.

2005-06-16 [*oi!*]: lol thats good

2005-06-16 [Calypso22]: seriously! it was like 90 degrees (F) here!!

2005-06-16 [deleted, gone]: wow nikki you know alot about that stuff. pretty cool. ill have to do the sam efor Adriana caus eshes not dealing well with the heat

2005-06-16 [*oi!*]: yeah you should...I read lots of books about rats and I find out a lot online too....I gave you one of my books did you read it yet?

2005-06-23 [deleted, gone]: lol moved and got packed....have to get it out

2005-06-23 [Calypso22]: oh dear..... last night i got back from canada and i checked on my rat and she was fine so i was doin stuff in the kitchen when i saw her waddlin accross the floor..... she apparently escaped from her cage, jumped off my dresser, and went from my room to the kitchen.... i'm just glad i got to her before my dog or either of my cats did.... i've put a heavy book on top of her cage now...

2005-06-24 [spongemonkey]: O.o how? it it a wire cage? I've had problems with those before...

2005-06-25 [*oi!*]: Crayon...where did you dad move to?

2005-06-28 [Calypso22]: yes, its a 3 level wire cage

2005-06-29 [deleted, gone]: in with my grandma they r adding on to the house

2005-06-30 [*oi!*]: oooh okay

2005-07-04 [deleted, gone]: blahhhhh im so sleepy nikki.  hey since i doubt lew going camping can i bring someone else?

2006-01-29 [Calypso22]: Requiescat In Pacem---Calypso the rat---forever loved, and eternally missed

2006-08-03 [Lhung Eruva]: draumr du dragon is inviting new members please take a look. you must be a dragon lover!!!

2006-08-26 [deleted, gone]: wow its been a year since i have been i gues smyspace won over

2006-08-26 [Lhung Eruva]: oh really??

2006-09-02 [*oi!*]: oi oi...I love my ratty's

2006-09-02 [Lhung Eruva]: oh I know I like rats too

2008-09-08 [Possesed.Chicken]: =D A wiki for rat lovers! Thats super duper!! Ive had a lot of rats for the past 2, almost 3 years. I have 2 now, both girls, named Mario & Luigi! They're SOOO CUTE!

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