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This is a wiki for all the Rap Haters out there!

Rap is horrible. It shouldnt even be considered music! I mean, they dont even sing! Oh yeah speaking rhyming words about pimps and whores to a backup drumbeat is really music. What talent! I can become a rapper if i wanted to! And the thing that really pisses me off is these talentless morons go and take the instrumentals from good rock bands like Linkin Park or Ozzy and put their shitty crappy lyrics over it! Come up with your own shit why dont you! Half of them cant even speak english properly! I mean, doesnt it annoy you to walk down the street and have someone walk up to you and go "Yo wad up dawg cen i git a lighta from you?" Its like "Maybe if you go back to the first grade and learn how to speak, ill think about it!". I mean cumon! And what the hell is up with their attire? Since when is it cool to wear shirts that could fit an entire circus in it never mind you? And have your pants down to your knees! Its called underwear for a reason! It goes under you clothes! I mean you might as well go walk around like these retards!
I mean, just look at them!
And its so cool to wear your hat backwards, upside down, AND inside out all at the same time right? Just makes you look dumber dont you think? Oh and whats up with the goddamn bling bling?
I mean just look at their necks! Thank god they werent rapping on a ship because if they fell in the water they would sink right to the bottom! They might aswell put a fucking hubcap around their necks! Oh and lets not forget the "im going to coat all my teeth in gold because it makes me feel rich" Morons!
Would you honestly want to have an intelligent conversation witha guy that looked like this?
Seriousely? What is wrong with these people? Just a bunch of morons that create horrible sounds. Furthermore, rap is horrible and the people who create it look like morons!

Feel free to edit this page and add yourself to the anti-rappers list =)

[FireGypsy] Creator
[Death's Die-Ary]
[All Gone.] RAP SUCKS A$$!!>_<
[Immortal Impact] rap will die
[Insanelife] R.A.P. Retard Attempting Poetry
[Bulma] Rap sucks bad
[Peace_Turtles] Rap is for stupid fucks!
[jibberish] yeah damn well stupid fucks!!
[murderdolls play thing 13] rap fuckin sucks. there is no talent in just talking lyrics..
[kendo] wow! i love this wiki! Its totally true, i agree 100%!
[Peace_Turtles]Rap is an insult to humanity!
[thehogfather] in New York there was a shelf full of junk C.D.'s, and it was labeled Crap. soon after the C faded and that's rap.
[Lucky Charm] Fuck Rap
[*Nyx*] Get rid of rap!!!
[POG] Rap encourages DISCRIMINATION!!!!!!
[DracoDormiens] Again I say the 5 famous words: True Norwegian Black Metal! Raaaarrh!
[mwhisper]rap is so fucking gay all they do is still the background sound to rock and add a few stupid words they should be tourched and killed.
[de Morte]
[ninje]promotes racism

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2005-01-23 [Death's Die-Ary]: i want to join :)

2005-01-23 [FireGypsy]: added! =)

2005-02-08 [kendo]: holy crap who ever created this is my fucking new lover! haha i love you so much, what you said up there is allllll true! YOu rock!! And your hilarious!

2005-02-08 [kitoky]: I agree I agree! 

2005-02-09 [FireGypsy]: lol *bows* thank you =D

2005-02-20 [somebody134]: this place rocks, its hilarious, i cant stand rap its stupid ant people go down the street playing it all loud it their cars its just retarded

2005-02-21 [FireGypsy]: *nods*

2005-02-23 [gothicmoo]: If I might comment...although I can see why you dislike rappers so much, but I am sure that people who listen to rap music believe that rock and metal is not music, but a load of noise. And I am also sure they regard what some rockers wear as utterly stupid as well. Long hair, black, spikes etc will look as stupid to them, as they do to you. Sorry...I just wanted to voice my opinion.

2005-02-24 [FireGypsy]: Well there are different types of rock. Take the 80's for example. yeah they had long hair, but its freaking hair. They wore jeans and a tee shirt. And they didnt exactly scream or anything. They sang, and about real life experiences and stuff. Now i dont really like heavy metal and screaming. I like talent and beautiful voices. I like punk now and yeah they sing about love and crap but some bands have real talent. But at least none of them really wear clothes like they are circus tents and such or wear hubcaps around their necks. Thats just rediculous. Instead they may have a facial piercing or two.

2005-02-24 [Peace_Turtles]: Put the letter "c" infront or rap what do you have CRAP!

2005-02-24 [Peace_Turtles]: Rappers think they are freaking talented...they are not doing anything a regular person on the street could not do! If I wanted to hear a bunch of profanity about sex and drugs I can just walk down my street. Someone talking about how great and fucking perfect they are is not liberating.... oh and sometimes rock music has screaming because idiots like rappers are so thick minded they need someone screamed at them to actually get something to their heads! Rap is just pointless.... it just seems like anything can be considered music. If I go and recite gibberish while I put my underwear on my head and have this weird music in the back, I can be the next big thing. BTW why in hells fucking name

2005-02-24 [Peace_Turtles]: would you go and butcher the English language? What the fuck made them think that sounding like a complete idiot would make you look cool? YOU LOOK LIKE A FUCKING LOSER! Stop making humanity look like it’s a pointless stupid thing that has no means of existence…first the clothes (pull you god damn pants up) and then the words (what the fuck is a hommie…. HOMMIE?!) And now you’re even putting political phrases and metaphors in you “songs”? Sorry losers that dose not make you look any smarter…just like more a fool…I seriously think that rap is declining because they actually started going to country music for help…oh yeah! STOP STEALING ROCK SONGS! In conclusion…rap is not music. It’s an insul

2005-02-24 [Peace_Turtles]: insult*

2005-02-28 [Peace_Turtles]: I just basically re-wrote what was written on top huh?umm...sorry

2005-03-02 [Insanelife]: First off, if you can't rhyme a word, making up a word dosen't substitute, like Crunk. Come on, how can people stand rap, most of it you can't even understand. I personally think that all rappers should be shot, most of them sing about women, cars, and the streets, but the fact is, most of them grew up in middle class homes, now, there are some that really did grow up on the street, but take Ja Rule for example, raised in a nice middle class home, he is making money by trying to rhyme about somthing he never experienced, I would love to see some of them sent to Compton so they could really see what it's like. Know what I mean?

2005-03-09 [*ShawtY*]: some people are so one-track minded...u cant just respect other peoples music can you?nobody said u have to listen to it!! everyones got different views on whats good and whats not, what they find cant generalise a whole genre of beacause of certain people in it. If you really listened to rap (the good rap, not commercial shit) you would know that there is a lot of love and truth spoken in their words...its not all just "fuck u hoes and niggas..blah blah blah.."....there may be guys who do that but its generally the more commercial rappers who are just trying to live up to the image (fake one at that) of how rappers should be.

2005-03-09 [*ShawtY*]: if you ask "whats with all the bling bling" its like us asking you whats with all the rockers having all the piercings and tattoos?? its just a part of the culture of hiphop....people ahve different tastes and backgrounds, and i think everyone should just let it be.......why the constant criticism of other music?? if you dont like it, dont listen to it!!! theres no need to ramble on about how bad and stupid and pathetic and talentless it is.....its your opinion, leave it to yourself...

2005-03-09 [*ShawtY*]: and honestly....."put 'C' in front of rap....what do you have?CRAP"..........grow up man....seriously!!

2005-03-09 [FireGypsy]: lol umm piercings are one thing and not a lot of rockers have an outrageous amount of piercings, but wearing hubcaps around your neck? who the fucks idea was that!!!?!?!? Rappers take it upon themselves to butcher the english language and make humans look like morons. They need to learn to dress themselves, talk like a proper gentleman, and get over themselves.

2005-03-24 [Peace_Turtles]: Well *shawty* It was a joke...ha ha he he...get it? Well how came rappers get tattoos of thier name? Are you afraid to forget your name? Have problems trying to spell it?...i seriously think rappers are just to busy talking about how fucking "juicy" a chicks ass is to even bother "rapping" about stuff that matters.

2005-03-25 [*ShawtY*]: well if thats what you think then you have no idea what you're talking about.....seriously, and i know it was a joke, im not a dumbass, im just saying its pathetic and you should grow up. You know nothing about rap besides what you've heard on the radio and honestly, go get some proper information before you start rattling your mouth off..

2005-03-25 [Peace_Turtles]: I don't spend my time listening to crap...sorry.

2005-03-26 [*ShawtY*]: dont wanna spend your time listening to then dont. But then dont comment shit on it when you dont know what you're talking about

2005-03-26 [FireGypsy]: we do know what we are talking about. Just because you found a few *good* rappers, doesnt mean we dont know what we are talking about. We dont like rap, its shit to our ears, get over it. We dont like any rappers. Expecially those that this wiki pertains to. So stop trying to tell us we dont know what were talking about. Because rap sucks. period.

2005-03-27 [Peace_Turtles]: Thank you! and if you like rap so much, why are you here?

2005-03-27 [*ShawtY*]: i was waiting for this question to come up.....BECAUSE i came across this wiki by accident and read all the bullshit that was put up here....and im not gonna let people disprespect other music like this without saying stating my opinion is what im doing here.

2005-03-27 [*ShawtY*]: and i wasnt saying you dont know what you're talking about to [FireGypsy].....well i'v had enough of this anywayz, it doesnt look like you're gonna show even a little respect, so forget it.....

2005-03-27 [FireGypsy]: you asking me to show some repest for a few fucking rappers. Well, send me a goodamn cd, and maybe ill think about adding a note to this wiki that that select few of rappers i heard didnt dress, talk, act rediculous and speak lyrics to a lame drum beat. If you ask anyone, they will agree that most all of the info above pertains to most rap. So im not going to change my wiki just because a select few rappers are okay. So if you dont mind, there are people here that agree that the info above relates to 99% of rap. Which is more than enough to put this info toward. So, go be happy with your few not sucky rap artists, and leave the making fun of the rest, to us!

2005-03-27 [*ShawtY*]: Im not asking you to have respect for the rappers, obviously thats a stupid thing to ask....i mean have some respect for other peoples tastes! even if you think its not right and u don't like the music!! I just mean have some respect for other music, thats all!!! but guys are the big's so funny to make fun of other peoples shit, so carry on....obviously nobodys gonna stop you..

2005-03-28 [FireGypsy]: It is funny to make fun of their shit. Just look at them. How can one walk down the street dressed like that and not get some laughs =) i mean cmon! Circus tents!

2005-03-28 [Peace_Turtles]: *shawty* i am trying to be nice here LEAVE US BE AND GO LISTEN TO SOME RAP! You obviously do not belong at this wiki!!

2005-03-28 [FireGypsy]: *applauds [Peace_Turtles]*

2005-03-29 [*ShawtY*]: guys are funny....carry on...

2005-03-29 [Peace_Turtles]: there is no hope for this girl....and i am not going to waste my time on her....has anyone heard of the Mudvayne concert?

2005-03-29 [FireGypsy]: depends on where you live lol. I know of the band but i dont think they are playing around where i live right now.

2005-03-29 [Peace_Turtles]: yeah but you do know they are on tour right?

2005-03-30 [*ShawtY*]: yeah whatever....

2005-03-30 [FireGypsy]: i guess so lol

2005-03-30 [Peace_Turtles]: Lol my friend went and he said it "kicked ass"...lucky basterd! I WANT TO GO!!!!!!

2005-04-06 [Peace_Turtles]: You know what we should have?....banners.

2005-04-06 [FireGypsy]: if youd like to make some, then that would be awesome =D

2005-04-07 [Peace_Turtles]: Hmmm...maybe i can...i mean, i'll try.^^

2005-04-20 [odious]: Hey guys! I agree with you 100%! I want to cut off my ears whenever I hear rap. And shawty, there are anti punk wikis out there that I hate but you don't see me going over there and bothering them. I honestly hope you have stopped posting on this wiki.

2005-04-21 [*ShawtY*]: Well maybe you don't like to express your opinion but i do....sorry if i was bothering you, maybe you just can't handle confrontation. I wasn't asking anyone to like rap or to change anything in this wiki...i was just stating an argument.

2005-04-21 [FireGypsy]: shes allowed to post here, i just dont want people making fun of each other or for things to get out of hand.

2005-04-22 [odious]: alright, whatever

2005-04-23 [*ShawtY*]: thanks

2005-04-23 [FireGypsy]: =D

2005-05-21 [kendo]: omg! This wiki is soooo true! GO whoever made this, I LOVE YOU! lol You are sooo hilarious! lol

2005-05-24 [FireGypsy]: i made this =D

2005-05-29 [Peace_Turtles]: man when will rap stop hurting our ears and killing our brain cells?WHEN?!?!?!?!

2005-05-29 [Insanelife]: hopefully soon. you see, eventually, they'll all just shoot each other

2005-06-09 [fungyew]: u people are idiots on that first picture the guy was clearly mooning whoever was behind the camera 2nd i dont think you hate rap u hate black people cause youre a bunch of stupid white inbreds and 3rd u basturds and your crappy rock music u people dont even sing you just yell and blow air into the mike 4th you baturds have way to much free time and should consider going outside sunlight wont kill you

2005-06-09 [Insanelife]: answering for myself 1st off, I don't hate blacks, I have a few black friends, I'm not white anyway, 2nd, rock isn't crappy and most of the time, depending on what you listen to,they are singing not screaming, which takes a much higher level of talent than talking lyrics over a beat, 3rd, if you love rap so damn much, then what are you doing here? Seriously, you have your oppinions and we have ours, doesn't mean you have to start calling us inbred bastards, you are truly showing your own intlligence, which is obviously lacking

2005-06-10 [fungyew]: everyones got there opinon but u people are really freaken pushin it on this page i mean come on do something else in your spare time and when i said you people hate black people not rap i wasnt talking just to u you can not know everyones opinon and before when this wiki said speaking ryhming words about pimps and hoes not all rappers do that there are differnt styles of rap just like rock

2005-06-10 [Insanelife]: yeah, I know that, I just don't like the music itself and most of the lyrics, thats why I'm on here, and I know you weren't just talking to me, I was just answering for myself, I can't speak on anybody else cause I don't really know anybody else, lol. But anyway, I know that this page is quite harsh, but it does make a few good points, but anyway, I understand where you are coming from as well, cause I have friends that like rap as well, so I'm sorry if I sounded a bit rude

2005-07-01 [Peace_Turtles]: Excuse me ex-bf was black and i am white. So if you think just because i don't like rap that i don't like black people, that only goes to show that you are a very narrow minded person. No wonder you like rap.

2005-07-08 [fungyew]: excuse me artifical love ive seen your picture and i really doubt that you have had a boyfriend at all

2005-07-09 [Insanelife]: that was mean, actually she is good looking. And maybe there is a reason you don't have a pic of yourself up, lol. But anyway, this is just our opinion, we are not pushing it on you, so stop trying to push yours on us. If you like rap, then fine, you don't have to come here and start trouble.

2005-07-12 [FireGypsy]: *applauds [Insanelife]*

2005-07-14 [Insanelife]: The Mothers Again Hard Rock are trying to outlaw rock bands like MCR and the Used in 45 different states. fight for you fucking right to listen to rock&roll .. there trying to take it from us kids tell them hell no

2005-07-16 [Peace_Turtles]: well that comment goes to show how smart you are....looks are not everything. eventually you go grey, wrinkled and old. so just do all of us a fucking favor...shut the fuck up

2005-07-16 [Peace_Turtles]: I signed!^^ we have the right to hear what the hell we want to here!

2005-07-16 [thehogfather]: GO AWAY RAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!oops I mean CRAP!

2005-07-18 [Peace_Turtles]: hehehe,,,,good one.

2005-07-18 [Insanelife]: lol, nice.

2005-07-20 [Peace_Turtles]: yeah...i hate rap more now knowing they killed a few rock songs!

2005-08-06 [Insanelife]: yeah, me to. They messed up a lot of good songs.

2005-08-06 [Peace_Turtles]: DAMN THEM! ARG!!

2005-08-06 [Insanelife]: lol. BASTARDS!!!!!!

2005-08-06 [Peace_Turtles]: lol

2005-09-07 [Peace_Turtles]: Wow, no one has commented here in a while....maybe if we had banners.

2006-05-03 [de Morte]: hi... may i join?

2006-05-04 [Peace_Turtles]: Yes, you may join.

2006-08-03 [Lhung Eruva]: draumr du dragon is inviting new members please take a look. you must be a dragon lover!!!

2006-08-18 [Peace_Turtles]: Dragon?

2006-08-26 [FireGypsy]: Yeah how about you not spam in my wiki? Your not even a member!

2006-08-26 [Peace_Turtles]: Seriously...

2007-02-22 [ninje]: lol yo im new to urs but agreed plus grillz always reming me of expensive brace lol

2008-07-21 [Swanginonfoez]: Ok, all of you 24 idiots who hate on rap don't have a clue what you are talking about. I mean, come on, you are just babbling about for the hell of it, double posting? Your talking to yourselves. FYI rap music and hip hop music consists of many, many instruments, not only synthesisers. In fact, I have many songs that contain guitars that are NOT stolen from anyone else. I don't who you've heard of but all the GOOD rappers have nothing against rock, including me. People like 50 cent, dizzy rascal are idiots, no one likes them, in fact P Diddy actually likes rock, he said in an interview once he listens to it as much as he does hip hop. I am sick of the people who give a bad impression of rap. So please don't comment unless you know what rap is, it rhymes, last time I checked, that counts as song lyrics. Hip hop and rap music actually contains higher fidelity then rock music and has a wider spectrum of sound due to the many sounds which are all levelled. No overpowering full distortion guitar. The words they speak are the truth. They speak of real life, I'm not talking about people who say crap; "I run new york" - 50 cent, but for example chamillionare listen carefully. True rappers aren't known about yet so until you hear the true music please keep your mouths shut. Fashion wise, ok I admit sometimes they do go over the top, however there is a lot of fashion influenced from this culture, have a look, 10 seconds of goggling. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure you guys are great people, with great taste in music, I actually think rock and metal music is quite good. Even though I prefer urban music, I don't complain about others, and you shouldn't either. Nevertheless as they say, where there's glory there's haters, guess it evens out the balance anyway :P I hope you see where I'm coming from with this, thanks for reading anyway.

2008-07-27 [de Morte]: Oh shut up! Why do I care what you think? I have my own opinions and my own tastes! I'm always surrounded by that shit and it gives my insane headaches, I don't care how light or heavy it is, but it makes me so angry that I want to punch everything.

2009-11-14 [arthemis_]: Did you make those pictures? Is it ok to have these pictures uncredited in your wiki if you didn't make them yourself? Just wondering...

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