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Name: Raine Airta
Age: 123
Gender: Female
Race/species: Elf
Alignment: Lawful Good
Job: Head of the Palace Guard
Weapons: Elven long sword w/blue tint, Elven long bow, quiver of arrows with steel tips, a dagger on her belt, and two hidden throwing knives.
Armor: None.
Description: She has long black hair that's always braided and reaches the middle of her back, and ice blue eyes that change colors with her mood from almost white when she's angry to a deep midnight blue when she's sad. She is 5'9" and is quiet slender. She is a lot stronger and swifter than she looks or lets on. She is wearing a white shirt that laces from the chest up, black leather pants that fit tight for stealth, tan leather boots that go to the middle of her shin, black gloves that go to the middle of her biceps, and a rich deep midnight blue velvet cloak that hangs on one shoulder when not in use. During court visit's, or when she is in the town as a guard, she wears the traditional blue soldiers outfit with white gloves that reach her shoulders. Her boots are made of black dragon hide and on her right shoulder there are silver strands that decorate her shirt and jacket signifying her as the captian. She never touches anything with her bare skin for fear of freezing the object or person. She usually doesn't wear armor because it slows her down but when she does it's the finest forged elven chain mail that when she walks sound as though she is surrounded by beautiful wind chimes. At the collar bone area the armor has the inticate 'A' that is her family symbol wrought in gold. The smiths spent 25 years making this for her starting on her 18th birthday at her father's request. It is the finest mail that most have seen in their lives.
History:She grew up in a village at the edge of a kingdom with her father. Her mother had died when Raine was 7 years old by someone trying to poison her father, but her mother had gotten poisoned by mistake when she had choked and was handed the wine that her father had been given at a feast for the king. Since then she has distanced herself from everyone and distains any woman that tries to bond with her except for the her father's friend D'lania. She tried to just lived life to the fullest and did what ever her father would allow her.
Her father was captian and commander of the Royal Guard and while she was growing up her father taught her everything he knew. She quickly learned all the laws of the knigdom and became deadly with the sword. Shortly after her fathers death, defending the king from a rogue warrior, Raine, at age 50, disappeared for a while and the Royal Guard was in all but shambles from the loss of their captian. During this time D'lania had taken Raine in and the Water Sword had chosen her. When she returned five years later she seemed more mature and like something was very different about her. People who had paid attention to her noticed quickly that she had returned with a new sword. However, no one is quiet sure on where, how, or when she got it.
As soon as the King knew she had returned he asked her to take her fathers place; he had known of her previous training and thought she could bring order once more as the captian and commander of the Royal Guard. The Guard had not recovered from the loss of her father and did not respect the current commander. She gladly accepted and worked hard to earn the respect of the Guard. Within 2 months she had gained control of the Guard as well as their trust and started organizing it the same way that her father had.
Other: Her long sword has water and ice atributes and passes it along to her. She is always wearing gloves and never directly touches anyone or anything, and for good reason. With out the gloves anything that she touches either freezes or frost over. She is immune to ice and cold from the sword and can put fires out rather than being burned.
She has a gryphon that is white with black spots named Xellos. Nobody knows of him, for he is hidden in the woods at all times. Raine was reluctant to bring him to the city with the fear that it would raise too many suspicions. Raine and Xellos have a kind of 'mind link' though and can talk to eachother as often as desired.

She has two people that she had met in her adventures, Firous and Airadonia.


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2004-07-23 [Firous]: Most of my characters are connected because they all pocess an element ^.^ I don't remember if I gave Firous her fire one though...*shrugs* oh well

2006-01-15 [Firous]: Character can be found at The City of Eliy and Elftown Open Marketplace

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