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This is the page where you create your characters and the such...

We need both villains and heroes alike...

Within the Darkness Characters:

Several types of species include (but are not limited to):

Komakian-Faces as pale as ivory or as tan as leather, these creatures could 'shift' their bodies into whatever forms they choose. You would never know (unless you had high spiritual powers) that you were speaking to a komakian until he had you pinned to the ground, poisonous fangs at your throat, when that happened you were done for unless, somehow you could pull away and ward them away with some sort of weapon.

Seven thousand years ago they appeared, and were known in another time as 'vampires' they sucked the soul from a body, leaving the soulless body as a mindless minion. If the komakian truly wished that the person whose soul they were stealing would join them, then they'd leave some of the soul behind and give up a part of their own, thus the person becomes a komakian.

Tharashile: Wolf-like creature that is as large as a lion, their fangs silver and sharp as knives, were long and deadly, and their fur was a bright white color, easily seen in the trees, giving its intended victim time to prepare to defend themselves against it…

Vrateyle: A large bird creature with sharp talons and a banshee-like scream.

Character Name: Vyrnias
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Description: He has long, black hair with blood red tips and black eyes. He is tall and fair skinned, darkly handsome and muscled.
History: When he was a boy he dreamed of nothing less than world Domination. It was early on in his life when he stumbled upon the idea of creating a dark kingdom, and with his planning he managed to kill Aurora and become lord of the new world. He is Azder’s father.
Weapons: He has many weapons, and the use of many magics.
Race: Demon
Good/Bad: Bad

[Silver Moon]:
Character Name: Azder
Age:unknown though he looks young (About 18)
Description:waist long black hair with red highlights,reddish gold eyes.He is tall and light skinned there is an unnerving feel around him, he is very handsome.
History: Not much is truly known about him except that he is not human.He has a temper that he tries to keep under control and he seems to know more than he should about the demons and their abilities.
Weapons: Magic a two bladed staff, throwing knives, and two boot daggers (all seem to contain an enchantment on them).
Race: Vampire-demon (But no one except him and a few others knows this)>
Good/Bad:Neutral leaning towards good

Username: [Ravendust]
Character Name:Sa'vere
Description: Short, choppy blond hair, blue eyes.
History: Sa'vere was raised in a demon lord's home as his personal servant. The demon himself enjoys causing pain, and it always frustrates him when he can never get her to cry out when he beats her. She is the human entrusted with the sun's energy locked away in her body. She is the one fated with two separate paths of destiny: to resurrect the sun, or to be corrupted by the darkness and forever carry the sunlight within her body where it will remain until her death.
Weapons:A small knife

Character Name:Kehtale

Age:Unknown even to him
Description: he is a rogue komakian and desires to feel the sun's rays upon his flesh. He takes up the form of a tharashile in the beginning to gain the trust of Sa'vere so that he could join and protect her.
History: Years ago he was tortured and lost a great portion of his memory. There isn't much else, whenever he was given orders he carried them out without question. Slowly, over the years, he lost faith in even his own kindred and sought to help the humans to raise the sun in the sky once more.
Weapons: Throughout his various forms his weapons change, though when he takes on the humanoid form he uses a sword.
Good/Bad: good

Username: [loonygirl2005]
Character Name: Sakura
Age: 18
Gender: female
Description: average hight, long dark brown hair, light chocolate brown eyes
History: Sakura was raised in a village that had been taught to fear vampires. Most of the people were vampire fighters even the children are taught to fight. Only a year ago we were attacked but only this time it was from the inside. We were betrayed by someone in our own village. So Sakura is now having to fight and work on her own.
Weapons: Is trained with bow and arrow has a family metal staff which had rumored to be blessed
Race: Human
Good/Bad: Good

Username: [Silver Moon]
Character Name: Vazerdian
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Description: This man has black hair that falls in waves. His eyes are crimson. He is tall handsome, but menacing.
History: He is the second best tracker on the side of the demons. He is Azder's uncle and seeks to bring Azdur back to Azdur's father. He is very powerful, and loves to kill and torture.
Recently he has claimed to be the true father of Aderias.
Weapons: His magic and racial abilities.
Race: High Demon
Good/Bad: Bad

Username: [loonygirl2005]
Character Name: Matsudo
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Description: short red hair cold blue eyes and has a square jaw like Sakura’s father
History: He was the brother of Sakura’s father. He was always greedy but he mainly pretends he liked his brother and his family. He was always jealous of his brother because he wanted to marry Sakura’s mother (Alana) and show her the rich life. He made a deal with a mysterious man…little is known about the deal. Sakura knows nothing about him.
Weapons: Deadly black rose whip from Sakura’s village. He carries the forbidden vase that carries a curse that destroyed everything she knew.
Race: Human/with a hint of vampire
Good/Bad: Bad

User Name: [Silver Moon]
Character's name: Zia
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Description: Beautiful. Dark skinned, black hair, brownish-gold eyes. Her hair is braided usually. She is tall and well muscled.
History: Unknown except to Azder's father. She serves Azder's father, but thinks for herself. Zia has been attracted to Azder for as long as she can remember. Though she is content at being his friend.
Recently she was promised Azder as a husband.
Race:Zia is a vampire (She does not know this at this time).
Good/ Bad: Neutral

User name: [Silver Moon]
Character name: Azderian
Age: appears to be about 16
gender: male
Appearance: Like Azderias
History: unknown. (Known only to his creator:He was created from Azderias's blood, in essence he is his "Son") and has been told that he is. He seeks to find Azderias to try to find out about his past. He is being hunted by a group the others believe is the dark lord, and he is trying to protect Sa'vere because they both are being hunted.Secretly he has a crush on her as well.
Vazerdian seems to have a connection to him, but what it is is unclear.
Alignment: Unknown
Powers: unknown, though they appear to be dark in nature.


Abbatoir of the Gifted characters:

Character Name: Atsuki
Age: 27
Gender: male
Description:His hair is a deep ebony, it ends just about to the middle of his back, which he wears in a tight braid. His eyes are a deep purple, though when he transforms they become black- the opposite of Avella's. He is tall- about 6'6", and well built. He bears many scars from the earlier testing of the corporation's systems- having been the first agent produced, though this does not take away from his handsome features.
History: When he was younger he took care of his sister, Avella. Eventually his abilities were spotted and he was captured by the organization and turned after torture.
Weapons: He fights with a long sword that is generally strapped to his back, though he has several knives strapped to his waist and legs. He carries a single gun- preferring to use it only when he has no other choice. He also uses magic.
abilities: He has control over both light and shadow elements
Good/Bad: bad

Username: [Ravendust]
Character Name: Avella
Age: 24
Gender: female
Description: Avella has waist-length silver hair kept in a tight braid. She has black eyes that occasionally turn purple when her emotions are especially strong. She is a little over 5 feet tall, and thin (though quite muscular). She wears dark clothes, beneath of which lies a strong armor, the creation of which is only known to her clan. When she transforms her eyes turn violet.
History: Avella was raised in a village of fighters, though when she was very young an army came through and exterminated her entire clan, excluding her older brother, though he was later kidnapped by the organization. Since then she has traveled alone, the last of an epic race.
There is a gap in her memory, a time that she simply cannot remember from her childhood.
Weapons: Sword and magic, she is also very proficient at the bow.
abilities: She has control over both light and shadow elements
Good/Bad: Good

Character Name:Villen
Description:Fiery red hair that goes well with his personality, emerald green eyes. Wears red and orange clothing...
History:Villen was one of the first to join the humans bent on capturing and twisting those beings that held special powers. He did so of his own free will.
Weapons: He uses magic, a large sword, and keeps several small knives at the ready should his sword be lost.
abilities: He holds control over the element of fire

though not accurate, I think this portrays Satul quite well, thanks [Silver Moon]!! *huggles*
Character Name:Satul
Description:Satul is a dark mage whose great powers keeps his underlings in line. He has shoulder length black hair, with eyes just as dark. He is roughly 6'5" tall, and his body is gracefully molded with muscles.
History: Satul formed the group that now kidnaps those who are gifted. He started the corporation with his twin brother whom seemingly had not been gifted but was very willing to help his brother in his mission. What had been a small group soon flourished, and Satul was made the president while his brother became the Vice president.
Weapons: He fights with a sword, though he also likes to manipulate shadows to his will. Satul is proficient at the use of several different abilities, though he prefers to keep this to himself.
abilities: He has control over shadow elements

Username: [Dezmond]
Character Name: Aedin Sykes
Age: unknown looks to be about 20
Race Vampire/Elf
Gender: male
Description: on the shorter side, he is only about5'9" with black hair and eyes he wears a plain white t-shirt with a black vest and loose denim cargo pants
History: fighting all his life, he has grown cold to the world and had become ruthless and heartless. He joined the Organization of his own free will years ago.
Weapons: he uses wires and smaller weapons like kunai and shuriken in unison with the wire, but is deadly with the wires by themselves profiecient with blood magic.
abilities: telekinetic and telepathy
Good/Bad: bad

username [Silver Moon]
character's name: Lanzer/Dark Phoenix
age: 27
Race:Lanzer: Recently turned into a vampire by Aedin. Dark Phoenix: The Sharally ( a race that draws on the elements and come from another planet).
description: He is slightly shorter then his twin as he is slightly younger. His hair is tied back, and is slightly longer than his twin's. His eyes are dark seemingly black. He is built like his brother and slightly more muscled.

History: He has always admired his brother, even if a little grudgingly. He has found nothing wrong with the work he is involved with, and follows his brother almost blindly at times.He has blocked out parts of his past because he believes he is responsible for the possible death of a friend. Though he never found her body.
He is in love with Avella.
Though no one not even him is aware, he does posses the ability to manipulate shadows, even turning them deadly. posses Shadow phoenix abilities.

Weapons: An enchanted dagger, and long sword. He also has a magical bow, and weapons hidden all over his person.
Good/Bad: Neutral

Dark Phoenix:
Description:A darker version of Lanzer, he is slightly more muscled and when he retains his true form he has black wings that look like gems.

History:Dark Phoenix is one of the Sharally, a race that brings either justice or injustice to planets.
His power is based in the fire and shadow realm. He continually fights Lanzer for control (they share the same body.
The day Avella fell from the cliffs Lanzer was mortally wounded without Sutal's knowledge. Dark Phoenix attached himself to Lanzer's soul in hopes of saving him and bettering his plans.However he did not realize it would seal his power. He was recently freed when Aedin turned Lanzer.
Alignment: Unknown, though he claims to fight for justice
He was exiled from the council of the phoenix after killing a mortal for personal gains. Only after he learns respect for mortals and how to control his power, can he return to his world.
He despises Idiasar and is jealous of him, they often clash due to their resentment of each other. He hates Idiasar because Idiasar is favored by much of the council.
Idiasar resents him because of the task of being his retainer, which he views as a lesser job.
Weapons: His magic and any weapons he creates
Dark Phoenix in his true form without the wings.

User: [loonygirl2005]
Character name: Matsudo
Age: 34
Description: short red hair cold blue eyes and has a square jaw
History: loner and does not talk much with people. His reasons for doing the things he does. Concerns no one, he always loathed the people who had more then him. He spent years refining his magic.
He joined up with the bad group because they fit his style.
Weapons: Deadly black rose whip
Abilities: Psychic assignation can control water.
Race: Human
Good/bad: Bad

User: [Silver Moon]
character name: Kaya
Age: 16
Description: Hair: Black Eyes: Green. She is slim and lithe. She is a beautiful girl, that usually wears boys clothes. She ties her hair back and posses as a boy, thus looking like a pretty boy.
History: Kaya was the youngest daughter and child of a baron. When her home was destroyed she was forced to care for herself, she learned weaponry and how to use her gift. Due to her beauty she has possessed as a boy. She seldom talks for her voice is that of a sweet girls. She finds it difficult to trust because she has run into bad situations in the past, including with some people she thought she could trust.
Weapons: A scimitar, and two daggers.
Race: Elven
Good/ Bad: Good
Ability: Manipulation of life around her 

Character name: Moira
Age: 34
Description: shoulder length red hair striking green eyes wears the old family cross. Has a fairly dull staff. Has some ninja weapons
History: She is the younger sibling. She has tried to make a relationship with her bother but he pushed her aside. He was her protector when there were young but after their 21 birthday something happened and she does not know what. Is a bit confused on what side she should be on, ever since her brother was Missing in action she had to take over.
Weapons: Electronic Whip supposedly created by the thunder mountain of legend.
Abilities: Psychic healing and also has the element of water with earth skills.
Race: Human
Good/bad: Neutral

Username: [Dezmond]
Character Name: Adrien Sykes
Age: 32 (looks 24)
Race Human
Gender: male
Description: looks similar to Aedin but he has Icy blue eyes dirty blond hair and is 6' even he wears a pair of black denim pants, a black short sleeved button up shirt with a black overcoat
History: Aedins older brother, he is just as ruthless as he and far more skilled
Weapons: a pair of long bladed kitana named Exodus and Anima when they combine they are known as Seiglinde. Is very good with various elemental spells and chants.
abilities: Dimensional manipulation (evolved form of his teleportation)/shadow manipulation
Good/Bad: was bad (now unknown)

Username:[Silver Moon]
Character name:Risa
Age: 20
Description:Tall and lithe she has long red hair tied back in a ponytail. Her eyes are a bright sea-green blue. She wears forest green clothing.
History: Converted at the age of ten she has served Sutal gladly. She has developed a love obsession with Sutal and hopes that one day he will notice her. She is Kaya's older sister, and she lost her memories of Kaya
items: Two scimitars infused with electric magic and a dagger with a poison compartment in it.
<Abilities:</b> She possesses the ability of necromancy. She can control and raise and animate dead. She can do so to deadly results

Username: [Dezmond]
Character Name: Darren Hitoski
Age: 19
Race Human
Gender: male
Description: About 5'11" he has bluish hair and pale white skin, he wears a pair of loose fitting jeans with a button up shot sleeved white t-shirt
History: family was killed and he wondered around from town to town since he was a child
Weapons: a bladed whip, there are four sets of blades that go down the whip itself, they fold up like flower pedals and extend when the ship is lashed out. There is one extra blade in the handle of the whip.
abilities: ability to control and manipulate the weather
Good/Bad: neutral

Username: [Silver Moon]
Character Name: Idain
Age: 17
Race Human
Gender: male
Description:Tall and athletic, but slim. He is well muscled and very handsome. His hair comes down to the small of his back and is a dark black, his eyes are a silvery gray (sometimes appear black)he wears dark clothing. He has (when it is cold) a black leather trench coat. His boots are black with chains.
He has an earing in both ears.
History: When Sutal & Lanzer's mother realized the corrupted path her two eldest sons were headed down, she kept her pregnancy a secret and left to a safe house where she had Idain in secret.
Fearing for his safety she sent him to a friend that lived on an island that was hard to get to and far away.
Idian knows nothing of his past, except that his mother had made a great sacrifice for his safety.
Growing up on the island of Sai'hal he was trained in all combat styles and taught how to use his gift.He was also trained as a scholar and knows nearly all the languages of the world.
Sai'hal was attacked by raiders and his guardian sent him to safety. Now he travels around helping people and trying to keep his abilities secret.
Unknown to him he is part o a prophesy that will help determine the outcome of Sutal's plans.
He is Lanzer, or more accurately, Dark Phoenix's retainer.
His other form the Light Phoenix is Idiasar son of the head of the council from his world, and deity of Light and Justice.
Weapons:Two Katanas that are imbued with protective magic (forged by his guardian, he has two boot knives as well.
abilities:Light Phoenix , and the ability to call the dragon spirit (can take the form of a dragon, or summon Kisha his dragon companion) He is more powerful than Lanzer, and at least Sutal's equal in power.
Idiasiar,in The Shadow Phoenix form: Idain and Lanzer when they combine themselves.

Username: [Ravendust]
Character Name: Ethan Erichson
Age: 8 (looks 6)
Description: Shoulder length blonde hair and electric blue eyes. Ethan is small for his age and looks to be only six, and is powerful in battle. He tends to wear loose clothing and is often frowning in displeasure.
History: Villen found Ethan months ago and kept the boy a secret from any others in the organization as he worked towards properly brainwashing and training the boy. Ethan was before that an orphan whose entire village had been annihilated just the year before. He had been living on his own since.
Weapons: He uses his electrical gift and creates weapons from that.
Abilities: Lightning and self healing.
Alignment: bad

Username:[Silver Moon]
Character Name: Thias
Race: He appears to be elven. He is the same race that Lanzer was.
Age: 25
Description: See picture. His eyes are a dark green though.
History: Unknown, he seeks to know who he is. Unknown to him he is Ladianias incarnated. Occasionally he will have strange flashes of Ladianias' life.
What is known about him is he was found wounded in the woods. He had no memory of who he was or where he came from.
A black phoenix is marked on his left shoulder it appears to be a strange birth mark.
Weapons: A long sword, two boot daggers, and throwing knives, all are imbued with fire and shadow spells.
He possesses the sword and bow of shadows as well.
Abilities: Like Ladianias but more powerful. He is able to command lightning as well.
Alignment: Unknown.
Thias in his Dark Phoenix State:

Username:{[Silver Moon]
Character Name: Kyoko
Description: See picture. Eyes: Dark chocolate brown.
History: She is an orphan as a result of the organization. She seeks revenge but has a problem carrying it out due to her peaceful nature.
She seeks her sister who vanished a few years before she was born.
She hunts dark Phoinix's as some were responsible for her friends' deaths.
Weapons A short sword with strange runes on it and two daggers.
Abilities: She is light mage and healer.
Alignment: Neutral good

Username: [Dezmond]
Character name: Kaoru
Age: 16
Gender: male
Description: His odd colored hair, is cut just above his chin, while his bangs fall well below his shoulders. He has a femanine build, slender, about 5'8" tall and just at 130lbs.
History: Orphaned at a young age, he was blinded during a massicre, and his village was burned to the ground. he had been kept in secret by Villen, and trained to use his gift almost flawlessly. He trusts no one but his master, and obey's no one but him.
Weapons: He uses poisons and small blades, for assassinations. Carries a scalpel, kept razor sharp with him at all times, and a few syringes of different poisons.
Ability: He has a rare ability to create solid duplications of himself at will. and the even rarer ability over time it's self. he Can temporarily stop it, see into the past or future, and travel through time at a whim. It's only draw back, is if used physically, it's very draining, and demanding on his weak body.

Username: [Ravendust]
Character name: Caraki
Age: 16
Gender: female
Description: She's about 5'5" and has long, red hair that she keeps tied up in pigtails. Caraki's eyes are a dull crimson, the color of blood.
History: Villen found Caraki when she was barely seven, she'd murdered her family, and the entire village in a desperate attempt to silence the plea for blood that rises in her mind. she is a twisted young woman that loves torture and death.
Weapons: She fights with a unique sword and has many impliments of torture.
Ability: She can manipulate gravity.

Username: [Ravendust]
Character name: Yamiko
Age: 19
Gender: female
Description: She has short black hair and onyx eyes set in a passive face. Yamiko is roughly 5'8" and thinly built.
History: Yamiko was discovered by Villen in a huge crater, nearly dead with the bodies of multiple, crushed bandits about her. She was eight at the time, and terrified, and went willingly with Villen. She serves him with all her heart.
Weapons:She uses kunai and shuriken- has desired to be a ninja since she was very little. Villen helped her realize her dream.
Ability: Yamiko can manipulate nature, she prefers to create thorns with which to rip her enemies apart.

*Note that I have left the role of Satul's twin brother open for play, and that he is 'seemingly' un-gifted, which means that should whoever takes control of him decide they want him to have a gift, they can bless him with whatever they like.

** Note also that we most definitely need to have more villains played with this story.

***Triple Note- You are not limited to only one character!~

**** Lanzer and Satul in WiD are demons, while in Abbatoir they are gifted humans.

the abbatoir of the gifted

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