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The WFR's RPG Library

A source wiki for helpful guides, info pages and guild-supported groups and guilds.

Character Alignment, Size and Talents, Feats, Skills & Abilities are all important, as well as the basics for character creation, including the WFR Char Race Page which showcases most commonly playable species for your character, and the WFR Char Rank Page which gives common titles, classes, guilds, and ranks of everyday people, adventurers, leaders, military and politicians.

Roleplaying for Dummies is good for anyone new or advanced to the wiki open roleplay scene.

Creature_List is an open online resource for finding the most legendary and terrifying beasties Elftowners can describe.

Androntel Academy, a subsidiary of the once-fantasy Elftown Academy, now employs (for free, because they work for free) teachers, aides, students and roleplay for fantasy-loving Elftowners, guild members, or the occasional dragon.

Terms and another page for those... Ship and Pirate Terminology.

the realms of existence [xido]'s page for Selenar/Jashnian-related cosmological concepts. Based loosely on the Manual of the Planes and Planar Handbook by D&D ( 3.5. See also Jashnia, The Lands of Jashnia, and the Selenar System.

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