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2012-02-15 20:04:24
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RPG Evaluation

back to...The ET Roleplayers Union

Please place a link to your RPG below under "To Be Reviewed" along with your name and your reasons for wishing to join

[EXAMPLE] 1.And Then There Were None-[Captain Rachel Black]
I wish to add this RPG to the list under "Great to Watch" because the storyline is exciting and the RPGers involved are magnificent (heheh *winks at Kai, Akay, and Cat*)

Simple as that


*Denotes removed for lack of activity

1.Akallabeth- [~Valkyrie~]-shut down

...To Be Reviewed...

1.~Tears of Blood~ [Bipolar Nonsense]
Newer roleplay seeking new active ET RPGers for the story

2.New Varse-[Talos Cyrion]-New RP looking for active memebers

3. Terra's war-[Tekkon KinKreet]- New RP looking for players.

Password Protected: For Panel Eyes Only

Panel Discussions

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2008-12-05 [~Valkyrie~]: So...What if my RPG isn't up and running yet?

2008-12-05 [Captain Rachel Black]: Oh that's perfectly fine, it will just be checked to make sure the plot has promise :)

2008-12-05 [~Valkyrie~]: cool :)

2009-10-06 [Alexi Ice]: TET has been shut down ^^ I forgot it was listed here

2010-02-04 [Talos Cyrion]: Ruin is still running; It's really dormant right now and Akallabeth is dead

2011-01-02 [Captain Rachel Black]: wow I need to check this more often

2011-01-03 [Talos Cyrion]: Akallabeth has been shut down. It's moved to New Varse, still looking for members and now run by me

2011-01-03 [Captain Rachel Black]: Alright good!

2011-01-03 [Captain Rachel Black]: [Bipolar Nonsense] are you sure about Tears of Blood The last post was in 2004

2011-01-03 [Alexi Ice]: I took TET down since it's been shut down

2011-01-03 [Captain Rachel Black]: Thank you I tried to check but it was password protected x)

2011-01-03 [Alexi Ice]: Hahaha, yeah I shut it down and forgot it was here

2011-01-03 [Bipolar Nonsense]: oops! O.O wrong one! I saw that an older one shut down, so I decided to develop a new one for my friends, new rpgers, and I :)
I mistyped it but now it's fixed

2011-01-03 [Talos Cyrion]: New Varse is new lol, it's not old. Unless four months is old. It's realatively active to

2011-01-03 [Captain Rachel Black]: This is why I shouldn't be the one putting them up there (laughs)

2011-01-03 [Captain Rachel Black]: Thanks!

2011-01-03 [Talos Cyrion]: lol no prob

2011-01-03 [Bipolar Nonsense]: XD

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