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The Roleplayers' Council is no longer. All forum members, please kindly apply to the WFR Guild via the WFR Application Page, and ask to be considered for the Guild Guards and/or Knight position(s).

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The Elftown Clans
-- [xido], WFR Guild Madraven of 2003-2008

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2007-04-03 [Estantia]: I never said not to bother trying... I was saying that the original idea may need to be altered in order to make it work in a way that works for everyone, not just the very avid rpers or the semi rper's or artists.

I wasn't talking about a majority either, but you have seen how even a minority can ruin it. I don't want that to happen, so preparing for it in advance to make the idea more adaptable would be better.

(I'm not meaning offence to anyone, but I always end up taking the role of debater for the unrepresented side, and to be fair, I probably didn't express myself quite right)

2007-04-04 [SilverFire]: It's hardly an unrepresented side you're taking in this debate. ;)

2007-04-04 [Estantia]: I've seen one other person who thinks this idea needs to be modified to work... as it is I can see it stirring up confusion and enmity...

2007-04-04 [SilverFire]: Uhm... you're not in the right forums then. :) You're telling us nothing that hasn't been said before, by many people.

2007-04-04 [Estantia]: How have you considered altering it to make it work then?

2007-04-04 [SilverFire]: It's not my idea to altar, but I believe Xido took all their suggestions into consideration. He tends to be very thorough.

2007-04-04 [Estantia]: *nods* it would be interesting to see those developments though, that way we can all help develop it, that way they can't say it only represents one viewpoint

2007-04-06 [Sins to Virtues]: Yah, what he said....

2007-04-06 [Estantia]: sorry, I forgot about your q, once you've worked out which clan you want to join you might want to message the leader to check it's ok (though it's pretty likely the answer will be "yes, bring more!") or if there's no leader message xido about becoming the tentative leader

2007-04-06 [de Morte]: We could always use more members in the Undead Clan, if you would wish to join. :)

2007-04-06 [Sins to Virtues]: oo I have a question about that, Why is there like a werewolf clan, and an undead clan, isn't a werewolf a being of the undead?

2007-04-06 [Sins to Virtues]: and isn't D'Morte french for death? lol... Named all my people on EQ2 a french name, such as Reparer Blessures =D

2007-04-06 [de Morte]: Its fun if you go look up "de Morte" is has a lot of meanings, but they all do have a connection with death.

And werewolfs are not dead, they are still mainly human, but change when angry or with the moon.

2007-04-06 [Sins to Virtues]: ooooo... The whole moon thing... Kinda makes me think of undead =D

2007-04-06 [Sins to Virtues]: hmm.. I look at the undead clan =D

2007-04-06 [Sins to Virtues]: Oooo can before i join a clan... What is this all about lol, is there going to be like one giant war or soemthing. For the reasons of all of these clans. Or are these all just to be classified by some sort??

2007-04-07 [xido]: To sum up a bit about diversity and the unrepresented view:
That is why there are so many Clans. Because there will certainly be different views on how Clans and hence, fantasy races should be treated. That's why each Clan is allowed to make its own internal rules, and the Clans all meet together to decide on the big stuff. That way everyone, including the minorities, is represented.

I think the first thing everyone should do when they wish to join, is to choose what your fantasy race would be if you were given the choice of anything you pleased. That race typically has a Clan it belongs to or leads, at least so long as it is listed. If it is not, then it might belong to another Clan by virtue or some kind of linked heritage. It is all up to the Clan members, really. The Clans are still in formation, which means right now is the most flexible time for them to decide what is what.

Once you've chosen a fantasy race, it will likely have a Clan already. If it doesn't, everyone is free to make up a new Clan, and list it on the Minor Clans. When the RP Council can convene for the first time, changes will be decided by a vote. In this way, the Council is both a RP platform as well as a real way to voice your opinion to a group that welcomes you. It is both political and creative, all in one.

The biggest part is that it is in reaction to the ECM and <poll:73926>, which a LOT of people voted on. I have to imagine that those people would like to be a fantasy race other than a Human, Elf, or the other current ones. If that is the case, maybe those people also want to belong to a group on ET. That is what the Elftown Clans are all about. Giving people a chance to belong to a group and maybe even do something cool to make some new art, writings, or media, or maybe just to vote on something that the Clan posts. In this way, members might affect the outcome of future Clan actions and decisions. Creative and political in one. ;)

I hope that answers a lot of questions, or at least starts some more discussions over the matters raised here.

2007-04-12 [Sins to Virtues]: Yah, that pretty much sums it all up, thank you Xido =p

2007-04-16 [xido]: No problem. ;)

2007-04-16 [Estantia]: The humans are diplomats ^_^

2007-04-16 [Emporer Sensi]: If I may, we must all see and ackknowledge that a fellow RP Council member [Steel Mal'ak] Has decided to leave ET and follow her dreams. This cause me great pain of loss and incerdiable sorrow. I shall miss her immortaly, and Respect her decision. We have lost a great asset and person from our Order.

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