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The Roleplayers' Council is no longer. All forum members, please kindly apply to the WFR Guild via the WFR Application Page, and ask to be considered for the Guild Guards and/or Knight position(s).

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The Elftown Clans
-- [xido], WFR Guild Madraven of 2003-2008

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2007-04-16 [Emporer Sensi]: If I may, we must all see and ackknowledge that a fellow RP Council member [Steel Mal'ak] Has decided to leave ET and follow her dreams. This cause me great pain of loss and incerdiable sorrow. I shall miss her immortaly, and Respect her decision. We have lost a great asset and person from our Order.

2007-04-18 [xido]: I appreciate that insight, and I agree, it is a loss. Let us give thanks to her following her dream, and let us all look toward the future with motivation and continuing insightfulness. Sometimes loss and loneliness can be good factors to get one motivated to do more writing and reading, which is what we're all about. ;) Thanks for the note. Perhaps one day our good friend will return, renewed and refreshed.

And yes, the Human Clans are diplomats and moderators between the Houses when they cannot see eye to eye. This way, peace is often sought before war in times of need (though maybe a mock war would be fun in the future too.... It will give the humans something to do, and make their job vitally important. :D)

2007-04-18 [Estantia]: The fact I can shapeshift gives me an advantage too.. :)

2007-04-19 [xido]: ;) So you will want to know the activities of the Shifter Clan as well, then, won't you? :D You shifty one, you.

2007-04-19 [Estantia]: I only shapeshift due to magic, not by species, so it doesn't really count.

2007-04-19 [Ravenclaw]: Yes please. I need someone to bounc ideas off of. It's basicaly dead. no one seems to want to join

2007-04-19 [Estantia]: humans is even less popular, people would rather be anything but ordinary, and human counts as ordinary.

I'd love to bounce ideas though

2007-04-19 [Estantia]: and I've just been reminded that Polyhieronia essentially is a place to toss around ideas in rp format, so you can come over there too.

2007-05-04 [xido]: this is true. I don't see humans as being ordinary. Not if they are Fantasy Humans. Look at Avatar: the Last Airbender. That is a way popular cartoon.

A human is like a blank slate. Ready for unique characteristics. ;)

2007-05-04 [Estantia]: I never said it wasn't, just how it was normally perceived, stereotypes have a lot of force.

2007-05-07 [xido]: It has been brought to my attention that the chances of the Elftown Clans concept becoming an 'official' ET alternative to the current Fantasy Race is little to none. I now ask the members of the RP Council to convene on its first mission: supporting the Elftown Clans as an independent wikipage of groups until further notice.

[Torr-maat] and I have contemplated the future possibilities of the Clans, the RP Council, the WFR and the-roleplay-initiative, and we both feel that if the Council and Assembly feel so strongly against the concept of the Clan structure, that we should move forward in a truly independent and separate structure from what Elftown is currently.

I know that a few of you were looking forward to the Fantasy Race alternative on our house presentations, but so far it has yet to change in the slightest. The RP Council will still be represented by the elected and nominated Clans members, as per the original concept, if it is the will of the Council to continue without the rest of Elftown's support.

I for one would like to see the Clans instated, but if it is shot down, it will most likely become simply a network for members of the WFR, the Community and related organizations.

Does this rest well with all of you? What are your ideas or concerns?

2007-05-07 [Estantia]: It could work as a base for the roleplayers within elftown, but if another heddate site like writersco were created for roleplayers of course then it could become an integral part of that.

2007-05-07 [Veltzeh]: Are we now a bit more receptive to RPG Realm? ;)

2007-05-07 [Estantia]: Erm, you did see my name right near the top of that list right...?

2007-05-07 [Estantia]: Ok, I thought I was 48, turns out I was 91 >.<

2007-05-08 [xido]: After being shot down mercilessly, yes, I must admit RPG Realm would make the semantics of these projects a more admirable endeavor.... But only because the Elftown Clans idea did not win over very well with upper management....  :/

2007-05-08 [Estantia]: It also fits the ideas better, because everyone there is a roleplayer ^_^

2007-05-15 [Stephen]: Hey, I see RPG Realm. If you guys have ANY ideas at all, or want to help in anyway, then please message Veltzeh or I. We're a bit slow moving right now, because we need more members before Hedda will do anything. He's already told he he'd be willing, if we can get a good handful of non-Elftown members interested. I'm sure we can implement parts of this idea into the finished RPG Realm community. :-)

2007-05-16 [Estantia]: I'd like to help, but I don't see what way I could...

2007-05-16 [xido]: Believe it or not, I had no intentions of making the Elftown Clans RP-oriented only, but I did want that for this group, the RP Council. I wanted them to link together intimately, but not be completely united. The RP Council was for the RPers, and the Elftown Clans were for anyone who wanted a fantasy race not already listed, which was sponsored by the RP Council for reasons already spoken. I wanted them to be two separate units linked by method of consistency. That's my two cents about the need for RPers in the Council, and not the Elftown Clans. RPers in the ET Clans would just know about beasties from the Creature List more readily, in my opinion. In that way, I wanted our list of fantasy races to be comprehensive and knowledgeable about what creature was what. Anybody with even a faint understanding of RPG monsters would have a good idea about what creature belonged in what clan.

Ok, aside from the ramble...
I agree, the Clans alternative to fantasy race would be fantastic in the RPG Realm setup, but I still have an interest in seeing it happen here in Elftown too. It may be more difficult to incorporate it here with the current conditions surrounding it, but I still feel that this and the methods behind RPG Realm are perfect for Elftown usage as well, and should be launched here before they are utilized in any future projects. That's they way I see it.

As far as helping, we need programmers with an understanding of laying out the User's house presentation, and the coding necessary to make the changes to that interface. I have advertised everywhere I could think of, so I fear there is little need for more advertising.

Any other input or ideas for what else can be done would be welcomed...

2007-05-17 [Estantia]: If the system does get implemented on a large scale in RPG realm we can find out what causes problems and sort them out, in effect having a 'trial run'. It may end up showing that the system works well enough for Hedda to consider it for elftown.

I think I could help by looking after sections of the wiki, I do run one or two things and set up a system of pages for my stuff that looks neat. I'd be happy to do that elsewhere.

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