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Quenya Classroom

Teacher: [ilanyus]

Quenya. One of Tolkien's many invented languages. The language of the High Elves. Not a complete language so not as much to learn. But still beautiful.

Much of this information has already been documented. I will try to make it educational but not over anyone's head.

It is hard to teach Quenya without mentioning Sindarin. In names the two languages were sometimes mixed. So if something has a Sindarin part I will make mention of it.



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I decided it would take a long time on my part and probably be repetive to make a list of all the nouns. So I will give links to several wordlists you can visit.
Lists separated by noun, verb etc.

Add any you know. As with many things online it's information could be incorrect so the more you read the more you can put together.



Quenya Classroom: Lesson 1
Quenya Classroom: Lesson 2
Quenya Classroom: Lesson 3
Quenya Classroom: Questions
Quenya Classroom: stuff
Quenya Classroom: Cases
Quenya Classroom: Verbs


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2003-03-14 [Aristotle]: Here I come, bursting in uninvited and start ansking questions. Sorry 'bout that...

2003-03-18 [Lady_Yuna]: How do I become a student for this?

2003-03-18 [Aristotle]: Just click 'edit this page' and sign up! No strings attached

2003-03-21 [Silasire]: Dont you think you should put all the tethar in, especially the long and short stems, plus as i write i do not think you can put a -y- in yet. you've only used the drooping tailed s, and i was under the opinion that sindarin utilised more of the tengwi than quenya, such that some may be obselete save as vowel stems. i could be wrong though i havent even finished the online course that i'm reading. 

2003-03-22 [Morgan17]: How do I become a student for this?

2003-03-22 [Kaileighblue]: But, In many names Sindarn and Quenya were combined. (IE Boromir) so it would be more... right... to know both.. I need to go to sleep. I'm not a scholar. just the first person to speak up and do this

2003-03-23 [Silasire]: ok :) i was just trying to get a kick outa criticising anyhoo. i dont think names are really that important to learn starting in translation anyhoo.

2003-03-24 [Kaileighblue]: Trying to decided.. when I should do the next..

2003-03-25 [Silasire]: dunno would be better if u could get some live feedback from ur students i guess, assuming u arent getting much that is.

2003-03-25 [Aristotle]: Well, I'm finished. Bring it on!

2003-03-25 [SilverFire]: yeah, bring up the next part.

2003-03-25 [Kaileighblue]: Well I can always leave the page number and they can go back acn look :P

2003-03-26 [Aristotle]: I'm not well versed, I've just read the first three chapters of an online guide. You're already getting above my head.

2003-03-27 [Silasire]: genetive and other cases dont appear for a long time in the guide i read.

2003-03-27 [Kaileighblue]: then you do it. grr..

2003-03-28 [Silasire]: i havent finished it yet :P and i can't teach anyone anything.

2003-03-30 [Morgan17]: ok NOW im done!!!YAY! :) bring on lesson 3!

2003-03-30 [Angel Dreamer]: put your name in brackets [ ] under bleep's name

2003-04-05 [WaitingForYou]: Wheres lesson 1?

2003-04-05 [Kaileighblue]: *is so annoyed of this already*

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