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Quenya Classroom

Teacher: [ilanyus]

Quenya. One of Tolkien's many invented languages. The language of the High Elves. Not a complete language so not as much to learn. But still beautiful.

Much of this information has already been documented. I will try to make it educational but not over anyone's head.

It is hard to teach Quenya without mentioning Sindarin. In names the two languages were sometimes mixed. So if something has a Sindarin part I will make mention of it.



- [Tears of the Dead Star]
- [SilverFire]
- [PanaVision SuperTechno Crane]
- [Aristotle]
- [Angel Dreamer]
- [skunkben]
- [AstaldoiĆ¢]
- [Clarimonda]
- [Stoned Immaculate]
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- [Morgan17]
- [Elftown has failed The emo kids have won]
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- [dragongirlm]
- [HntrJmpr]
- [lillithsatine]
- [Tayfra]
- [Lady Diamanta]
- [Caomh]
- [Lady Twist]
- [wow look its mellie]
- [Kaycoocachoo]
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- [Valient Tragedies]
- [Akayume]
- [Michael B]
- [Alliniya]
- [Changer]


I decided it would take a long time on my part and probably be repetive to make a list of all the nouns. So I will give links to several wordlists you can visit.
Lists separated by noun, verb etc.

Add any you know. As with many things online it's information could be incorrect so the more you read the more you can put together.



Quenya Classroom: Lesson 1
Quenya Classroom: Lesson 2
Quenya Classroom: Lesson 3
Quenya Classroom: Questions
Quenya Classroom: stuff
Quenya Classroom: Cases
Quenya Classroom: Verbs


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2003-04-05 [Kaileighblue]: *is so annoyed of this already*

2003-04-11 [Lozzenger2]: I think I may drop out of this class, it doesn't seem to be holding my interest. Apoligies to all, g'day.

2003-04-12 [Lady_Yuna]: I think I'm going to drop this class too, and just learn it elsewhere online where I can move at my own pace (slow) Sorry. Good luck to the rest of you! ^_^

2003-04-12 [WaitingForYou]: lesson 3 gonna b put up soon?

2003-04-12 [SilverFire]: lesson 3 'll go up wen everyone sez they finnished lesson 2. :p

2003-04-20 [Kaileighblue]: I can't find a way to explain the verbs without copying information It's a little to hard for me to understand myself O_o.. so that link abouve is verbs.. Enjoy *grimmace* I've also come into alot of work I didn't know I was going to have to do so it's slowing me down

2003-06-09 [Moony]: Hey

2003-06-17 [Elftown has failed The emo kids have won]: how do I join this class?

2003-06-17 [SilverFire]: just edit the page and add your name to da bottom of the list of students... then edit again and put done by ur name wen u b done. ^^

2003-06-21 [Aldriona]: Ah, learning elvish.. That's good. But shouldn't you learn how to write like the elves too? It's not as hard as it might look. Go to Tengwar, the class is just about to start..

2003-06-22 [SilverFire]: yeah, we know it's not hard. we covered that in the first lesson.

2003-09-17 [Morgan17]: hurry up everybody so we can go to lesson 3!!

2003-10-02 [Rimbecanu]: hey everyone,, I started a msn group so people can trying quizing and chatting with eachother...check it out..

2003-10-08 [reannan]: how do i join?

2003-10-08 [SilverFire]: edit page. add name to bottom of list of students.

2003-10-15 [Morgan17]: theres a really handy site that translates ur name into tengwar (also in quenya, sindarin, ect.) note: it starts of in a different language (not sure what it is but hey!) all you do is go to the bottom of the page and click on the flags on the bottom left (i think) and it turns to english. if it doesnt work at first, fool around with the options! the website is: have fun!

2003-10-21 [Lavilia]: hey you people, I want to join, but where can I find lesson one?

2003-10-23 [SilverFire]: the 'toolbar ' at the side of teh page, w/ the 'go to previouse version' button? stick '25' in the box that says 'version number' and click the 'view' button underneath ^_^

2003-11-03 [Thraganux]: ohhh... one thing about making a possesive by adding an o to the end of it: if you do, it can also be seen as adding an "of" between the word that you put the O on and the word in front of that.... so like "mellon nareo" would be friend of fire, or fire's friend... and "lu`me alassion" i think would be "time of joys" or "(the) joys' time" anyways... yeah... just my word formation might be a little wrong cuz i'm not to sure whether the "eo"combination is allowed in Quenya or whether i have to change it to an "io"

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