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Quenya Classroom

Teacher: [ilanyus]

Quenya. One of Tolkien's many invented languages. The language of the High Elves. Not a complete language so not as much to learn. But still beautiful.

Much of this information has already been documented. I will try to make it educational but not over anyone's head.

It is hard to teach Quenya without mentioning Sindarin. In names the two languages were sometimes mixed. So if something has a Sindarin part I will make mention of it.



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I decided it would take a long time on my part and probably be repetive to make a list of all the nouns. So I will give links to several wordlists you can visit.
Lists separated by noun, verb etc.

Add any you know. As with many things online it's information could be incorrect so the more you read the more you can put together.



Quenya Classroom: Lesson 1
Quenya Classroom: Lesson 2
Quenya Classroom: Lesson 3
Quenya Classroom: Questions
Quenya Classroom: stuff
Quenya Classroom: Cases
Quenya Classroom: Verbs


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2004-08-02 [Wirey]: is there a way to go to previous lessons?

2004-08-03 [Ghost the Hybrid]: can i join???????????

2004-08-23 [Morgan17]: there is a way to previous lessons: to the right, theres a box that says 'version number'. to see lesson one, type '25' in the box. to see this lesson again, type '85' in the box then click 'view'. ok?

2004-08-23 [Morgan17]: and yes u can join

2004-08-23 [Morgan17]: so...can we move on to lesson 3?

2004-08-29 [Morgan17]: please?

2004-08-29 [Wirey]: I'd say go to a new one. the majority is done.

2004-09-08 [ilanyus]: hey listen, if anybody is interested in learning Sindarin, message me, I will probably start lessons soon (got permission from [FAE]), just have to get students :) (btw, is the Quenya teacher absent? not that I wanna join... there isn't much more about Quenya that I could learn... *cough ego*)

2004-09-26 [Stormqueen]: I'm getting myself of this list, I've found a site in Dutch (lot easier for me, with the pronouns stuff) were I'm gonna learn quenia.

2004-10-01 [Lavilia]: where is that?

2004-10-04 [Stormqueen]: elfs.htm An elftowner did it

2004-10-04 [Stormqueen]: the 'elfs.htm' belongs after it... but my com wouldn't do that ^_^

2004-10-04 [ilanyus]: haha that is my page :P thanks... heheh hm :P

2004-10-05 [ilanyus]: btw, the space is given by %20 =>

2004-10-06 [Stormqueen]: *Bows to Ilanyus* Great work!

2004-10-06 [ilanyus]: heheh, no problem :P thanks! btw, I saw you don't live that far from me (under 50km?) I live at the other side of Roermond... haha yeah random remarks lol

2004-10-06 [Stormqueen]: Fun we're talking in English here... Roermond, nice city.. though a little expensive in the outletcentre, but I just don't go there ^_^. Been there a few weeks ago, with all the ballons

2004-10-06 [ilanyus]: haha, yeah just random spamming in English :P that's even more stupid then talking dutch to eachother (I presume you do talk limburgs :P) heheh outley IS expensive! I don't often go there... anyways... hope you'll manage learning Quenya heheh and btw... do you know anything about the teacher here?

2004-10-06 [Stormqueen]: Well, I can talk Limburgs, but I don't accually. My mom is born in friesland, she's learned limburgs thought. But my parents dicided that it was better to talk Dutch with us, which they also talk with eachother, otherwise it'll whole be pretty confusing ^_^

2004-10-06 [Stormqueen]: Which it accually already is: My dad's family speeks Limburgs. my mom speeks Sneekers with her mom and brother. His wife (my aunt yes) speeks Fries to him, my mom and grandmother, but they talk Sneekers back. To my dad and us they all talk Dutch.

2004-10-06 [ilanyus]: HAHA yeah it can be very confusing... especially if your mother is fries (so she does know how to speak fries huh) it is better to talk dutch to your children... at least from one point of view :P heheh

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