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Quenya Classroom

Teacher: [ilanyus]

Quenya. One of Tolkien's many invented languages. The language of the High Elves. Not a complete language so not as much to learn. But still beautiful.

Much of this information has already been documented. I will try to make it educational but not over anyone's head.

It is hard to teach Quenya without mentioning Sindarin. In names the two languages were sometimes mixed. So if something has a Sindarin part I will make mention of it.



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I decided it would take a long time on my part and probably be repetive to make a list of all the nouns. So I will give links to several wordlists you can visit.
Lists separated by noun, verb etc.

Add any you know. As with many things online it's information could be incorrect so the more you read the more you can put together.



Quenya Classroom: Lesson 1
Quenya Classroom: Lesson 2
Quenya Classroom: Lesson 3
Quenya Classroom: Questions
Quenya Classroom: stuff
Quenya Classroom: Cases
Quenya Classroom: Verbs


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2003-03-14 [Aristotle]: Here I come, bursting in uninvited and start ansking questions. Sorry 'bout that...

2003-03-18 [Lady_Yuna]: How do I become a student for this?

2003-03-18 [Aristotle]: Just click 'edit this page' and sign up! No strings attached

2003-03-21 [Silasire]: Dont you think you should put all the tethar in, especially the long and short stems, plus as i write i do not think you can put a -y- in yet. you've only used the drooping tailed s, and i was under the opinion that sindarin utilised more of the tengwi than quenya, such that some may be obselete save as vowel stems. i could be wrong though i havent even finished the online course that i'm reading. 

2003-03-22 [Morgan17]: How do I become a student for this?

2003-03-22 [Kaileighblue]: But, In many names Sindarn and Quenya were combined. (IE Boromir) so it would be more... right... to know both.. I need to go to sleep. I'm not a scholar. just the first person to speak up and do this

2003-03-23 [Silasire]: ok :) i was just trying to get a kick outa criticising anyhoo. i dont think names are really that important to learn starting in translation anyhoo.

2003-03-24 [Kaileighblue]: Trying to decided.. when I should do the next..

2003-03-25 [Silasire]: dunno would be better if u could get some live feedback from ur students i guess, assuming u arent getting much that is.

2003-03-25 [Aristotle]: Well, I'm finished. Bring it on!

2003-03-25 [SilverFire]: yeah, bring up the next part.

2003-03-25 [Kaileighblue]: Well I can always leave the page number and they can go back acn look :P

2003-03-26 [Aristotle]: I'm not well versed, I've just read the first three chapters of an online guide. You're already getting above my head.

2003-03-27 [Silasire]: genetive and other cases dont appear for a long time in the guide i read.

2003-03-27 [Kaileighblue]: then you do it. grr..

2003-03-28 [Silasire]: i havent finished it yet :P and i can't teach anyone anything.

2003-03-30 [Morgan17]: ok NOW im done!!!YAY! :) bring on lesson 3!

2003-03-30 [Angel Dreamer]: put your name in brackets [ ] under bleep's name

2003-04-05 [WaitingForYou]: Wheres lesson 1?

2003-04-05 [Kaileighblue]: *is so annoyed of this already*

2003-04-11 [Lozzenger2]: I think I may drop out of this class, it doesn't seem to be holding my interest. Apoligies to all, g'day.

2003-04-12 [Lady_Yuna]: I think I'm going to drop this class too, and just learn it elsewhere online where I can move at my own pace (slow) Sorry. Good luck to the rest of you! ^_^

2003-04-12 [WaitingForYou]: lesson 3 gonna b put up soon?

2003-04-12 [SilverFire]: lesson 3 'll go up wen everyone sez they finnished lesson 2. :p

2003-04-20 [Kaileighblue]: I can't find a way to explain the verbs without copying information It's a little to hard for me to understand myself O_o.. so that link abouve is verbs.. Enjoy *grimmace* I've also come into alot of work I didn't know I was going to have to do so it's slowing me down

2003-06-09 [Moony]: Hey

2003-06-17 [Elftown has failed The emo kids have won]: how do I join this class?

2003-06-17 [SilverFire]: just edit the page and add your name to da bottom of the list of students... then edit again and put done by ur name wen u b done. ^^

2003-06-21 [Aldriona]: Ah, learning elvish.. That's good. But shouldn't you learn how to write like the elves too? It's not as hard as it might look. Go to Tengwar, the class is just about to start..

2003-06-22 [SilverFire]: yeah, we know it's not hard. we covered that in the first lesson.

2003-09-17 [Morgan17]: hurry up everybody so we can go to lesson 3!!

2003-10-02 [Rimbecanu]: hey everyone,, I started a msn group so people can trying quizing and chatting with eachother...check it out..

2003-10-08 [reannan]: how do i join?

2003-10-08 [SilverFire]: edit page. add name to bottom of list of students.

2003-10-15 [Morgan17]: theres a really handy site that translates ur name into tengwar (also in quenya, sindarin, ect.) note: it starts of in a different language (not sure what it is but hey!) all you do is go to the bottom of the page and click on the flags on the bottom left (i think) and it turns to english. if it doesnt work at first, fool around with the options! the website is: have fun!

2003-10-21 [Lavilia]: hey you people, I want to join, but where can I find lesson one?

2003-10-23 [SilverFire]: the 'toolbar ' at the side of teh page, w/ the 'go to previouse version' button? stick '25' in the box that says 'version number' and click the 'view' button underneath ^_^

2003-11-03 [Thraganux]: ohhh... one thing about making a possesive by adding an o to the end of it: if you do, it can also be seen as adding an "of" between the word that you put the O on and the word in front of that.... so like "mellon nareo" would be friend of fire, or fire's friend... and "lu`me alassion" i think would be "time of joys" or "(the) joys' time" anyways... yeah... just my word formation might be a little wrong cuz i'm not to sure whether the "eo"combination is allowed in Quenya or whether i have to change it to an "io"

2003-12-13 [Silasire]: the eo dipthong i think can be attested in the ninth line of galadriel's lament. "an sii tintalle varda oiolosseo</>." where genetive -o is being used in an ablative sense.Missing: </b>

2003-12-13 [Caomh]: wait... wasn't lesson one on nouns??

2003-12-25 [Caomh]: never mind!!

2004-01-29 [Elftown has failed The emo kids have won]: there a new lesson? this ones been up forever...*please*

2004-02-01 [voiced_fate]: so very intresting, so very hard to remember...

2004-02-01 [voiced_fate]: When do we get lesson three?

2004-02-04 [Elftown has failed The emo kids have won]: lesson three? we dont need no lesson three.....yes we do.............

2004-02-09 [SilverFire]: wuwm Floyd = ownage dude

2004-02-14 [SilverFire]: we don't need no lesson three >> we don't need no education >> Floyd.

2004-02-17 [Elftown has failed The emo kids have won]: oh ok...the wall right? nice album love all the songs

2004-02-18 [SilverFire]: yeah, comfortably numb's the best on there, O.o dun think it's their best album tho

2004-02-19 [Kaileighblue]: lesson three.. read the back of the ROTK book and get back to me :P someone else should take over I'm not up to it anymore :x

2004-02-23 [voiced_fate]: well seeming the leader wants to follow, can anyone tell more, be bothered to share us anything... anyone?.... *crawls to corner to sulk*

2004-02-23 [voiced_fate]: sorry ignore my inner child that fights too hard for the out, I'm not always this..., wait yeah i am... :D

2004-03-01 [Elftown has failed The emo kids have won]: is there anyone smart enugh to take over the class?...anyone...please?

2004-03-01 [Amanar]: I only know a few words... :(

2004-03-01 [SilverFire]: someone ask [Amerity], i believe she knows the language, or even if she dosen't, she is part of the elvish speaking company... and it would be reasonable to assume that at least one of them could speak it, i'd go ask her myself, but my internets giving me this huge lag right now :-(

2004-03-09 [Elftown has failed The emo kids have won]: i asked her and she said ok

2004-03-09 [SilverFire]: :-)

2004-03-09 [Amerity]: I am here!! ::bum bum mellonaminae

2004-03-10 [Elftown has failed The emo kids have won]: so do we get a new lesson?

2004-04-20 [Amerity]: when are yall wanting one. I'll help the owner if she wants to, just tell me and i;ll do it.

2004-04-23 [Dark_Raven]: How do you become a student????

2004-04-23 [Amerity]: put your name at the top under the rest. i think

2004-05-13 [Ninja Squirrel]: I want to learn Quenya for the local Reniassance Festival so I can be an elf. What are the best ways to go about teaching one self with this sight as a guide?

2004-05-14 [Amerity]: go to the google search engine, and type 'grey company elvish dictonary'. It will come up with one you can download and a phrase book that has like every single phrase or how to create it and spells and weapons and ranks and such. thats were I get all of mine.

2004-05-22 [Ninja Squirrel]: kool! thanx Amerity!

2004-05-28 [Amerity]: any time.

2004-06-03 [Ninja Squirrel]: What is the english equivalent to the Quenyan DH sound?

2004-06-04 [Amerity]: hmm....i think, not sure, but i think it is da-hien. Like I said i think thats it, but not posititve.

2004-06-04 [Ninja Squirrel]: i wasn't sure. I got confused while watching LOTR one day. One line the Legolas says is "Natha daged dhaer" and when it is pronounced in the movie, "dhaer" sounds like "thaer". it's in Sindarian, but I figured the pronunciation would be related. But thanx. I'll keep checking aroung to find it.

2004-06-06 [Amerity]: your welcome ^___^

2004-06-08 [Morgan17]: i heard that wood elves speek sindarin and high elves speek that true?

2004-06-08 [Amerity]: ummmm.....i think...hmmm...another daunting question to think about...

2004-06-08 [Angel Dreamer]: can i answer?

2004-06-08 [Amerity]: go ahead..i dont know mcuh bout woodelves nohow

2004-06-08 [Angel Dreamer]: The language of the Grey-elves of Beleriand and most commonly used of the Elf-tongues in Middle-earth. When the Noldor returned to Middle-earth at the beginning of the First Age, Thingol (crackhead) decreed that their tongue, Quenya, was not to be spoken in his realms. So the language of his people, Sindarin, came to dominate. Quenya, though, was still used as a language of ceremony and poetry.

2004-06-08 [Angel Dreamer]: Sindarin shared common roots with Quenya, and the two languages had many similar words. Sindarin was said to be more changeful than the older tongue, however, and there were a number of regional 'dialects' of the tongue. The Sindarin spoken in Doriath was said to be the highest and most noble form of the language.

2004-06-08 [Angel Dreamer]: not that i know anything about woodelves, but rocks. that's the sindarian entry on that site

2004-06-09 [Amerity]: good studing..did you read the grey companys elvish? I was thinking quenya with a small mix of sindarin

2004-06-09 [Angel Dreamer]: grey company rocks....i'm not sure which kind they use though

2004-06-09 [Amerity]: yea...i think its a complete mix.

2004-06-09 [Angel Dreamer]: don't they even borrow words from other places and make up others? make it more complete?

2004-06-09 [Angel Dreamer]: i have the link there but the dictionary isnt working for me >.<

2004-06-23 [Tári Nénharma]: Grey company is a mix. I would not suggest that anyone use it unless they really don't care. Most people won't understand you anyways; but if you come across a real Quenya speaker, speaking Grey Company stuff will make them laugh. Sindarin, made-up stuff... it's a mess.

2004-06-24 [Amerity]: yea. but its just a refrence and i know what most of it belongs to. some is tolkien and quenya, and other is messed up crap. I just use it as a loose refrence to some of the information.

2004-07-01 [Ghost the Hybrid]: can i join a classnow or shall i w8????????

2004-07-09 [Stormqueen]: Yea, I'd like to join as well, do we have to w8?

2004-07-17 [Maurer's conclusions]: Same goes for me

2004-07-20 [Amerity]: You can join as far as i know.

2004-07-20 [Maurer's conclusions]: I did...

2004-07-20 [Stormqueen]: I will do that then...

2004-07-20 [Morgan17]: alskdjfalskfj;laskdfj;aslkdfjalskdfjlskjdfal;ksdj!!!!!!!!!!!!

2004-07-21 [Amanar]: this wiki is sad and empty: Lion King

2004-07-24 [Morgan17]: lion king? wat the crap kind of wikki is that?all lion king lovers unite? i dont get it!

2004-07-24 [Clarimonda]: dude, is there going to be another lesson, or do we have to wait for all the other people?

2004-07-25 [Morgan17]: i agree, everyone: say that ur done then we can go to the other lesson and then for the ppl who arent done, go to the last version and then, everyones happy (including me!) :D

2004-08-01 [Ghost the Hybrid]: huh????????????

2004-08-02 [Wirey]: is there a way to go to previous lessons?

2004-08-03 [Ghost the Hybrid]: can i join???????????

2004-08-23 [Morgan17]: there is a way to previous lessons: to the right, theres a box that says 'version number'. to see lesson one, type '25' in the box. to see this lesson again, type '85' in the box then click 'view'. ok?

2004-08-23 [Morgan17]: and yes u can join

2004-08-23 [Morgan17]: so...can we move on to lesson 3?

2004-08-29 [Morgan17]: please?

2004-08-29 [Wirey]: I'd say go to a new one. the majority is done.

2004-09-08 [ilanyus]: hey listen, if anybody is interested in learning Sindarin, message me, I will probably start lessons soon (got permission from [FAE]), just have to get students :) (btw, is the Quenya teacher absent? not that I wanna join... there isn't much more about Quenya that I could learn... *cough ego*)

2004-09-26 [Stormqueen]: I'm getting myself of this list, I've found a site in Dutch (lot easier for me, with the pronouns stuff) were I'm gonna learn quenia.

2004-10-01 [Lavilia]: where is that?

2004-10-04 [Stormqueen]: elfs.htm An elftowner did it

2004-10-04 [Stormqueen]: the 'elfs.htm' belongs after it... but my com wouldn't do that ^_^

2004-10-04 [ilanyus]: haha that is my page :P thanks... heheh hm :P

2004-10-05 [ilanyus]: btw, the space is given by %20 =>

2004-10-06 [Stormqueen]: *Bows to Ilanyus* Great work!

2004-10-06 [ilanyus]: heheh, no problem :P thanks! btw, I saw you don't live that far from me (under 50km?) I live at the other side of Roermond... haha yeah random remarks lol

2004-10-06 [Stormqueen]: Fun we're talking in English here... Roermond, nice city.. though a little expensive in the outletcentre, but I just don't go there ^_^. Been there a few weeks ago, with all the ballons

2004-10-06 [ilanyus]: haha, yeah just random spamming in English :P that's even more stupid then talking dutch to eachother (I presume you do talk limburgs :P) heheh outley IS expensive! I don't often go there... anyways... hope you'll manage learning Quenya heheh and btw... do you know anything about the teacher here?

2004-10-06 [Stormqueen]: Well, I can talk Limburgs, but I don't accually. My mom is born in friesland, she's learned limburgs thought. But my parents dicided that it was better to talk Dutch with us, which they also talk with eachother, otherwise it'll whole be pretty confusing ^_^

2004-10-06 [Stormqueen]: Which it accually already is: My dad's family speeks Limburgs. my mom speeks Sneekers with her mom and brother. His wife (my aunt yes) speeks Fries to him, my mom and grandmother, but they talk Sneekers back. To my dad and us they all talk Dutch.

2004-10-06 [ilanyus]: HAHA yeah it can be very confusing... especially if your mother is fries (so she does know how to speak fries huh) it is better to talk dutch to your children... at least from one point of view :P heheh

2004-10-06 [Stormqueen]: So conversations on birthdays and stuff, with both families are pretty fun to here; imagining that we (my mom, dad, brothers and I) are the only ones that understand all of it ^_^

2004-10-06 [Stormqueen]: And no, I don't know anything about the teacher here ^_^

2004-10-06 [ilanyus]: LOL yeah I can imagine how that must be :P heheheh

2004-10-06 [Stormqueen]: What about your family?

2004-10-06 [ilanyus]: hmm well, they're all from limburg hehe, only my grandfather is from rotterdam, but he understands and speaks limburgs (I didn't even know he was from rotterdam untill a few years ago) haha (btw, I'm trying to become the temporal Quenya teacher :P)

2004-10-06 [Stormqueen]: A teacher on Elftown you mean? Oh, just checked your house, nice sword :). and I've had a poll just like yours, might check it <poll:25413>

2004-10-06 [ilanyus]: I am a teacher already lol sindarin classroom but I was thinking since people here want to move on to the next lesson, that I temporarily take it over from the absent teacher... heheh, thanks I love my sword *goes to hug it but reconsiders* :P *goes to check poll*

2004-10-07 [ilanyus]: OK I have permission from [FAE] to be temporal Quenya teacher! if the normal teacher is inactive for 100 days I just completely take it over... is anybody still active in here?

2004-10-08 [Stormqueen]: I am, but not taking classes here ^_^

2004-10-10 [Morgan17]: ME! im still here!

2004-10-10 [ilanyus]: you guys still want me to make you the next lesson? *starts to prepare*

2004-10-10 [Lady Diamanta]: I'm here. ^^

2004-10-11 [Lavilia]: I will be writing out, I am too busy at the moment

2004-10-11 [Morgan17]: quick question:when your writing dates (ex:January 23rd), how do you say it?

2004-10-12 [ilanyus]: I would not really know... the numbers above 12 (and 12 itself) are not discussed... 23 would be a combination of the numbers 12+11... (maybe I'll do a part about counting in Quenya...)

2004-10-23 [ilanyus]: btw, ordinals (23rd) are given by the ending -ëa (replacing -a)

2004-10-23 [ilanyus]: damn I am trying to make another lesson... but I'm so freaking busy atm... didn't expect it... damned school!

2004-10-24 [ilanyus]: ok now I have a few hours so I'll start with organizing a bit

2004-10-24 [ilanyus]: I have a little question... is it alright for me to partially rewrite lesson 2 (maybe lesson 1)? Not much new will be added, but it will be somewhat more, how to say... complete... :) example: I don't see noted what the plural of a word ending in -e should be...

2004-10-25 [ilanyus]: had something more then 'a few hours' (fortunately) thus I constructed some other pages... I don't want to get over anybody's head, so don't look there if you'd want to follow the lessons... but for those who are a bit more advanced... looking there might be helpfull

2005-01-02 [ArchangelGabriel]: , this might be helpful

2005-01-02 [ilanyus]: ah cool, thanks

2005-01-03 [bluefarie]: yes, yes thank do u say thank you???

2005-01-03 [ilanyus]: in elvish? let me see... I haven't tried to translate that one before :P (weird)

2005-01-03 [ilanyus]: ok hanta- is the verb 'to thank' :P so... => hantëan elyë would be I thank you

2005-01-07 [bluefarie]: hantëan elyë, then...;P

2005-03-08 [ilanyus]: welcome ^_^ ... errr *tries to think up some nice elvish greeting (though not standard)* ... how about omentië manë (=good meeting = well met) :P

2005-03-08 [bullet with your name]: *appears* i'm here

2005-03-08 [bullet with your name]: omentië manë

2005-03-08 [bullet with your name]: how would you say: your welcome

2005-03-08 [bluefarie]: idk...

2005-03-10 [neo4210]: um...... i am new

2005-03-10 [neo4210]: i want to learn the language and become a student

2005-03-10 [bluefarie]: well, then i suggest u join...& read the lessons already given....:)

2005-03-11 [ilanyus]: hehe new students :P might take this thing up again... I think I might make lesson 3 in a while :)

2005-03-11 [ilanyus]: oh I took the liberty to add you [neo4210] :) welcome ^_^

2005-03-12 [neo4210]: thanks

2005-03-18 [ilanyus]: started lesson 3 :)

2005-03-18 [bluefarie]: yay!

2005-03-18 [Jakirae]: whoops

2005-03-19 [ilanyus]: :)

2005-03-19 [ilanyus]: just go have a look at lesson 3 and tell me when I can continue *is eager* :p

2005-03-19 [Lady Diamanta]: Hey, Ilanyus, just wondering, where did you learn quenya? ^^ (nice lesson 3 btw ^^)

2005-03-20 [bullet with your name]: on the internet it's the only place unless you make it up yourself witch i doubt

2005-03-20 [ilanyus]: yes, I visited a lot of sites about Quenya... including some that had very extensive lessons (with full explanations... which sometimes got a bit too in depth for me :P) err I also learned by just using it a lot, for 2 years now I have Quenya MSN names for example... and Since I am dutch I translated the engllish lessons into dutch, which helped a lot... so I started making dutch quenya lessons... hm I think the best site for quenya was given here somewhere? I'll look it up :) haven't been there in a while hehe

2005-03-20 [ilanyus]: This site is the best ever... full quenya lessons here :)

2005-03-20 [Lady Diamanta]: Ah, okay, I've looked through those lessons before. ^^ I kinda trailed off though, but I'm back again, I just want to go at a slower pace this time. Yep, the internet rocks for learning. ;P

2005-03-20 [bluefarie]: lol..yeah, it is..

2005-03-20 [ilanyus]: yeah it's really in depth and lots of good explanation and stuff... everything is handled in those lessons... though I feel sometimes they go a little bit too far

2005-03-20 [bluefarie]: lol...

2005-03-20 [bullet with your name]: hey

2005-03-21 [ilanyus]: hey :)

2005-03-21 [Lady Diamanta]: Well, my theory is: where it goes "too far" for your own personal taste, start skimming. ^^

2005-03-21 [ilanyus]: LOL ... hm well I still read everything and tried to really understand all of it :P hehe, but oh well :) ... hehe, Quenya grammar sometimes is a bit complicated

2005-03-21 [bluefarie]: yeah....

2005-03-21 [Lady Diamanta]: Lol, yeah, sometimes it seems like Tolkien really didn't want anyone but elves to be able to learn this language. :P

2005-03-21 [bluefarie]: y?

2005-03-21 [Lady Diamanta]: Because it's so complex! :P

2005-03-21 [bluefarie]: o...ok..

2005-03-21 [Lady Diamanta]: I was just joking. ^^

2005-03-21 [bluefarie]: ok!

2005-03-21 [ilanyus]: well tolkien was just a big fan of languages :P ... and there is some truth in what you say lady diamanta... Tolkien realized that if this were to be an elven language it would be EXTREMELY OLD... since elves are immortal... so this language would become something like an art... elves speak this language for thousands of years... so they add little subtle things in it to make it more versatile... actually elves always make fun of 'mortal men' trying to speak their language... since they normally make mistakes in these subtle differences

2005-03-21 [bluefarie]: lol..

2005-03-21 [ilanyus]: yeah :P in the first chapters of the fellowship book you find the sentence 'Elen síla lumenn' omentielvo' (A star shines upon the hour of our meeting) ... but if we would really analyse this sentence (said by Frodo) we might conclude it is faulty... since 'omentielvo' states a meeting between 2 people, in stead of Frodo + Sam meeting a group of elves (but you might say that frodo just means him and the elf)

2005-03-21 [Maurer's conclusions]: I think he is referring solely to Gildor and himself.

2005-03-21 [ilanyus]: :) possible and as I said, the sentence is constructed that way... but then he isn't speaking for sam and only greets Gildor... you can interpret it in different ways :)... Gildor does say something like 'nice to meet someone to speak the elven tongue', looking at the other elves... but we might also take this as a sarcastic remark :) ... but as I said before... it's speculation :)

2005-03-22 [Lady Diamanta]: Whoa, that's some nice speculations. I would've never thought of that. ^^

2005-03-22 [ilanyus]: :) actually if you'd read the lessons on that site I gave you will notice they state the same speculation... (A) hehe, but I always think this is the best way to describe that Quenya is just a really subtle language in some respects...

2005-03-23 [Lady Diamanta]: Lol! :P Yeah, subtle, annoyingly subtle. ^^

2005-06-16 [Tears of the Dead Star]: How do you say welcome my friends in Quenya?

2005-06-17 [ilanyus]: I don't know a specific word for 'welcome' ... 'my friends' is easily translated by meldorenyar

2005-06-17 [ilanyus]: 'welcome' could be something like 'well met' ... in Sindarin that would be 'mae govannen'... 'Mae' being the Sindarin equivalent of Manë (Good). 'Govannen' comes from 'Govad-', which means 'to meet' (Lit. 'Walk together') so... in Quenya that would be ovanta-

2005-06-17 [ilanyus]: thus: 'Welcome' = Mani ovantier meldorenyar (singular: Manë ovantië meldonya)

2005-06-17 [ilanyus]: oh BTW... I don't go online that often anymore (haven't been on for about a month now) ... so if there's a question that isn't answered, just message me... I'll get an email and will go online k?

2005-06-18 [Tears of the Dead Star]: Thank you

2005-06-21 [ilanyus]: no problem :) glad I had something else to do around here :P ... maybe I should make a wiki about all kinds of simple sentences? I'll see

2006-04-26 [dayah]: are you still taking students.. I really want to learn this...

2006-04-27 [ilanyus]: Well, I hardly ever come online (once every 3 months or so...) But you should be able to find some things here. I think it's best to google a real elven course. (try to find the site "ardalambion")

2006-04-27 [dayah]: thanks

2008-11-13 [Morgan17]: I'm curious ilanyus...where did you learn all this Quenya and Sindarin, etc?

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