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2007-08-22 15:21:17
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[Pyro Mac]'s Campaign!

**Edited 08/07/07**

My name is Mac, I have been coming to this wonderful placed called Elftown since 2004-03-25, Ive been amazed by the guards and partollers and ever since I have been on Elftown I have done my part to make sure everything that I saw was the way it is supose to be and now I would like to do more since I might have a chance. Below are what I have done and what I will do.


What I have done:

-I Look around For bugs.
-I report Elftowners for Breaking of the Rules.
-I support Elftown to the fullest and help out every way I can.


What I will do:

-Try to make Elftown a Better Place
-Make Elftown a Place for art, poetry, RPing, and anything that dosent involve satitory, porn, cybering, or having people Younger then 18 ask for Cybering ect.
-I would also like to interview the guards and patrollers for there incite.


What you need to do
1) You need a good general knowledge of Elftown. If you can't handle everything about forums, polls, wiki-pages and know the Elftown rules, then it's no use applying yet.
Been here for a long time..I know most of everything.
-Waits for the test quietly- x3

2) You need to be able to read and write English well.
Raised in America, and went through the dreaded public school system, so of course I can read and write english.

3) Your goals with Elftown should agree with Elftown's. If you want to go berserk on everyone who looks ugly, then don't apply!
Thats totaly wrong if people do that.

4) You should have proven yourself. As written above, you don't need any permission to do most stuff here on Elftown. Even if you only have created the big boobs dragons competition, are running the forum "Medieval fencing" that no one uses and have written a pretty bad report, it's better than someone who just says they can do all this, but never did.
I have mentioned above what kind of stuff I do, I also answer anything people ask me about elftown becuase I know alot of about it.

5) You should explain what you will do as a member of the crew and for how long. Note: We don't want newbies that get all excited by Elftown for a month and then will get tired of it. Therefore, people who have been for a long time, are generally better.
I have been here for a long time and I most likely will be here for a long time, I am at the moment in a trade school so Im on here all the time, and when I go to college in january '08 I will have alot of time here also.

6) You should be able to get along with the sullen assholes in the crew, and have a great patience with people...
Dont underestamate me, I am very patient and I have manners up the waazoo, I am very smart and I will mediate any problem be it staff or elftowner.

7) You should think this is fun!
I think this is great!

8) If you can come up with an eighth point, it shows that you have ideas; but we have ideas and a lot of them. The problem is finding people who will carry out the ideas well.
I have plenty of Ideas, like an online application for the crew after a few months of being an elftowner, I think my eighth point should be some sort of essy depicting what you would do in certain roles of the crew, if you ask me to do it, I will gladly hand it into you!



Feel free to write your name =^_^=
-[Rhymes With Orange]
-[*priestess kikyo*]
-[♥Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too♥]
-[Rini Himura]
-[i love nikki]
-[kagome babe]
-[ma vie en rose]
-[Mortified Penguin]
-[Black Light Cannon D]
-[Shadow Reaper]
-[Too bad we can't deactivate. -.-"]
-[Nekko fox]


(More Coming!)
Please do not steal/copy my information or my layout please :3
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2007-08-08 [Araglas]: cover is blown.....*runs away*

2007-08-08 [Pyro Mac]: *Quirks a brow*...The intresting people I know...*sits and watches*

2007-08-08 [Araglas]: *hides in a tree* No one will find me here!

2007-08-08 [crowfeather]: Argy is strange

2007-08-08 [Araglas]: Am not! *points finger* I am not starnge! I am an individual!

2007-08-08 [crowfeather]: you're a strange individual

2007-08-08 [Araglas]: Thank you very much ^_^

2007-08-08 [crowfeather]: lol

2007-08-08 [Araglas]: ^_^ lol

2007-08-13 [~~Stitched~~]: feel free to add me mac.

2007-08-13 [Shadow Reaper]: you can add me too, since there's a password and i can't add myself :P

2007-08-13 [Pyro Mac]: Thanks you guys!

2007-08-13 [Shadow Reaper]: ^^

2007-08-17 [Too bad we can't deactivate. -.-"]: Haylo...if you want you may add me!!! ^.^

2007-08-17 [Pyro Mac]: Thank you! :3

2007-08-17 [GothAngelPrince]: add me Mac Attack (hehe came up with that myself)

2007-08-17 [Pyro Mac]: People have been calling me that

2007-08-17 [Pyro Mac]: 18 People! Whee!

2007-08-21 [*~Sora~*]: *gasps* there is a password...I should have read the comment section before I tried to add myself....*shrugs* add meeeeee! Please!

2007-08-22 [Nekko fox]: I wanna be a supporter!

2007-08-22 [Pyro Mac]: Wheee! Thank you :3

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