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Pygmalion's Creation

This forum contains Adult material

So, most of you know about Pygmalion - the guy that made a statue of a lovely woman and fell in love with it. Venus made it come to life for him.

That's kinda the idea behind this wiki.

I want this wiki to be a place where artists can express what they find to be sexy/erotic about the female figure through various studies.

The Rules

1) Let me be clear from the beginning. There is a difference between erotic art and pornography. I really do not appreciate porn, but nudity is acceptable (perhaps even expected) in this forum.

2) The subject does not have to be human, but for this competition should be female.

3) Any medium of art is appreciated (ink, paint, pencil, sculpture, photography, etc.)

We'll start from the top. The first study I'd like to do is on hair/scalp. The work should focus on this, but can include other parts of the anatomy as well.

Now what about those {Sexy Eyes@wiki} ?

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