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And the Hellfire Toilet Paper Club


Dividers from Elftown Graphics

In the quest for glory, it is often the common man which finds the most adventure.
In this tale, a group of curious friends find themselves swept into a journey through the realms and into living hell.
[Angel Dreamer], [buddha_mjs], [Kim_Lundin], [Klyle], [medianduel], [Nightshadow] and [xido]
Are the adventurers that undertake this task, and form the

Hellfire Toilet Paper Club


[Angel Dreamer] - Angel Dreamer char
[BadCat] - BadCat Char
[buddha_mjs] - as himself
[Kim_Lundin] - Kim char
[Klyle] - as himself
[medianduel] - Aramil Nightbreeze (Medi)

Game Moderators:
[xido] - Vulcarisksk, Buddha Mahjdahaus of Downriver (partial, with [buddha_mjs]), Demons, Imorphixius, Brother Deren
[Nightshadow] (resigned) - Caylandra, Brother Deren


    o Part 1: Just Another Day In Not Another Tavern
    o Part 2: And Into The Purple Vortex We Go!!!!
    o Part 3: The Slaving Caravan
    o Part 4: Searching For The Others
    o Part 5: Escape From Aggrazzat
    o Part 5.1 - 5.5: The secret tale of what happened to Buddha and Vulk:
        - ShadowRealm, Page2
        - 152LOTA-page01
        - 97LOTA-page01
        - BTCOR-page01
        - GFO2-page01
    o Part 6: Utter Chaos Beside Vraisynn Palace
    o Part 7: Bogg’s Boar Head Inn
    o Part 8: Traversing Vraisynn’s City Streets
    o Part 9: Out Of The City
    o Great Temple
    o Encounter with Imorphixius
    o Down in the Sewers



Purple Vortex updates to be made:
• Titlebar, graphics ×

Character List of Images to Make:
    o Kim Char
    o Aramil Nightbreeze
    o Angel Dreamer Char
    o Vulkarisksk the Rebel Githyanki
    o Buddha – [buddha_mjs], char page
    o Imorphixius
    o Brother Deren
    o Caylandra
    o [Klyle]

• Character lineup and images; Current Status/Situation, recent Innovations in Storyline

• Story / game rules & guidelines

• List of settings

• Export all pages!


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[xido]: I added the portion of the story that Vulc and Buddha had to travel through while they were gone. It's starts on ShadowRealm's Page 2, and goes on through a couple other Abyss layers, and finally through an odd outer realm of [Phyn]'s device, before meeting back up in Aggrazzat. It's pretty good, if you haven't already read how they returned....  :)

[Kim_Lundin]: I'm about to sleep. ^_^ And then... well, I guess I have to meet my twin sooner or later...

[xido]: Does anyone (other than me) want to post this on the Wiki Nominations?

[Angel Dreamer]: sure ^_^

[Kim_Lundin]: Yes! ... ^_^ ... nothing more to say >_<

[xido]: So can you? I already posted one....and I don't want to be a wiki nomination hog.... :P

[xido]: Isn't it nice to think how far along this story has come? I don't think anyone should ever have to live their lives without being a part of a great story somewhere.... you know? Real life is so boring sometimes, that I think it's almost a necessity to be a part of some great legendary story.... This is ours. :)

[Kim_Lundin]: ^_^ I agree, real life IS boring sometimes.

[Angel Dreamer]: we'll have to wait a little to nominate this on...seems like the deadline's the 15th >.<

[xido]: oh.....Are they only doing it once, or is their more to come? It's not cool to have a deadline on it that only got posted a couple weeks ago...

[Angel Dreamer]: the next one should be open at the end of this month.....prolly the day i leave town >.<

[Kim_Lundin]: I think it's called "The Law of Crappiness".

[xido]: LOL!!!! for sure! :P

[medianduel]: no its called murphy's law .. but it should be that

[xido]: yes, it should.

[Kim_Lundin]: "Law of Crappiness", "murphys law", what's the difference? ^_^

[Angel Dreamer]: somebody nominate the page, quick!! ^_^

[xido]: Okay...nominated.  See the Wiki Nominations

[Angel Dreamer]: XD that's what we should call ourselves, the hellfire tp guild ^_^

[xido]: Yeah, I figured it would go over well.  :)

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