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Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer review

I’ve always worked in places where sanitation is pretty important. Most of the jobs that I have held have been in Food Service, and if there is one thing that is important in that field, it is sanitation. I imagine that most of us Food Workers wash and sanitize our hands more than surgeons do. Washing one’s hands so frequently does have damaging effects to them though, including drying them out and causing them to crack. Cracked skin is a great place for germs to hide in, and at that point what can one do? Wash their hands again, continuing to dry them out? No. While frequent hand washing is expected of Food Service workers, sometimes it is acceptable to use an Instant Hand Sanitizer, and for me, that Hand Sanitizer is Purell’s Instant Hand Sanitizer with Moisturizers and Vitamin E. 

The Sanitizer comes in a plastic bottle that pumps the liquid sanitizer into one’s hands. The sanitizer itself is wet, somewhat sloppy and is clear. The sanitizer smells very similar to rubbing alcohol and as far as taste goes, I’d really rather not. Purell’s Sanitizer leaves hands feeling clean and somewhat moisturized, though no where near as moisturized as any sort of lotion would leave one’s skin feeling. Additionally, should one have any sort of cuts on their hands, the Sanitizer does briefly sting. While this does hurt, it is a good sting, as the stinging sensation is the killing of bacteria, of which Purell’s Hand Sanitizer kills 99.99%. Purell’s Hand Sanitizer may be used anywhere, anytime, without water or towels, is hypoallergenic; dermatologist tested, and does not leave stickiness or any sort of residue on one’s hands after application. I love this stuff!

Ingredients for the product include Ethyl Alcohol (62%), Water, Glycerin, Isopropyl Myristrate, Propylene Glycol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Aminomethyl Propanol, Fragrance and more.

This product is flammable and is only recommended for external use. One should avoid using this product near their eyes. Users should also immediately stop using the product should they develop any sort of irritation or rash. 

I have had absolutely no problem with using this product and I will continue to use it as an infrequent substitute for hand washing. Naturally, hand sanitizers do not remove heavy grime, but rather is intended to quickly and effectively sanitize skin without having to wash skin which dries it out. I recommend this product to everyone who is in any sort of field which requires frequent hand washing. Using this product at infrequent intervals has already begun to help my hands to heal from being dried out and cracked. When using this product, my hands always seem and feel to be just as sanitary as they would otherwise be had I washed them. 

/ [Nioniel]

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