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Please Note: the above banners are not suitable for houses because they break uploading art rules. If anyone wants to make me a banner that is legal, feel free and please message it to me. Thank you! -[*_* Smiley on Ecstasy]


Hello, I have decided to revise and fix my wiki and not make it so holey. I started this wiki out for only people who are NOT preps but realized that is lame and prejudice so I'm changing that. For now on you don't have to like Avril's music to join, you DON'T have to like Avril. You can if you want but you must agree that Avril Lavigne is unfairly being called a poser (by SOME people) and we are standing up for her right to dress the way she wants without being stereotyped! Anybody is aloud as long as they agree with the previous. To join go to Punks For Avril Members. If anyone can get me a banner that is exceptable on elftown send me a message. 


      My Avril Rant
ok this is really bothering me as of now i've seen so many people on this fucking site bashing the fuck out of avril lavigne and other random people saying how much "she is a poser and how your so goth etc" that shit is really pissing me of to where i want to grab a nice big brick and drop it on every last one of you peoples heads hoping to god itll knock some sense into you...although her music is not the greatest (in fact its horrible) but its not the worst shit on then....why choose her? because she says shes punk? actually she has never said that bitches,i saw something on tv that totally supported this saying never once has she said shes punk you have all ASSUMED she is trying to be because the way she really if theres been any type of talk about punk its because the media put that into your minds or your just stereotyping((which most of you say you hate))so now that that little idea has been shot down im sure your scrambling for another reason to hate her more than i'm sure your thinking,"well hey! the way she dresses hahah i got 1 bitch!"....actually... no,you dont....she's dressing the way she wants to and theres no problem with dress the way you want to correct? and i'm sure people arent saying they want to massacre you because of that...and who says thats punk? if thats punk then punk has lost all individuality it has ever had...and if you say dress "punk, goth etc" then wow...i feel sorry for what used to be something good.....and lets face it...goth is the new cool......its turned into a bandwagon type thing -coughs hot topic-....and the thing i love is when on south park the goths are trying to be non conformists so they join the dance and then the 1 says "well im such a non conformist that im not going to join" when they were trying to get away from conforming anyway...thats how it is now and really its pathetic...and yes...this is my rant...feel free to comment about anything i've said in this...

The previous was something that I found in [My own Disaster] house and I got permission to use it, I know Avril at some point or another said she was "punk" but it is true on all other points.


The following list is for anyone who has previously vandalized THIS wiki page or vandalizes the members page. It is NOT for people who don't like Avril or are just assholes in general. That would be unfair and ridiculously stupid. You have been warned so don't cry to me when if you get added or have been. If you have anything anti-Avril write it in the COMMENT SECTION!!!! Thank you very much! I will respond to comments that consist of more than "Avril's a poser and so are all of you" but none that are that simple are retarded. If you have a legitimate point write it! If not, go away and talk to yourself for all I care! Just don't bother me with your idiocy. Sorry if this has gotten slightly negative I am tired and annoyed. But back to the point, I think I have pretty much gotten MY point across as best I can but I shall try and revise this later cause it definately needs to be polished off. Got anything to say or find something that I missed write it in the comment Section. Oh... one more thing please use the comment section for Avril related talk or something else intelligent not for having a friendly chat.

[betterdays813] wrote the following in this wiki:
"ITS ALL A LIE AVRIL IS A POSER SHES AN EVEANESSENCE WANNABE AND HER GAY FANS ARE JUST AS BAD IF NOT WORSE LI AND IF YOUR LOOKING FOR REAL PUNK ROCK STICK WITH GOOD CHARLOTTE NOT THIS AVRIL BULLSHIT IM ONLY GONNA ADMIT ONE THING AVRIL IS A POSER AND SO ARE ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!"<---dude you are a fucking idiot and if i can understand right your a poser as well if you going to insult someone at least do it with intellect and no i do not like avril im just puttin this here to state this with ease thank you and have a nice day [Valcrist]

Hello, [themooperson] was a former member of the Assholes List. For deleting everything in this wiki. I've spoken with her and she apologized. So I have now removed her. She is much better than the other assholes that is why she got removed. I'm gonna keep a password on this page though. Cause I rather like the current arrangment. Thank you and good bye.

UPDATE: [Mina Monster] has now been taken off of the Assholes list, for apologizing for everything that she did to my wiki! Thank you so much, it is greatly appreciated!


The Following is a very much appreciated message from [Diab Soule]. Due to the absolutley retarded amount of Anti-Avril vandalization in this wiki! PLEASE PUT ALL OF YOUR COMMENTS IN THE COMMENT SECTION WHERE THEY BELONG YOU STUPID ASSES!!!!!!!!! Anway sorry about that. Thank you very much [Diab Soule] you are much smarter and down to earth than the rest of those idiots! PS if you would like to see what all of the idiots wrote in here just go to version page # 51 and they will be there. Thank you!


[Diab Soule] (founder of Avril haters) - I told myself i wouldn't do this but here goes: Yo. Assholes who add themselves to this list. Stop attacking ideas within here. You know I can understand hating Avril because I do and everything but're being avril. so stop. she's an asshole. don't be one just like her. oh and good charlotte sold out friend up above. they aren't punk. they're guys who sound like they still haven't hit puberty. so to the owner of this wiki, i'm sorry about these idiots. I know i hate avril and now they're probly gonna get mad at me but...well...that's cause deys bein igna-ant. Now if you'll excuse me, yonder crawdad dun ett our flag.
~Ghoulina (just because i hate Avril and think that it's stupid to like her, I don't hate any of you. I'm not being a kiss ass...i'm just not being an asshole. Oh and...visit my wiki and you'll see reasons why i don't like avril and understand why i say what i say about her. avril haters

Username (or number or email):


[Just_Fall_Away]: Dude you must be a complete moron you come into a wiki of people who actually like Avril Lavinge and start talking crap I mean you dont see us talking crap about your bands or anything so sod off plz, Im not speaking for everyone but if anyone agrees with me there ya go.

[Diab Soule]: Avril was never punk. She's manufactured. VERY manufactured. Even Good Charlotte hates her. Sum 41 wrote a song called "Avril is a Bitch". She gets dissed by fucking punk-pop bands. She quit school to follow in the footsteps of her idol, SHANIA TWAIN. If you care to read, avril haters. It's not just a fucking list. It gives you some insight into why Avril is disgusting. Why she's a fucking fake. Why she's a hypocrite. And I quote, "I am the Sid Vicious for a new generation!" and later "Why would I know who the Sex Pistols are?". C'mon people. Think about it.

[Just_Fall_Away]: Ok, and we care why? Dude maybe you havent noticed but we dont care about if shes punk or not

[Diab Soule]: Well let's see...what's the name of the Wiki? Just...remind me. Please.

[Just_Fall_Away]: Well have you even read our past comments?

[Diab Soule]: then how about you change the name of the wiki instead of still giving off the idea that you presume to be something that you're clearly not.

[Just_Fall_Away]: Well do I look the the senior advisor? didnt think so

[Diab Soule]: Then why are you going crazy? I mean. I was just stating a fact. I wasn't ranting or losing my cool the way you are. You need to quit being so serious when people state their opinions. When I give you some truth that isn't to your liking, you freak out and proceed to call me names. I'm leaving because I don't feel it wise to promote such stupidity and I refuse to egg you on. And it's spelled "advisor". Thought you'd like to know. Have a nice day. And by the way, I'm friends with the maker of this wiki. I do this to keep you kids on your toes.

[Just_Fall_Away]: Ok yeah theres things I coudlve not needed to say its just pretty annoying when people walk in here and say things not needed especially in a wiki full of people that actually like her music

[Diab Soule]: Yes but it's a wiki that has falsified information. For example, saying that she never said she was punk. Yes. She did. The reason I was so infuriated with her at first was because of an artical I read where she was claiming that she was a punk and always had been. The reason she did all this, was because she's been paid to appeal to a certain image. That's what is so disgusting about the whole thing. She's a corporate puppet. She doesn't care about her music as much as she cares about the money...that's why I don't like her. Sure, her music isn't my cup of tea and she butchered Chop Suey but you know...who cares? She did it to be cool. Not because she appreciates the music.

[Diab Soule]: That's all I was trying to say. I wouldn't ever come in here, presuming that my musical taste is better than any of yours. Youc an't do taht because well..everyone likes what they like. I was just giving some information about the person that you're listening to. Letting you know where all this stuff you listen to is coming from. Who it's coming from. What kind of a person she says she is and what kind of a person she really is. That's all. It's to inform. Not to put down people for liking her. That's all. 

[Just_Fall_Away]: Alright Its nice to know but I want ya to know I said I like Avril Lavigne in reference to the band, and even her, so what im trying to say is that I could really care less what you think about how she presents herself she may be scum or whatever, who knows for all we know those things you read could be false, you never really know unless you watched her say it. I just believe in the better of people is whats my problem, anyway, I like her music may be from a ruthless scumbag or actually a punk girl who's imagine has been torn apart. But whichever she can make good music to my ear.

[Pontius Pilate]: You want put-downs? Go to my wiki, Your Music Sucks.

[Just_Fall_Away]: Ya thats right we want put downs. . .*shakes head in shame*

[CALUM TO THE MAX]: if anybody here has heard avrils cover of chop suey by soad it will officially make them hate her forever

[Itsme2]: Does it really matter if you hate Avril or not? I mean, seriously, what is the point of coming to this wiki and arguing about it? I'm wasting my own time just by saying this.

[*_* Smiley on Ecstasy]: This wiki is officially running itself. Goodbye people. Message me if you want it.

[Lanrete]: Who the hell cares what she dresses like? I mean, if you've got nothing better to do with your life than read crappy celebrity magazines, then fine, have fun but you need to get a life. If you've got something better to do, like actually listening to her music, then isn't that what counts? She's a musician, so she should be judged by her musical talents, not her style. I don't really care either way about her music, I'm not about to go out and buy it, but i can listen to it without screaming in agony. And sure, I'm sure she's a bit of a conformist, in that she doesn't dress the way she dresses because that's what she likes, but because that's what she thinks will help her sell more albums

[Lanrete]: , etc. But really, no one should really care about this shit. It's kind of sad, actually, that we all waste our time arguing over someone's clothes...


[Tyvaz]: Avril is not even teh P in PUNK. Who thinks she is must be called either a lost soul or a poser. And Avril is not a non-comformist. Varg Vikernes for instance is a non-conformist!

And that is not music, its blasphemous ruining of an art form!

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