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2007-10-15 10:28:51
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PSP Picture tubes


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<img0*100:stuff/Rose.png>by [Jitter]
tube Created with PSP 9
<img:stuff/starstubeprev.png>by [Jitter]
tube Created with PSP 9
<img300*0:stuff/cards.png>by [Jitter]
tube Created with PSP 9
<img:stuff/paws.png>by [Jitter]
tube Created with PSP 9
<img:stuff/Pipeprev.jpg>by [Jitter]
tube Created with PSP 9
<img:stuff/duopipeprev.jpg>by [Jitter]
tube Created with PSP 9
<img:stuff/Splash.png>by [Jitter]
tube Created with PSP 9

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2007-09-30 [Artsieladie]: he he You know I'd be watching this page! :D The display image you have as a png, but the file to download is a psp. *trying to remember for certain* I think...when someone downloads this, they download it into their PSP folder --> picture tubes & open it using PSP. There are also 'zip' files out there. These need to be opened (extracted) in the same folder (picture tubes) & opened up with PSP. I think this is the way I learned to do it. *shrugs* Actually, I wanted to donate to the Photo Horse Reference, but most of the photos I have of my horses, although many, aren't that great in quality. So, I started working with them (Equines So Fine by *Artsie_ladie*), but it involves a great deal of work. Then I thought...even better, offer them as horse images "removed from the photo", b/c people will go for an image that has all the work done as opposed to an image where they have to do the work of taking a portion out of a photo & erasing what they don't want. It's time consuming. For e.g., I started out with:
Enhanced this to this:
(Because of the time involved, I chose to save it as a bitmap, a better quality format than the ordinary jpg.)
& then made this:
Which can be found in:
Horses! Horses! Horses! - *Artsie's* Passion! ---> *Artsie's* Horses in Action III
...& here is the psp image of :
I have countless images that can be donated for PSP tubes. COUNTLESS! ...And I'm always making more! <img:stuff/dand-gif.gif>

2007-09-30 [Jitter]: Ah great :D when you make them start uploading :3
The png image I put up there is just for preview :) the real file is the one with the url :)

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