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PSP Picture Frames



Welcome to Elftown's PSP Picture Frames!

Part of <i>Elftown's</i> Digital Art Resources!


<center>Here on Elftown, you can find free PNG images for frames for your Paint Shop Pro digital art program. You are free to use them without restriction.</center>


Image Total: 03

Rules For Using Elftown's Images for PSP Picture Frames:

- <img:stuff/ETB0.gif> Users are encouraged to link back to this wiki-page:;x=87&y=10
- <img:stuff/ETB0.gif> And credit the creator of the images they are using.
- <img:stuff/ETB0.gif> The artist(s) on this page is/are:</i>
- Sharon Donnelly (<>)
- [ username], aka ??? (optional)



Frames Created For Paint Shop Pro:

Created by Sharon Donnelly
Created by Sharon Donnelly
Created by Sharon Donnelly


"All the images are free to use."


Go or return to:
- <img:stuff/ETB0.gif> PSP Picture Tubes
- <img:stuff/ETB0.gif> Digital Art Resources
- <img:stuff/ETB0.gif> Reference Pictures

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2007-10-08 [Jitter]: *downloads*

2007-10-08 [Jitter]: I see. I didn't export the page. Shame on me!
Happens to the best of us :P
Shouldn't the name/title of the page be first?


I have several frames that I can put here. :)

What are you waiting for? :D

2007-10-08 [Jitter]: I still don't get it ;_;

2007-10-08 [Jitter]: Ah nah Imagine it will get a banner saying [digital art resources] so it will seem a bit out of place x)

And then it is that we would have to rearrange everything else too @___@

2007-10-08 [Jitter]: But the title is the [Name@wiki] :P.... I think!

And it is read anyway :) the search engines even read the comments :)

2007-10-08 [Jitter]: I meant that the name of the wiki is its title :)

Or that's how it shows when you edit it :P

Because see that the exported link:

It contains those keywords :)

2007-10-08 [Jitter]: I never do unless it's my art wiki or a contest I host :)

2007-10-08 [Jitter]: exactly ;)

2008-01-04 [Hedda]: The name is more important than the keywords, but good keywords are always nice too.

Why is this wiki-page only editable by council members?

I also generally miss a copyright notice on this kind of pages. We should make a wiki-page with free stuff and some other licenses that people are using so that it's easy to add that note. I know I'm bad at adding this due to laziness.

2008-01-04 [Hedda]: The keywords are very important, but that doesn't mean that the keywords you decide the page is about have to be in the "keyword" field in the wiki-edit. It's good if they are, but it's more important if they are in the name of the wiki-page.

I thought anything in Digital Art Resources was to be considered as "free" - "free to use"
Yes, that was the idea (I think. I wasn't the one starting it, but why would it otherwise be for?). But it would be nice to have a word about it on every page in case anyone stumble upon a single page.

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